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  1. I used to have a 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe with a full sized spare slung underneath... until some scumbag nicked it (cut the winch cable). A new winch cost me £150 but I wasn't paying the £600 Hyundai wanted for a shiny new spare. I bought a second hand spare from eBay, which was slung underneath when we were towing, and left in the garage at home when we were not away, relying on the gunge it an emergency happened (it never did). I never left the car unattended with the spare underneath a second time.
  2. Ditto. If its windy I used to get SWMBO to hold a pole but that was about it. My SWMBO must have been part of the same chocolate tea set as Dave_N's. We sold the van last year but kept the awning (in lieu of getting another van). In 2 minds about selling it now though.
  3. I live in Northampton, not far from Billing and wouldn't go there under any circumstances, with or without a van. Unfortunately, there aren't many/any decent sites around Wellingborough. The best 'local' club site that we use is Grafham Water but that's a bit in the wrong direction for you. Looks like your best option is to ask Alde.
  4. We have been playing around with quotes and have been around £400 plus mark (with Mum and Dad on the policy). we've had to tweak the birth date a bit to get quotes because of the age issue but will redo as proper quotes when the time comes.
  5. I think you are correct that there is no legal requirement, but if the garage burns down it won't be covered and not on the house insurance either.
  6. My son is going to be 17 in a few weeks and has already seen a car he would like to buy. it's actually through a friend of mine so we know the vehicle history etc and it is a good price. Obviously he wants to own and insure it in his name to build up his NCD, however, as he is not yet 17 I can't find an insurer that will cover him, even for a laid up policy. The alternative is that I insure it as laid up but I no-one I've spoken to will do that unless its registered in my name which we are reluctant to do as it will put an extra owner on the log book for the sake of 6 weeks. One insurer who would cover me (even with the car registered to him) would only do an annual policy with no cancellation refund after 6 weeks so it was going to cost me £150 for 6 weeks cover. At the moment the options are register it to me for 6 weeks so I can insure it, or put it in the garage and cross our fingers until he can insure it himself. Traditionally keeping the number of registered keepers down was a benefit when if comes to selling, how true is that these days? The car is 4 years old and currently has 2 registered keepers (one current and the original owner from new). Does anyone have any similar experience or expert knowledge or guidance?
  7. Am I right in thinking that even if you don't load it to the max, because the MTPLM exceeds the max limit of the car, you will be breaking the law anyway. Someone will no doubt confirm.
  8. Probably because they staple to hold the board in place during construction and then screw for a secure join. Less risk of it moving when the final fixing, the screw, goes in.
  9. Thanks for all the input, one thing I had overlooked was the water pipe/filter, it's still in the bucket of bits from the front locker now in the garage. I'll have to dig it out.
  10. We are looking to sell our current van as the kids have physically outgrown it. We have a short list to replace it but probably won't do so until spring next year. Haven't advertised it yet, but one thought that occurred to me is what do you actually keep/sell/give away? Personal items aside, pots pans bed linen and other internal items etc, we'll obviously keep. If I trade it in or sell it to a dealer, what would he expect to be included? At the moment I've taken everything out including the gas bottles. The only thing left is the remote for the mover. What prompted by question was I'm guessing I should leave the steady winder, even if it goes to a dealer. We are planning to get a replacement next year so will need all the other stuff, aquaroll etc. so I'm thinking there is no reason I should leave them. What would you take/leave and would it differ if you were selling privately or to a dealer? P. S. 'Van for sale!!
  11. Have just done some reading on this subject as it was something we noticed on the sat-nav when we were travelling south earlier in the year. One thing I haven't seen in any of the stuff I've read is an explanation of the purpose of this. What is it supposed to achieve? If I'm going to France I'll buy a French map, if I'm going to Germany I'll buy a German map. Why do I need a common road numbering system? Bureaucracy gone mad, and they been at it since the 1940's apparently!
  12. We had the same experience at another site of a well known static company (also beginning with H) having previously stayed in one of their statics which was fine. Never again. As said above they are only interested in statics, maybe they offer such bad tourer facilities as an incentive to 'upgrade'. Not a hope!
  13. As Tigger says there is a lot of work to get the electrics in place. If you have the 7 seat version they may have to take the rear seats out as they did on mine, although mine is the previous model (2012).
  14. Biggest load of twaddle that we've watched in a long while. Puts caravanners and the CC in a very bad light. As for the relevance of any of the tasks over the 2 weeks. .. 1. Drive at 10 MPH at some straw bales that you may or may not get through. Why? If you are approaching a narrow gap, you slow down surely. Maybe they should have made Andy Harris drive like that at the start of the programme and see how he got on with the bollards. And why are they doing more than 5 MPH on site anyway? 2. Drive 20+ miles from A to B without using any A roads. Really? The first thing I would do is work out how close I can get to a destination before having to use narrower roads. Admittedly there are times when you have to, but this was extreme. 3. Last week, reverse a tricky manoeuvre without using the motor mover that you bought specifically for those tricky situations. Followed by making the non-driver reverse a vehicle they have never driven before. And as for the Chairman last week showing off with his 'I can get my caravan anywhere you can get your motorhome' stunt then ripping the back end off. Well, after we stopped laughing we agreed that it was probably the most irresponsible thing that someone in his role could have done, except maybe goading someone to drive too fast on site (see 1 above). But probably the most ridiculous statement of all was Chris Evans (Radio 2) pronouncing the 6 part series (er, 2 Chris) as the new Great British Bake Off. I think not.
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