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  1. Mine went up £2 this year as had two claims
  2. May 6th 2018 whilst parked in a lay bye a lady from Australia came up to me asking about charging her phone. Went to plug the phone in when our car moved a fraction, we both looked up to see my wife getting out the caravan and going to the back. When we looked her car had rolled into our caravan causing damage. She had not applied the handbrake sufficient. May 6th 2019 pulled out of our drive which means I have to go right up to kerb other side of road, turning, heard a scrape and thought I had rubbed the kerb. Later on about 130miles later stopped for rest and as usual walked around unit an
  3. We have had two Octavia both 2.0 140 bhp Elegance DSG. Our first one pulled a Swift Charisma 535, our latest pulls a Sterling Topaz. Have looked on this Forum to see anything which could be intresting but we seem to be very thin on the ground with this model. So how come the Octavia comes very high with the testers. Our first one done about 6k towing abroad uphill and so on with no problems at all. Towing with the Topaz in UK also up to moment is fine. Both Octy gave around 35mpg towing and have kept a log on fuel in which the average for 160k miles solo and towing is 42 mpg. It is quite a re
  4. Many years ago towing my boat trailer down M11 near Loughton junction, road empty and out of nowhere got a police patrol car cutting carefully in front of me. Looking at speedo was doing around 70mph, thought bang goes my clean license. however they just slowed me down to and pulled away again. Lesson learnt.
  5. As Brecon said there seems to be no fast definition. We started caravanning in 1964 and have never been on one of those pitches until few weeks ago.So asked around how long should my waste /fresh water pipes be, got several answers ,went and bought fitting for Aquaroll and six m of piping. Got to pitch and the service point was to the right of awning which meant my pipes only reached to back of van so had to go out and buy further six m of pipes to reach service point. Took look at the other units and their service points were level with the vans water inlet/outlets, we had the only pitch tha
  6. My gas locker hatch keeps falling down as the telescopic arms are not keeping it up. Is it a case of buying new ones or are there any ways of tension them up .Thanks
  7. Hi Dave , we are with Green Flag and we are covered for most things that can happen like that.
  8. I think that would be a good idea,
  9. Today checking things over in caravan found the taps not working. battery showing full charge, all switches showing on. The fuse for our Topaz is number 7, pulled that out , ok. the voltage coming out to fuse 2.9v. That cannot be right so started putting lights etc on which all was ok.Took main battery out to see if any other leads loose and still nothing found. Now getting paniky as going away next week. Changed pump and bathroom tap now working but not kitchen.Took vents off outside to get to micro switch wires ,just touched them and pump started so made good the connection and now all work
  10. Hello and thank you to all who responded. Have now go it repaired, the following parts which were replaced was , Base plate as gas valve had gone below where plate was bent. Compleat gas valve with bulb etc, heat holder. The control rod was causing lack of contact , the Electric heater box back of cabinet had wire loose. So all working now, cost was more than I thought it would be. Weird thing was that it was working quite well then all these things happened.
  11. As said by others if you get one with the camping clubs on it and set for your dimensions you will not go down "silly roads". However you might know a better route in some places that you would rather use, ours (Snooper5000) will pick up your new route right away. My Wife has a TOM TOM 100 with IQ on it and that will go down roads two m wide!..
  12. Mny thanks for that. Have never seen good photo as posted , now ours is not even clipped to fire like shown, it sits in metal frame in front of fire.
  13. Due to having problems with our 3002 fire made me look at this thread.BULB what bulb? when looking at a exploded drawing it said bulb where the thermostat is. Thought this must be what they clled it as there is no BULB on ours, the thermostat is just clipped to the fire at bottom on the base plate and removing it takes three seconds. Until my recent problem the fire has been going correct.
  14. Having not been able to ignite the fire took a look to see why. Found the gas safety valve assy has gone below the base plate so when you press down the whole asemble goes down. Have bought a new base plate but still cannot see what stops the valve from going down. Is it just small lips that hold it. By the way the old one has no rust on it. Some one mentioned the floor must have rotted , ours is solid plus the valve goes through a hole in the floor.
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