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  1. A couple of pictures might help.
  2. You can check out what you need using the Isabella Awning Guide on their website I can't help you further as your profile says your caravan is 2012 Abbet, however Avondale went into administration on 16th September 2008 some 4 years earlier.
  3. I had a conversation with Calor head office a few years ago when the first Calorlite shortage took hold. I was told that the suppliers were not checking what the cylinders were being used for as the "Lites" were designed specifically for caravanners, but the suppliers were letting anyone have them. As they were lighter than the steel cylinders roofers and builders were taking them and the treatment they got being thrown off rooves and chucked in the back of a van meant the intended service life was severely curtailed. I was told that during the shortage if someone with
  4. Three no shows without very good reasons and that is exactly what the CMC do.
  5. Don’t, just stand the legs vertically on the floor, you can get Fiamma circular plates to put around the legs to peg them down
  6. One metric horsepower is slightly more than one brake-horsepower, so hardly worth correcting the poster. 1bhp = 1.01387 ps
  7. What did you want them to do, respond with “Sorry I have no idea”! Knowing the forum members well, if anyone could have helped I am sure they would have posted a reply.
  8. Try pushing one of theses bad boys with a SWB LandRover. Best lessons I had for reversing.
  9. Is your caravan a static or a tourer? Is it in storage, or on a site?
  10. Without knowing whether it is a static which could be subject to some form of joint purchase agreement and site agreement, or whether it is a tourer which could be a joint purchase (unlikely to be HP/PCP etc as these are not joint agreements) how can you give any advice, its all guess work!
  11. Grandpa Steve


    I think the confusion is whether you want to reverse to the left, or your caravan is going to the left and that is not the direction you want it to go. In the latter, if reversing in a straight line and the caravan gets bigger in the left mirror you would want the car to turn left to drive the hitch to the right thus straightening the rig up, so you would turn the top of the wheel to the left to start to bring it back in line. Where as if reversing and you want to turn left then the former applies.
  12. Grandpa Steve


    When reversing the caravan to the left, if you are holding the top of the steering wheel you would apply right lock to get the caravan to start turning left, same as holding it at the bottom and moving it to the left.
  13. Grandpa Steve


    You are correct, if you want the caravan to turn to the left you should hold the bottom of the steering wheel and turn it in the same direction (left), that way you are putting right lock on the cars front wheels to start the turn, then gradually take the right lock off once the caravan is going in the direction you want.
  14. I think before anyone can give you any kind of steer it would be helpful to know if it a static or a tourer?
  15. Unless your surgery subscribes to sharing your medical records via the app you will still not be able to see your vaccine details, I enquired last week and I now have to go in to the surgery and complete a form requesting my medical record, ironically even though it is a blank form they will not email it to you to complete so you can then hand over the counter to reception.
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