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  1. TOPIC LOCKED Caravan Dealer Apathy - Politics
  2. Which licensing department are you meaning, as has been stated you do not need permission from the council to put a caravan in your drive. Suggest you read again what Legal Eagle has posted.
  3. If it was just left to the lock barrel to provide security the they might as well save money and just use a threaded bolt with a standard hex head, the fact they don't and use one with a special keyway in the head confirms it adds another level of security. If you multiply the number of lock barrel variations with the 10 different keyway bolts, that adds up to a larger number of combinations that need to be overcome to remove the wheel lock.
  4. Never had a problem in 11 years fitting ours, and the lozenge has a plastic cover that protects the wheel
  5. Some insurers have a clause that says the caravan cannot weigh more than the cars kerb weight - yes it does say kerb weight.
  6. We have an onboard pump so the pipe going into the Aquaroll can curl as there is no weight of a pump to hold it down, I removed the strainer off the end of the pickup pipe and slid this over it then refitting the strainer, this keeps the pipe down at the bottom of the Aquaroll.
  7. Actually the bolt fits in the receiver and prevents the wheel turning, all the lock barrel does is prevents access to the bolt. If you got the lock barrel out you would still need the key way socket to remove the bolt, so finger tight might not be quite enough. So mutually dependent to be an effective deterrent!
  8. Can you confirm where you got that snippet of information from please, is it fact or anecdotal?
  10. Mine is only just passed hand tight, I hold the wrench down by the socket to ensure I only apply the minimum of torque when tightening it up.
  11. No, they do the keyed bolt, socket and lock. (Comment made from personal experience) The rim of my socket sheared, and it was Lowe & Fletcher that supplied the new one.
  12. The supplier of the AL-KO wheel locks etc is Lowe & Fletcher - 0121 505 0400 The AL-KO website explains all.
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