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  1. Hi It looks like the first caravan we bought to see if we would take to caravanning. It was an Avondale Mayfly (1979 I think). We bought it about 15 years ago, it was very comfortable, it had plastic windows and it still had the gas light on the left side as you went in, the back of the seats were attached to the walls and were set at an angle when you sat on them but the bottoms would lift forward so that you could pull the seat cushions towards you and either make large single beds or a very large double. I will try and hunt out some photos. Ann
  2. Also make sure that when you lock the car you don't use the remote fob as this would turn the alarm on. 12 hours of an alarm going off is going to take a lot of power out of your battery. The ferry company recommends that you lock the vehicle without activating the alarm. David
  3. Don't use the blower at all as it's motor driven and will eat power,. We had a 110Ah battery as standard with an 85Ah as a switched back-up, both batteries being several years old and well past their prime. I have just fitted 2 x 110Ah new batteries, one in use and when that runs down I will switch the other one in. We haven't tried them out yet as we have had to cancel two planned trips As already stated LED lights will reduce your current consumption and will also prolong your battery life. Just a thought, as you are on gas, are you switching the electric off to the water heater control when you're not in the van, also at night? You can switch the water heater back on in the morning and have enough hot water within 10 - 15 mins. Also turn the water pump off overnight or when out for the day. HTH David
  4. I was 34 in 1988 and hurriedly bought a Nimrod trailer tent for holiday 2 weeks later with my brother in law and sister in law. David
  5. Hi It just means either a personal or private message instead of replying on the forum for all to see. If you would like to send a pm then just click on the name/avatar in the left column then click on ' send message ', when you get a reply it will show above on the same line as 'my controls. view new posts ' etc. At the moment it will show 0 new messages. Hope that helps Ann
  6. Nice outfit, hope you have many happy hols in him Ann
  7. I see you have a Delica, so do we - black over silver. They are great at towing and you wont feel you have anything on the back. Let us know how you got on and some pics would be nice. As for a mascot, we have 'Monkey' that came free with teabags as seen with Johnny Vegas here - Ann
  8. We had just bought ours and was out on its first trip when the gas regulator failed, we rang the dealer and was told that we would have to take it back to them to have it replaced under warranty, we couldn't take it to another dealer. Thankfully my sister and her husband were on the same rally in their caravan (non EHU) so we used their hot water and cooking facilities - it was a cold February with snow Ann
  9. Ive just been to exchange empty calor gas bottles for the new 6kg calor gas lite at the calor depot in Swindon. They were £18. 80 each, the price went up on 1st Sept. They will now exchange any size empty calor bottle for a new calor lite, previously you could only exchange ' like for like ', might be a good time to change bottles now as the policy could alter in the future Cheers David
  10. Thanks for info Maurice, I tried this morning and got the 'moving' message, Ive been off line for a few days so missed the warning that they were changing things. Ann
  11. Ace Lunar

    I Want A 4x4

    Hi We have an imported Mitsibushi Delica 2. 8 TD intercooler. Although its a 4X4 its down on the logbook as an MPV , you can select 2WD or 4WD. Its a 7 seater with dual air con (can be run at different settings) and like the Pajero can also run on bio-fuel (both cars are turbo). It tows beautifully and you wouldn't know you had a van on the back, our's is a Lunar Lexon ES on a single axle. Fuel economy is hopeless, . ... economy and Delica do not go together . .. but we go for the comfort and the huge variances you find between the models, it will do about 28 mph solo and around 20 - 23 mph towing. Parts are now easy to locate. Ann
  12. Thanks for the info Maurice, I was wondering Ann
  13. If the pump needs changing, it's very easy to DIY. We had a problem with ours and it is still under warranty but the dealer couldnt get it booked in for us in time to take out again for the foll weekend, so they told my husband how to remove the old one and replace with the new one, which took no time at all, they gave us the new pump (as it was under warranty) but I think its under £30 It's the second time we have had to replace the pump, we're not impressed with them, we're almost tempted to keep a spare with us as we often rally with no facilities. Ann
  14. Hi We recently bought one of these from Lakeland: http://www. lakeland. co. uk/product. aspx/!21243 It fits nicely by the sliding door to the bedroom and does not get in the way Ann
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