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  1. Hi Adenough, to the forum. Come on, you know you want to really!It is still great fun out there despite all the negativity in the world Get down to you local dealers for a chat - oh, and take your wallet! Wonky Moderator
  2. Hi Flying start {great name BTW}, to you and you lovely family. Welcome to our little 'family'! You are in good hands here and will get all the info you need. Most all though -ENJOY! Wonky, Moderator
  3. Assuming this to be a standard set up of external pump, check the two 'O' rings are sound on the inserted part of the housing, also check there are no cracks in any part. All the best, Martin
  4. Hello Old Girl, to our little 'family'! We will move you post to the Coachman section soon as you will most likely get better results to your query there! In the meantime, try a serach to see if there are any answers already! Wonky, Moderator
  5. Steve, don't let the doom mongers get to you! I have been a very happy Coachman customer for over 10 years and have nothing but praise for them (the product and the support). It is not usual that you will get posts praising things TBH. Stick with it my friend, they are really the best made mass production van in the UK (I will now put my head down below the parapet!). Martin W
  6. Hi Buntola and to our 'little' family! You seem to be doing it right! Keep looking and assesing and you will eventually come up with your ideal tourer . it's then just finding a good one! Come on in and ask away any questions you may have. Don't forget to do a search first as it may be that the question has already been asked (and answered!). Wonky, Moderator
  7. Hello Gavin & Charlotte, to the forum! Come on in and enjoy! Wonky, Moderator
  8. Hi Mark, to the forum, I am sure you will enjoy the journey and experience! I guess that you will be going to a dealer to buy? Take their advice onboard and also ask on here once you have found a caravan. You will need to make sure your car is suitable. Also, consider joining one of the main clubs (Caravan and Motorhome club or Camping and Caravan club), as these do excellent courses for beginners! Have fun, Wonky, Moderator
  9. Hi Joanie, yes, they have changed it! My bradcot modulair has all panels removable! Martin W
  10. I think that many of those who revert back use - dare I say, 'cheaper' air awnings. We have a Bradcot which is made from Tencate (same as high quality poled awnings), and the air poles are much larger meaning no guy ropes! This is not intended to knock other makes at all as they all have their place but, as in most things, you get what you pay for (this is why Isabella are so well regarded!). Martin W
  11. It's your choice! Many people love having an awning attached! I have three types of awning - first a small traditional poled porch - useful for a 'buffer' when it's raining, especially when we take the dogs. Secondly, we have a Bradcot Modul 390 air awing - awesome! And, thirdly, for longer stays we have a full awning with fibre poles (can't remember the make!). We find that we don't always use an awaning, especailly for just a weekend. Each to their own buddy! Martin W
  12. Personally, I think the biggest problem is the costs in France. Everything seems to be much more expensive than the UK, even allowing for the low exchange rates. I love the country and have holidayed many, many times there but, I cannot justify the expense nowadays unfortunately. Also, and on a much lesser point - the budgie smugglers - truly obscene on a fella like me - not for any 'cool' reason either - not exactly the 'physique' that makes them look in any way good - if you get my drift!!!!
  13. Welcome back Jez. Van looks particularly NNNNIIIIICCCCCEEEEE
  14. Thanks buddy, I've tried all of them! Some still have parts for older BBQ's but most don't. I was hoping for some personal recommendations?
  15. Hello Rodrigues, welcome to the forum. Come on in and take a look around at previous replies to questions and you may find what you are looking for. If you don't. just ask away! Regards, Wonky Moderator
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