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  1. It looks like the male end of a coax plug, but it also looks like the end that terminates the inner core of a Bowden cable. Perhaps a picture next to a scalable item such as a coin, so we can see the actual size might help!
  2. If that's what you want believe then so be it. White household vinegar also leaves things smelling like a chip shop, unless of course you apply a dab of washing up liquid on a damp cloth to remove it!
  3. No, I buy the cleaning product that is specifically for the job, that is the point of them making it. Washing up liquid is for washing pots and pans, upholstery cleaner is for cleaning upholstery, car shampoo is for cleaning cars, leather restorer is for applying to leather, carpet cleaner is for cleaning carpets.
  4. Why use washing up liquid in preference to a branded upholstery cleaner, surely using the correct product first is the way to do it.
  5. I must apologise on behalf of the membership that there is no one sat around waiting for you to post your question, and to respond immediately to it!
  6. The Swift Conqueror has a sink with an offset drain, this is a stock photo, our drain is at the 3 o'clock position.
  7. Not true, perhaps you need to have another look at the T&C’s. There are acknowledged and well trod paths to make a complaint, whinging and whining and bad mouthing a manufacturer on Caravan Talk isn’t one of them!
  8. As this is specifically regarding land and is a caravan relate because one is encroaching on someone else’s property this topic has been locked. Legal Eagle has given the best advice.
  9. The handbooks for the Avondale range are Pinned at the top of this section, you should find what you are looking for there. However all the 12v circuits should already be powered by an inbuilt 12v power supply when connected to the mains, the same unit charges the on-board 12v battery.
  10. How much would it have sold for with a large crack in the roof, water damage and requiring new front and rear panels. The answer is it wouldn’t, because the dealer could not have sold it in that condition other than for spares or scrap.
  11. When we go to Cromer from Sheffield we take the A57 to Worksop, pick up the A1 to Peterborough, then the A47 to Kings Lynn. The majority of the journey is dual carriageway. After which it is all single carriageway.
  12. If you consider honest feedback "Trolling" perhaps you should consider not setting yourself up for it.
  13. It really doesn't matter, if the site owner says he didn't dent it then how can the OP prove otherwise. What does surprise me is that the OP has had 3 caravans damaged around delivery, and even after the first one was damaged didn't bother to be present when the second and third ones were delivered.
  14. Wow! You got a paint pot that was not what you expected, you contacted the supplier who went over and above by not just replacing the one that was short but gave you a second one as good will, so how were you ripped off exactly? Had you ordered it 2 weeks earlier it would have arrived in time for the decent weather! But at least you have had a good moan, I hope you feel better for getting it off your chest
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