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    We have noted what has been posted so far, and the reason that animated images, emojis etc., are not permitted is to avoid distracting movement when trying to read a serious posting. We're inclined to leave those posted above in this photography section but would prefer them, or similar files, not to be posted elsewhere on the forum for the reason stated, unless there are clearly beneficial to explaining a reply. Static gifs (or other file formats) are of course perfectly acceptable as a means of enhancing a reply. Admin
  2. You are perfectly welcome to have a Union Flag (or any other national flag) as your Avatar if you wish, what is forbidden is an animated Avatar, whether it is a flag or not. As GPS says, our rules have not changed.
  3. Please be aware that we have noted your comment and this information will be amended when we next update the database. Kind regards, Admin
  4. Sadly there are a number of reports online regarding the current situation of Lunar Caravans Ltd., and there certainly appear to be problems. https://www.companyrescue.co.uk/guides-knowledge/news/lunar-caravans-limited-have-been-put-into-administration-4353 https://www.lep.co.uk/business/142-production-workers-laid-off-as-preston-company-lunar-caravans-enters-administration-1-9881326 https://www.blogpreston.co.uk/2019/07/lostock-hall-caravan-makers-lunar-go-into-administration https://www.insidermedia.com/insider/northwest/buyer-sought-for-caravan-manufacturer
  5. For the record, Caravan Talk is independent and provides a free forum for caravanners but has no affiliation with any other forum. As has been stated, one of our moderators happens also to moderate the CMC's "Club Together" forum, and there will also be some members who register with more than one forum. We have no control or influence over any forum other than Caravan Talk and our sister site Motorhome Talk therefore your question should be directed to the Caravan and Motorhome Club. Admin.
  6. Crispin, There is only one reason we have responded the way we have, and that is simply because you have not complied with the terms of forum membership that you agreed to when joining this forum. To make this abundantly clear please read the following paragraph shown in the forum guidelines,"Commercial Content: There shall be no commercial content within an avatar or personal signature without prior permission from Admin. Caravan Talk reserve the right to include, or permit the inclusion of, limited commercial content anywhere on any forum it owns however commercial companies may not promote their own business without first submitting their contact details and registering as a trade member with Caravan Talk." We are more than happy to allow, even support, your venture providing you stay within the terms of forum membership. If you wish to apply for "Trade membership" you may do so by following this link. Admin.
  7. The thread can stay as long as members are respectful to each other. Admin
  8. Admin comment: We are currently in discussion regarding trade membership of Caravan Talk with a possible supplier of a collapsible water container for caravanners.
  9. Admin comment: Just for clarity Caravan Talk has not banned and there are no restrictions placed against your profile you so we suggest the fault may be at your end.
  10. Admin comment: Please read the forum rules before posting names. Thank you. "Negative Posts: Please avoid posting overly negative, aggressive or abusive comments about companies, organisations or individuals. Such posts will be removed, but ones taking a more subtle approach will probably remain, however naming and shaming is expressly forbidden. Both slander and libel are offences, and if you have a legitimate complaint, there are accepted routes through which these can be made. This forum is not one of them."
  11. Admin comment: Thank you for the links you provided by PM. While neither GPS or Gordon mentioned the company name themselves we note that Alde did and also took appropriate action to clarify that Southdowns Motorcaravans at the time were not acting on Alde's behalf. We will therefore reinstate the name into your opening post and while this thread relates to fridge components we understand that your comments are about the service and not the product so will move it back into Caravan Chat. Admin
  12. Maybe you would like to provide a link to these references in a PM. While we do not permit direct naming and shaming of any company, simple reference to them is perfectly acceptable. Admin
  13. Admin comment: Off topic comments removed
  14. Admin comment: A libellous comment has been removed from this thread together with all members' posts that responded to it. We take this opportunity to remind all members that such comments are not permitted under the terms of forum membership.
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