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  1. Hi Ian and welcome to the forum. I will leave you question here for now but if you receive limited responses, it will be moved to a more relevant place! Wonky, Moderator
  2. Hello and to the best caravanning forum! Come on in and ask away with any questions. Is always worth a search first though as what you need may have been covered already. Lovely area Bristol and easy to get everywhere. Two of my daughters have passed their towing tests and are able to tug large units now but they said it was a little daunting - well worth getting professional tuition! All the best Wonky - moderator
  3. Each have their separate and similar merits TBH. We are members of both and for different reasons. I love the CMC CL's (certificated locations) and C&CC CS's (certificated sites) - both the same in fact - small 5 van informal (mostly) sites in hideaway places. I rally with the CMC so maintain that membership and use the C&CC temporary holiday sites - fantastic value, and so, maintain that membership! As Alan Says, check out what each has to offer. The C&CC has a reputation for being more family orientated but I have not found this at all! Martin W
  4. I don't want to enter the "mines better than yours' or "British is better than johnny foreigner" debate here. I would just say that I have bought Coachman for the last five caravans and can honestly say that I have had nothing to complain about - especially in the build quality department. I have visited their factory and have seen the care put into the build by skilled workmen and women - well paid ones BTW. I do not subscribe to the "British caravans always leak" school either. Each manufacturer has developed bonding systems that have really worked. I also like foreign caravans but find I cannot like their interiors generally - personal choice! Go out (when you are able) and look at all vans you can and make up your own mind Martin W
  5. I suppose we just have to consider that the alternative being tracked, is lock own until a cure is found - that may be rather a long time away.......
  6. Hello and welcome the forum. I don't think you'll regret your decision as a trip anywhere abroad seems a mighty time off! I guess from your name, you are something to do with the industry? If that is the case, please consider a trade membership then you can advertise your goods and services! Wonky, Moderator
  7. Ha ha, in this weather they should be fine for a couple of weeks! to you. Wonky Moderator
  8. As I don't pump up a lot of tyres, I went for an Audew rechargeable inflator like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Audew-Digital-Tyre-Inflator-Cordless-Handheld-Portable-LCD-LED-Air-Compressor-/163981794207?hash=item262e139b9f It does the job well. Takes a bit of time but adequate. Can't see that it will last forever but great for keeping in the pocket of the car! Fabulous that it recharges from a 'standard' (older) phone charger too. Set the pressure, switch it on and leave it!!!! Martin W
  9. Wonky

    Asda fuel.

    Our local Esso has just Increased diesel to 1.38 per litre!
  10. Looks fabulous!!!!! Wonky Moderator
  11. As all others have said - CL/CS's are fab. You do have to be a club member to use them however. rarely use club sites as too expensive. I use Mayday (CMC) as it is great value and covers my daughters car too. Haven't done it for too long but the ferry deals are fab with both clubs. C&CC operate temporary holiday sites. these are absolutely unbelievable value for what you get. Yes, there are some that use just a field but others use commercial sites at less than half the price of going direct. Is it good value belonging - hell, yes if you want to use their range of services but if you just want to use full facility sites - probably not - commercial ones are better value IMHO. Martin W
  12. Hear what you say guys but battery is only 1 year old (well, just over!) and connected mostly to the roof mounted solar panel via a regulator. Sometimes I switch on the mains but mainly when we want to get it ready to take out. Voltage is showing at a steady 13.9v on the meter.
  13. That is interesting about the possible vapour issue as I notice there is a vent - without a pipe, very close to the terminal - me thinks I will get some pipe for this and rout it outside! Martin
  14. Thanks Dave. I asked the car parts shop where I bought the terminals from and they said that is the best! Is it best to see what happens or should I clean it all off? Also, surely vaseline is non conductive and will cause a bad connection?????
  15. Don't forget to take the front panel off the radio! This pulls a lot of power even if switched off. Mind you, it should be powered off if the caravan power is all off! Martin W
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