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  1. Someone has to touch the signs to move them from Engaged to Vacant, and someone else has to disinfect them afterwards!
  2. Always useful to have something tangible when all the evidence points to a different solution (no pun intended), had this been posted initially then there would have been no doubt!
  3. As what you have been told is contrary to what the people on here who are actually on a CMC site are saying, I think it's safe to say it may not be fact!
  4. Why would the not be wide enough, and why specifically Swift? We had a 2004 Swift Challenger with the rear transverse bed and it was fine. Considering the caravan width externally is a minimum of 7'6", the bed can be (allowing for the outer to inner wall thickness) over 7' long and however wide it needs to be, you could accommodate a king size if you wanted.
  5. How does that differ to using the accelerator to maintain your speed on an uphill stretch?
  6. When we use the tent we always ask for one with electric hookup, and never been disappointed. In fact the tent field at Dornafield is all EHU
  7. I find a drop of Super Glue on the stick ensures it stays in place and also helps bind it to the surrounding hole making it an almost new hole to put the screw in.
  8. Sorry and call me a cynic, but I think you read this topic and assumed the OP was towing a caravan, hence your comments. Had you seen the other topic first you wouldn’t have asked the question in this one.
  9. What’s that saying about assuming? If you read his profile you will see Vaguely has a static, so 200 miles in 3 hours 10 is achievable solo. 😡
  10. We have a Rally Ace 400 with standard aluminium poles for about 5-6 years (one of the first when they came out). We have the Monsoon Poles to stop water gathering, and about 3 years ago we were at Black Knowle in the New Forest and the roof got covered in bird poo. When we got home I bought Fenwicks Awning Cleaner and scrubbed the roof clean and then treated the roof and all the material with Fenwicks Awning Reproofer, and it's still good today.
  11. This sounds like a scam, the site owners dictate the terms not the static owners, she cannot let something she doesn't have title to. Many static sites have a maximum age of caravan, and regardless of condition they force the static owners to buy newer, I don't want to sound cruel but £2000 doesn't seem much when new ones are £28-£30K+ I would walk away without looking back, everything about what you have described is ringing alarm bells.
  12. No the bulkhead regulator is good for butane and propane. Reading the OP’s post he is connecting the hose that goes to the bulkhead regulator to the regulator on the propane bottle, when in fact he needs a propane pigtail that goes directly from the propane bottle directly to the inlet on the bulkhead regulator. It does not need two regulators in the pipeline.
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