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  1. Posted November 18, 2020 we are thinking about getting a 120w Solar panel kit from Sunstore.co.uk for a dual battery feed, or would a 150w be a better option. Mick I think the difference in price is a factor to consider, we run our panel connected to both main batteries (cab & leisure) through the control unit plus a 100amphr battery on a 120 Solar Panel. I have installed several double USB sockets and a cigar socket for TV linked directly to third battery used when not connected to mains and never had an issue. Brian Mick You don't mention
  2. Posted March 24, 2021 Hi all, a good friend of mine has Swift Escape M/home which has GRP rear and sides. When cleaning it today he noticed small blister like bumps on both the rear panel and on one side (rear top area). Has anyone else come across this problem and any idea what causes it. He is going to contact the dealer about it and have it resolved but he's obviously worried that it might occur somewhere else. Cheers and thanks Keith Hi Keith Welcome to the forum. You can get crazing in fibreglass panels where the gel coat starts to break up. I had tha
  3. Posted March 29, 2021 We are considering the purchase of an Adria Compact DL. To date we have only looked at online brochures and YouTube vid's. Its difficult to know if the garage will fit two bikes, one being a large ebike, a dutch style step through bike. Does anyone have this model of motor home and use the garage to transport bikes. Some advice on how they fit and are secured would be great (photo's) if possible. The dealer say's they will fit, easy for him to say!! Thanks in advance. Northman I am afraid that I cannot help with your specific model. I do
  4. Posted March 26, 2021 Has anyone fitted a new leisure battery to their motorhome. I’ve just taken off my old battery which is a Deta DG80 it states 80ah (20h) 90ah (100h) do I have to fit the same spec battery or can I safely fit a better battery! Thanks Alan Hi Alan, fitting a larger capacity Ah battery should have no adverse effects. I have 2 leisure batteries all connected in line with the cab battery charged by engine, hook up & solar panel rated at 100ah which provides for longer usage time. Brian Similarly I also have a bank of three leisu
  5. Posted March 22 2021 Looking to purchase a drive away awning. Searching the web it seems lots of folk experience a load of condensation in their awnings. We are changing from a caravan and Isabella awning to a motor home and never experienced condensation problems with the Isabella from north Scotland to south of France. Would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions of awnings that don't suffer from excessive condensations. Please don't tell me all awnings suffer from condensation, that is not useful. I have watched awning distributers/sellers videos where it looks like its rainin
  6. Posted March 28 2021 Firstly - Hello. I'm new to the Forum. We have been motohomers for over 3 years, and before that caravanners for over 30 years. Now, my question is - we ordered a new motorhome in Sep 2020 and it was delivered to the dealer in Feb 2021. They submitted registration details to DVLA in the week ending 19th Feb. We have heard nothing from DVLA . We know the reg. no. (pre-allocated) but a search of the vehicle tax status comes back "Vehicle details not found" which presumably means DVLA haven't registered it yet. Is anyone else in the same boat? Cheers
  7. Lifted from another British Motorhome Forum just now that Cars being towed via an A Frame behind a motorhome are illegal in France. There was a recent article in a French Motorhome magazine Le Monde du Camping Car giving chapter and verse. You can do a Google translate if you don't understand French and the only bit I was still unsure of was the last statement which I interpreted as that if the trailer had a braking system that was similar to the vehicle towing it, it was OK ? or was that my misinterpretation. The link to the article is http://www.lemondeducampingcar.fr/actualite/i
  8. Posted May 29, 2018 I know this can be a subject of interest to motorhomers. The Department of Transport have updated their views on using such devices. Details can be found here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/a-frames-and-dollies/a-frames-and-dollies It doesn't really change anything as far as the UK is concerned but at least they seem to be recognised by D of T. If using one abroad you need to do your homework as there seems very few countries with the enlightened view of the UK! David Posted June 7, 2018 Thank you David, that is a useful link that s
  9. As a side note, we have more motorhome owners that use Caravan Talk than are active on Motorhome Talk, and of course some owners are members of both forums. Caravan Talk is also an established name, and will be found when searching the Internet for motorhome related topics. We will do our best to include MH owners as we are all seeking independent accommodation for our holidays, and even if that style of holiday may vary, much of the onboard equipment is common to tourers, campervans and motorhomes. Admin
  10. It simply means optimising the site to increase its prominence when search engines are looking for relevant content. We are very grateful to all who have taken every opportunity to support MT however there have been prolonged discussion in the back room of Caravan Talk and while not an easy decision to take this change it has been on the cards for a while with the diminishing use of MT. You are right that there are a lot of members who join MT, post one question, get an answer and then without saying thanks and are never heard of again. We had hoped that with a more active forum
  11. Tourershine Two Star Trade 51 posts LocationLeicestershire Motorhome:2015 Pilote Aclass Posted October 25, 2016 · IP (edited) Last year moved from an Elddis Crusader to a 2015 Pilote Galaxy A-class. Caravans and Motorhomes for those that don't know me, are my industry and I run a business working on the caravan and motorhome exteriors. So my knowledge of Motorhomes, and Caravans is pretty in-depth. Buying a Pilote was a personal choice, mainly down to the quality of the exterior finishes. The interiors of most European Motorhome's seemed to be pretty con
  12. smino0_1 One Star Approved Member 20 posts Location. Llantrisant, South Wales Motorhome:. Swift Kontiki 669 HL Posted January 15, 2019 · IP (edited) So after having a full service done last week(16,000 miles) they found that the Kontiki 669 3.0l auto(manual with automatic shift) had a drive shaft leak on the off side. So i ordered the part from fiat (2 days order) and had it fitted via a fiat specialist today. I turns out this is a common fault and fiat have modified the seals accordingly. It took 2 hours incl. a full gearbox oil change. very specific oil fo
  13. tonymilford One Star Approved Member 40 posts Locationnear Leeds Motorhome:Autotrail Tracker FB 2012 Posted July 10, 2016 · IP (edited) We went over to Lowdhams at Huddersfield yesterday and had a good look round. We both decided that the Bessacarr E495, a six berth with rear lounge may be an option if we take the plunge and trade in our large caravan for a motorhome. There were so many to choose from an there were quite a few that seemed at first to tick all the boxes but one thing or another let them down, particularly the lack of comfortable loungi
  14. lawrie New to the board Approved Member 2 posts Locationyork Posted May 28, 2014 · IP Hi, We have sold our vw california and hope to buy a hymer from belgium or germany next year. Does anyone know if any UK hymer dealers will undertake warranty work for imports? Thanks Lawrie henrypartridge Two Star Approved Member 67 posts LocationNorth East Motorhome:Bailey Autograph 740 Posted May 28, 2014 · IP Isn't it the importer who pays for warranty work? Suspect you will have to return it the supplying
  15. Jim Thomson New to the board Approved Member 2 posts LocationEdinburgh Motorhome:Elddis autoquest 175 Posted November 5, 2020 · IP Hi. I have just purchased a new 70 plate Elddis 175 from Perthshire caravans. During our second trip away we found that the shower tray leaked water when having a shower. The water seems to be coming from the door runner guides which allow water to drain from the guides at each end of the runners to below the shower tray. The water then appears on the outside of the shower tray and spills over the floor. Have taken it
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