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  1. Unfortunately you will now have even more responsibility to protect other road users from themselves. Which mean the cyclists and pedestrians that think they are entitled now, will believe they are even more entitled to ignore common sense. Which also means the if an incident occurs, the car driver will automatically be assumed to be at fault unless they can provide irrefutable evidence to the contrary, which moves us even further away from innocent until proven guilty.
  2. Once again the government are trying to legislate instead of people taking personal responsibility for their action. You can get out of your car and get on a bike and divest yourself of the responsibility you had as a driver, you can then get off your bike and walk and divest yourself of the responsibility you had as a cyclist. You couldn’t make it up!!!!!!!!!
  3. The HSE spec has everything including reverse camera, full leather, heated seats with 16 way and memory for driver & front passenger, remote start and remote setting of climate control, lane assist, adaptive cruise, collision avoidance, heated front and rear screens.
  4. My BMW quoted Mass in Service was 1695kg, the day it arrived I took it to the weigh-bridge and it came off at 1740kg
  5. I have had 3 brand new caravan's and have never see any such document, I wonder how many members reading and posting in this topic have either seen, or had one presented when taking delivery of new caravan?
  6. Jaguar ePace either the 2l 180d HSE or 200/300 petrol HSE
  7. So do we take the MTPLM, the tyre pressures and the wheel bolt torques with a pinch of salt too, because if you can't rely on one piece of information being correct then you have to be suspicious with regards to anything else on the plate.
  8. I think a reasonable person would expect that if this was stuck to the side of the caravan, the numbers printed on it could be relied upon.
  9. Very good, I have the 2.0 180d HSE. Wide wheelbase with very little overhang at the back, and pulls a 1600kg caravan no problem.
  10. Your post tells us a lot but do you have a question you want a response for? It seems the points you have raised needs to be posed to the manufacturers, what input are you wanting from the forum membership?
  11. We are talking about the same thing, the ball joint on the end of the arm that the mirror is secured to by one single screw? If it’s the same then the mirror will move,
  12. Have a look at the topics at the very top of the Avondale section you have posted this in. We also gave a resident Avondale guru in Gordon of our fellow Admins who is a wealth of knowledge on the brand.
  13. Why are you loosening the screws, the mirror is on a ball and can be moved whilst the screw is tight.
  14. I would have a look at the information posted in your topic I have uncovered on the government website which may mean you don't need to do this!
  15. Having done some extensive digging, and it is not easily found without the full title as it is in publications and not simply searchable on the government website I have finally uncovered this:- Towing a trailer with a car or van: the basics - Published 17 October 2016 I hope this clears up any misunderstandings
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