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  1. Maybe it wasn’t posted just for your benefit! I found it interesting too.
  2. When I ordered my repeats for March I asked for a double amount as I would have been on my cruise when the next repeat was due. Never been a issue for me getting more than a month at a time.
  3. I am in the same situation at 63 but I have a lot to live for, so will do everything I can to keep myself and my family and friends safe from this indiscriminate killer. So let me put things in to perspective for you, like everyone else on the forum you are entitled to your opinion. What you are not entitled to do, is in the clear light that others are not interested in them is to persistently peddle them. Fair warning they will get deleted if you persist, the Admins and Mods are under instruction to keep the forum as positive as possible in what are very unprecedented times, and those that break the T&C's by posting overly negative views will be held to account.
  4. The first question is "is the journey in the car necessary"- The answer is no! So there is no second question - You exercise within your locality!
  5. Unfortunately some members seem to have missed the humour in your post and have taken it seriously. Funny old world isn't it
  6. I also encased mine in a piece of shrinkwrap just lightly warmed at each end to tidy the job up, to test it I attached the cable to my petrol lawnmower and gave it a gentle tug, it unwrapped perfectly.
  7. If you tripped or fell (it's called an accident) you could need all of the above, but if you see only what you want to see then you will never see the bigger picture - its called selfishness.
  8. What about tying up emergency services potentially exposing them or you to the virus, hiking across hills where there is no one in sight probably means no access roads so will need mountain rescue or a rescue helicopter call out. How difficult is it to understand the message "Stay at home" and make no unnecessary journeys!
  9. Absolutely, we have raised a generation or two of "entitled people", the ones that scream "it is my right, I can say and do what I want"
  10. Actually Joanie makes a valid point, if the gap is too small between the tyre and the motor when it is engaged the motor could press too hard on the tyre and cause it to stall, so no I don't think she missed that at all!
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