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  1. Like Landyman I can't believe the op is being criticised for not following some procedure or other I have had more than my fair share of consett rubbish and would never buy from them again,to those with a different experience wonderful and glad you fared better,. I will only say as I have before, Elddis wonderful looking vans badly made.
  2. At least we were at war when we sank the belgrano the French sank the greenpeace ship rainbow warrior in Auckland harbour a friendly nation, this was because of french nuclear tests on moruroa atoll which was one of their possesions much like the falklands except the islanders voted to remain British whereas the polynesians certainly weren't happy about nuclear tests. Oh I forgot the french sank a good few RN ships by proxy with exocets sold to Argentina.
  3. Taking advice is like buying something,caveat emptor anyone who follows blindly is as foolish as anyone who insists only they are always right.
  4. Got this piece of kit myself worth its weight in gold
  5. There are a section of cyclists who have no regard for road traffic rules and certainly not for pedestrians,because of their almost silent approach usually at speed and on pedestrian areas they are a menace. These types are unlikely to get insurance so if they're sued I hope it costs. I wish that there was some sort of crackdown on their behaviour
  6. Blimey who thought someone with your background would get caught out but goes to show.
  7. I can speak a little german but my french is rubbish though I do try as has been said I think people appreciate you trying even if you're not good rather than shouting loudly in english.
  8. (With respect, why did you feel the need to quote all of my post, which is immediately above? If I made a mistake it means I can't correct it in your copy.) You only have about 15mins to edit your post and I was just pointing out that I've used the self same system in the charente maritime without a problem despite its low price. If you wanted to edit your post in mine simple post it in a reply and edit with a footnote to say this is the corrected version.
  9. It's the same system maplin charge £99 for german made seems quality to me.
  10. Hi Ian some of the aldi stores have the suitcase system reduced to £29. 99 people will tell you the small dish wont work all I can tell you is I've used this same system perfectly well in the royan area of the charente maritime and that is a tad south latitude of southern germany. You don't live a million miles away so I will look to see if any are available and if so will pm you. Cheers Hi Ian just had a look at the sat footprint you should still be ok but at that price a larger dish and universal lnb can be had cheaply.
  11. Is this what you had in mind?
  12. I have seen the shower trays you describe in motorhomes there's no reason they can't be put in caravans other than has been said extra cost
  13. While creating wives, God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the world. And then He made the earth round.

  14. Something I thought I'd never see a stolen caravan that's (belatedly) brought some happiness http://www. bbc. co. uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-15667004
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