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  1. Hi It looks like the first caravan we bought to see if we would take to caravanning. It was an Avondale Mayfly (1979 I think). We bought it about 15 years ago, it was very comfortable, it had plastic windows and it still had the gas light on the left side as you went in, the back of the seats were attached to the walls and were set at an angle when you sat on them but the bottoms would lift forward so that you could pull the seat cushions towards you and either make large single beds or a very large double. I will try and hunt out some photos. Ann
  2. Ace Lunar

    I Want A 4x4

    Hi We have an imported Mitsibushi Delica 2. 8 TD intercooler. Although its a 4X4 its down on the logbook as an MPV , you can select 2WD or 4WD. Its a 7 seater with dual air con (can be run at different settings) and like the Pajero can also run on bio-fuel (both cars are turbo). It tows beautifully and you wouldn't know you had a van on the back, our's is a Lunar Lexon ES on a single axle. Fuel economy is hopeless, . ... economy and Delica do not go together . .. but we go for the comfort and the huge variances you find between the models, it will do about 28 mph solo and around 20 - 23 mph towing. Parts are now easy to locate. Ann
  3. Hi We recently bought one of these from Lakeland: http://www. lakeland. co. uk/product. aspx/!21243 It fits nicely by the sliding door to the bedroom and does not get in the way Ann
  4. Hi We were using ours last week and one side was slipping on the tyre while I was trying to level the van using ramps (it was wet). I rang Powertouch when I got home to check if the adjustment was covered by their guarantee or whether it was down to us, they said they would come out but it is a simple job to do the adjustment, using the supplied clearance guage (which I have since adjusted). He tried identifying me from my postcode but couldn't even though it was fitted 2 1/2 years ago by them at the dealer when we bought the van. It turned out that the dealer hadn't registered it (an oversight). They required the serial number which is engraved on the end cap of one of the motors, this I obtained and when I phoned them back to register it they confirmed that it was supplied to our local dealer in November 2005 and that I now had the remainder of the 5 year guarantee to run. It might be worth checking that when a mover is fitted that it is registered with Powertouch and not just assume as we had. The extendable wrench for engaging the mover had broken but was still useable and they are now sending me a replacement FOC in the post David
  5. Hi Does anybody know if the digital tv signal will be received via a status aerial and amplifier to the freeview box or digital tv ? We can obviousy get analogue to our analogue tv but looking to the future when thats not available will the status aerial and amplifier be compatible with digital tv signals? David
  6. Ace Lunar

    Used Lexon Eb

    Hi we have a 2004 Lexon ES and have had no problems with water ingress. The only thing we didnt like was the door to the bathroom which opened into the bedroom and taking up space, so we decided to replace it with a Timbour sliding door Ann
  7. "I would like to win a caravan cleaning pack" Thanks
  8. Thanks for that, it looks really nice. Will have to try it out in the Spring Ann
  9. We're very happy with our 3yr old Lexon and its bone dry Ann
  10. Here are pics of our outfit, 1st is at a CL in Newbury and the 2nd is on the way to France and on the way to France in June 07 Ann
  11. I think they're great for the caravan as they're less bulky and dry far quicker than ordinary ones Ann
  12. That sounds interesting Pauline, can you tell me where you bought it please? Ive not seen one that size Ann
  13. Looks very nice and at least you can carry more passengers Ann
  14. As well as setting at an angle, we also use a Fiamma storm strap Ann
  15. We duplicate all our toiletries etc and leave them in the caravan, then all we need to do is pack clothes and essential food ie tea, coffee, bread, cereals etc. Enjoy your trip, let us know how you get on Ann
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