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  1. Our 'van has an old-school subby pump - and we carry a spare - cost & weight is negligible. - There is advantages of manufactures sticking with old school tech!
  2. 1320 as a MAX weight for a 5-berth? wow that's light! As above, plated, not on the Log book or on a website. What car & caravan is it? If it's the 335d you have on the profile, 300bhp should be a dream to tow with!
  3. We had our Caravan "Serviced" by a local "Engineer" earlier this year, who checked the brake shoes and sent us on our merry way - 72 hours later, upon retiring from a weekend away, no braking force on one wheel - hmmm - engineer back out, uh oh, shoes had delaminated - How strange, as he only had them off a mater of days before. ... new shoes on, sent us on our merry way. .. Uh OH! - NO BRAKING FORCE what so ever! - Forgot to adjust them! auto adjusters were at their limits - Back again he came, couldn't get both wheels to brake. .. back again he came, and he thought he had fixed it. .. another trip later, UH OH! - braking force only on one wheel! - Off to trailer specialist - needless to say, he will never touch my caravan again, he endangered myself and my families lives, not to mention other road users on several occasions and of course, he paid the bill to the trailer guys. ps. 1800kg single axle with no brakes, isn't pleasant!
  4. We've JUST (as in last week) sold dad's Coachman Privately - it was on GumTree and eBay - the 2nd viewing, bought it. They both came from GumTree.
  5. We had 5 front windows (centre of 3) on our 2008 Swift Conqueror - Yes, FIVE! They touched and rubbed as we drove - very common, all replaced under warranty. Now, no front window
  6. Haven, Craig Tara Sleeping in awning Not allowed We've been just a few months ago - won't be back!
  7. Shout out to Knott-Avonride (Knott Axels) as they've been excellent when our AWS engineer was useless!
  8. When we towed with a car and our 2. 5m wide 'van, we bought the extension arms from Milenco for our Standard Aero's - Now towing with a van, they're a little further in, but still on the long arms.
  9. Our Hobby has an extra cushion - about 4" square that fills the gap left by the original cushions. Not sure this is much help!
  10. Not Grey i'm afraid. .. here's an example of my own We owned an iFor williams Box trailer - It's weight (actual) was around 700kg's - so legal to to on a vehicle with a 1500kg tow limit - however, it's Max Plated weight (MAM - Maximum Authorised Mass) was around 2500kg's - this, 2500kg's, is what counts on a licence. A 1600kg (MAM) van can easily and legally be towed on a 1500kg limit - HOWEVER - I don't have any scales at home, unlike those mr traffic PC can authorise to use, so, i wouldn't risk it, especially with the differences in what a caravan actually weights, compared to what the manufacturer says and the low limits on some Uk vans. Personally, i did the test. .. i tow 1800kg's of 'van with over 3 tonnes of Vito YES, you can tow over the weight of your vehicle - Discovery (while it's running!) can legally tow 3500kg's NO, you can't exceed the limit of the towing vehicle, but you can tow something thats plated higher that, as long as it's actually less! (does that make sense?!) YES, Max plated weights must be under 3500kg's - UNLESS, the trailer is under 750kg's then the tow vehicle can be 3500kg's on it's own (but of course, this won't apply to most, if any, caravans)
  11. Yes. Parent company to AlKo for sale too. ... Not too worried. Hitch is BPW /Winterhoff the chassis is Hobby and the axle is Knott.
  12. We also tow with a van for the past year and a bit, have been to Holland & Germany so far, along with Uk Sites and have never yet seen a problem. - that being said, our Vito is glazed. .. nor have we been turned away for having a Hobby. .. on a van! ha!
  13. ADG

    Transit Custom

    No experience of the Custom, but we do tow with a van, a Vito SportX and it's a breeze! packing - easy - seats - lovely - power (224bhp) great - visibility - excellent - MPG towing 1800kg's is around 23-25 and 30 to 35ish solo (weather depending) - As RYCKO says, we're long too - 5. 3m of van and a smidge over 8m of caravan! - 44ish feet total and around 4 and a quarter tonnes. Custom gets good road manners compared with mine.
  14. By the looks of it, you can add AlKo & BPW to the list - it appears, that the company behind AlKo have bought (buying) BPW https://www. outandaboutlive. co. uk/caravans/news/al-ko-owner-dexko-buys-bpw
  15. AMG Line - AKA Body kit, not AMG Engine - E63 isn't allowed to tow - same as Audi RS6 Avant etc. Our E250 AMG Estate "can" tow 2100kg's on paper - Has a kerb weight of 1840kg's - we've towed our 1800kg (mam) van with it - but wouldn't suggest doing it - it's not a stable tow car! And this is the Estate with Self-levelling suspension etc. and had wife + child + awning etc in the car making it well over 2 tonnes. . But engine pulls like a train! What does the Log book say about weights?
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