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  1. That is interesting about the possible vapour issue as I notice there is a vent - without a pipe, very close to the terminal - me thinks I will get some pipe for this and rout it outside! Martin
  2. Thanks Dave. I asked the car parts shop where I bought the terminals from and they said that is the best! Is it best to see what happens or should I clean it all off? Also, surely vaseline is non conductive and will cause a bad connection?????
  3. Don't forget to take the front panel off the radio! This pulls a lot of power even if switched off. Mind you, it should be powered off if the caravan power is all off! Martin W
  4. Hi all, I have had a strange thing happen three times now and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on why. The negative - and only the negative, terminal has corroded away in a short time. I have always made sure of a tight an clean connection and have tried quick release, standard, gold plated (seriously!) and have just now replaced it with another heavy duty standard one. This time, I have applied copper grease to the terminal before connecting and smothered it after! Can anyone suggest why it should be only the negative terminal that is affected and have I done the right thing with the copper grease? Martin W
  5. Jeremy C (I wish it was he but sincerely doubt that it is!) I hope you get back into it as it is a great pastime. Vans have moved on considerably in the last decade or so. trust you will look for a van that suits you now. All the best, Wonky, Moderator
  6. I wouldn't mind betting they changed the habitation relay under instructions from the caravan manufacturer but were advised to deny this!
  7. Wouldn't let me! I had managed to use my credit card on Pump King
  8. Nice that you have returned 'to the fold'. back. Van looks lovely, hope you enjoy your revigorated hobby!
  9. I agree with Guzzilazz! Very 'cheap' this week!
  10. I have measured, made a drawing, printed it, cut it out, tried it, altered the drawing and am going to get a glass top made up. I will let you know how much and that it fits!!!! Anything below £80 is a bonus........
  11. One of my daughters did - just because she didn't check the hitch by winding up the jockey wheel once it 'clicked'! Passed second time though..... Martin W
  12. to the forum! This is a great place for information and ideas so, come on in and join the party! Regards, Wonky, moderator
  13. Hi you lovely people. Looking for bit of information here. I have a Thetford Aspire 2 cooker and for the second time, the glass lid has gone bang! Both times could be attributable to us as the hob became switched on whilst the lid was down. I am sourcing a replacement again (from a specialist this time rather than paying Thetford's ridiculous prices!), but I was wondering if any of you have had a similar experience? If you have, could you let me know as I am tempted to raise a complaint to Thetford to see why there is no cut off switch attached to this lid (my cooker at home cuts the gas if I close the lid, and my previous caravan, without electric hob, did the same). It seems that clothing can catch the switch accidentally and turn in on! please reply on here so's others can see! Martin W
  14. I would add that I have experience of buying a van that developed this problem. It turned out that it was a factory repair where the van got damaged whilst being moved around just after being constructed. this is much more common than people think! This was pointed out by a very good company called Tourershine who repolished and sealed the whole van - never had a worry after then. Martin W
  15. First one ever!!!!! to you and your better half. Hope you do get out to use it as soon as you can otherwise you will feel soooooooo frustrated! Assuming it is relatively new, there is no reason to wait - it will be heated! Come on in a s take a look around, you will find answers to most of the questions you have and, if you don't - ask away! regards, Wonky Moderator
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