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    I also have a lead separated into 10m and a 15m lengths so I can use the best one for the plot I am on. I joined the two together a couple of years ago on a CC site and was told by the warden that I was not allowed to do that. I now carry a 25m cable as well to cover all situations
  2. E And P self level.

    Same here. Remote is just another thing to put down and stand on/lose I just open the van door and press the auto button and stand back and watch.
  3. Caravan keys

    I don't have a problem with losing the keys, just setting off car and caravan alarms when the keys are in my pocket as they rub against each other When set up the keys all go in the same place at the front of the van so we both know where they are.
  4. Caravan keys

    Do you go for one around your neck or attached to your trouser belt? It needs to be such that you can use the keys for the locks but not have them getting in your way when doing jobs.
  5. Caravan keys

    Thanks Nicolas, I'm pleased it's not just me having these daft problems
  6. Caravan keys

    What do people do with their caravan and car keys when setting up the van or packing up at the end of a stay? I have a bunch of caravan keys - door lock, 2 x wheel lock keys, hitch lock key, alarm key and some sort of alarm reset key all on a keyring with a key fob! If I put them in my trouser pocket I keep setting off the van alarm, but I do need to keep using the keys to open and close lockers. My car keys are normally kept in my trouser back pocket but when I bend over the car doors often lock/unlock and all the windows go down I have thought about a lanyard for around my neck but they are not very long so I would not be able to reach the locks on the lockers without taking the lanyard off. What do you do - hopefully i can't be the only one setting off alarms and opening and closing car windows
  7. Surround Sound

    We use a sound bar that sits on the tv stand, so the sound comes from in front of the tv rather than from the normally rear facing speakers. The sound quality is much better than from the tv speakers so you don't need the volume up so high.
  8. Unicorn ? behind seat heating vents

    I lost my glasses down the gap and couldn't see to get them out Managed eventually, but cut my finger on the fins!!
  9. A19 Peterlee

    They are there almost daily. Both DVSA and the police are normally present. The police bikes or DVSA vans wait within a mile of the weighbridge on both the North and South of the A19 and when they spot something they want to inspect they lead them to the weighbridge and inspection area.
  10. Tow Car Lottery

    We got an almost new German registered Audi Q7 as a replacement car when our car broke down in France. Towed our van all the way home and then the Q7 was picked up and driven back to Germany.
  11. 2018 Buccaneers

    Excellent, when do you hope to pick it up? Will you be giving it a try out this year? We haven't been out in our new van yet, but we will be giving it a first try next weekend at Hawes
  12. Where Do You Place Your Tv?

    +1 Wine goes on a tray on the front window draws. With the telly in the front window there is no where to put cups/glasses when facing the window and the glare from the light outside means it's hard to see the screen during the day.
  13. Help! Now Anti Snake.

    From the handbook. Red 1 time flashing - failure at the central unit - withdraw connector off the caravan and reinsert. If problem persists contact a dealer but you can still tow without operation. Red 2 times flashing - failure at the sensor - check sensor cabling and mounting position. If problem persists contact a dealer but you can still tow without operation. Red 3 times flashing - failure at the supply or cabling - power supply by the pulling vehicle might be bad, check battery and cabling. Check cabling of IDC and of the caravan. If problem persists contact a dealer but you can still tow without operation.
  14. With my last Bailey caravan I used the Care-avan products as they were recommended by Bailey for use on their vans. I am getting an Elddis (Buccaneer) caravan and wondered what people used on their vans for washing/polishing and waxing. Are there any products that Elddis recommend/advise using? Thanks. Graeme
  15. 2017 Commodore

    Is the Duvalay Gold shaped to fit the mattress? Where do you get them from? We are getting a Schooner and would be interested in a topper. Graeme.