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  1. That is a cracking break through, it certainly removes range anxiety, and makes topping up almost as quick as dropping 30 litres in the fuel tank.
  2. Subject to any towing weight limitations set by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers have a lower max towing capacity than what is established by your calculation.
  3. Does it matter which, neither are connected to the mains if the OP wants to replace them
  4. Certainly Brink make one, and a look on the Witter site showed them as having one too.
  5. Sorry Dave, but did you do even a basic internet search to validate what the "Greek guy said on another forum", this is worse than Chinese whispers
  6. Profile shows the caravan to be a Bailey Pegasus GT65 Bolognese
  7. Example - Average Club site fee per night of £12 x 2 nights is £24 x 1 million members = £24,000,000. I would prefer they spend that money more wisely.
  8. You have to absolutely ensure the base of the Aquaroll is off the ground and insulated from it, standing it on a brick will allow the cold to strike through, whereas standing it on a brick with a piece of wood between the brick and the Aquaroll will insulate it, the thicker the insulation material the better..
  9. We use an old Puffa jacket for ours, the water inlet pipe go through the sleeve, and the outlet goes out of the hood
  10. If you mean you have condensation between the two panels that make up the window, you need to carefully take out the bungs that are located near the top of the inner window panel and allow the condensation to disperse naturally Best done when the sun is on the window and the bungs replaced before the air in the window can cool and condense again.
  11. The hand books for my 3 Lexus, 1 BMW 5 Series, 2 Mercs and my current Jaguar all state you should never “just disconnect the battery” for any reason.
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