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  1. I have just checked again and there is definitely 240v reaching the power board!!
  2. I am going out there again to see if there is anything obvious. Other than that, I will be on gas for two weeks! Ta
  3. I have the above and it has stopped working on mains. I have changed the element and now have changed the power board but it still doesnt work on mains. I have checked that mains is getting to the board, or so I thought. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi Tgrace695. A huge from all of us on the Forum. Google is absolutely right! This is definitely the place to be for help and advice with a little bit of banter thrown in! Wonky, Moderator
  5. Hi Richard and to the forum. You can try re posting your request in the swift section or maybe the motorhome section and you may then get a better response. Come on in and enjoy the banter and information!!!! Wonky, moderator
  6. I believe that the aluminium skin is separate from the roof structure. The bonded panel is fitted (ply each side or insulation) and then the ally is pulled over and secured at the edges. Upshot is - no problems here - totally normal, especially in this heat!!!!! Martin W
  7. Hi Clarkey69 and to the forum. I have moved your posting as it is relevant to a makers section. Wonky (moderator)
  8. Hi all, I thought I would relay my recent experience with the above. I arrived home recently to find that the offside motor had stopped working. Researched our wonderful forum and carried out some suggested fixes but all to no avail. So, rang Powrtouch who were incredibly helpful despite my mover being 3 months out of warranty. They said it was unlikely that the motor had packed up and suggested things to do. I have already checked to make sure power was getting to the motor. An obvious one that I just didn't think of was to apply 12v across the terminals - motor ok! So, I checked further and, upshot is, terminals were slightly loose at the controller end. Tightened (and crimped the terminals at the motor end) and and all is now well! I guess the terminals were ok to show power but as soon as load was applied, they were just not making good enough connections! Just a tale to help others in a similar position........ Martin W
  9. Hi oligoon and to the madhouse! I think the security devices you mention should be fine. If it were possible, store behind locked gates with a post between the road and caravan that prevents the van from moving. I used to be insured through the Caravan Club (now Motorhome and Caravan Club), and they were fine with just one method - the Alko wheel lock is the best! They offered further discounts for alarm, hitchlock, stabiliser hitch etc. As for the difference in storage - someone else will have to answer that! Wonky, Moderator
  10. I have left my controller on for a couple of months with the van on the drive and not plugged into 240v. It has an 80w solar panel on the roof and is in direct sunlight (when we have it) for most of the day. The battery was flat. I usually turn off the controller and it has always been fine. Not concluding anything but, from now on, I will always tun the big red key off! Just saying...... BTW, It's a power touch auto.
  11. I am just going to say this again and don't want it to create an argument but, I have always had great service from Coachman. Not that I have needed it much, particularly my present van. This is said just to balance the opinions here
  12. We have dogs and the lack of stable door was causing annoyance. we solved it by buying a narrow stair gate - fixes via stick on discs and works perfectly!
  13. Oh, crikey, Are you insured? If so, contact them immediately to see if you can get is sorted quickly. If not, perhaps contact a local mobile man/woman, to see if they can help you? Wonky
  14. Taken from the letter to centres: In the event that bookings have been made by Centres for members to use pitches on commercially-licensed caravan sites, these can be discussed with the site operator who operates the site under their own licence, and does not require the use of the Club’s exemption certificate. This, in effect means that 'ralliers' can go onto site but are not designated as a rally hence insurance is not applicable. This confirms what has been said above in that commercial sites are ok but sites where the exemption certificate is required cannot go ahead legally. ATB
  15. Not quite true IanV8, centre rallies can continue if on a commercial site. Rules regarding social distancing and gahterings still apply so they will generally be just a group of friends going to the same site!
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