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  1. We have a 2017 Buccaneer and we have the Milenco lock shown in this link. https://www.milenco.com/products/security/hitchlocks/compact-winterhoff-ws3000-hitchlock
  2. We are waiting a bit longer to see how things go before we book anything.
  3. Spot on Jezzerb thats exactly what we do.
  4. In my Bailey each tap had a filter which was on the end of the tap. If any limescale builds up in the water system it sometimes blocks the filter in the end of the tap. This happened to mine. On the end of the tap there were two flats so the filter could be unscrewed and cleaned. Worth a look at yours perhaps?
  5. We had a holiday booked through the CMC for June/July staying in Luxembourg and France, including P and O ferries. Paid deposit a month or so and the balance was due in April. I have just phoned the CMC and cancelled the holiday and was told that I would receive a full refund for the deposit. Wasn't expecting that, so we are very pleased
  6. We will avoid shopping at the times designated for OAP's to avoid any possible contamination and just try to get what we can anywhere to help our parents. It's a very difficult time for everyone and anything we can do to help stop this virus will be done.
  7. Our parents are in the high risk category. It would be totally irrespossible to take them to any supermarket to do any shopping. I understand that the OAP time slots are to reduce numbers and avoid contact with others. So glad that you are able to get to the shops on your own. Unfortunatelly at the times when we can get to the shops the shelves have been stripped. I'm sure we will find a solution to getting some shopping for our parents, probably just spending 10 times as much time in supermarkets mixing with others and hoping we don't catch anything.
  8. When we get to the supermarkets the shelves have been stripped and we can't get the essentials that our parents need. I thought that the idea of an early morning slot for OAP's shopping was that the shelves were fully stocked and they could get what they need. We would normally take our parents shopping each week, but with the queues it would not be physically possible for them to go, as one has serious breathing problems and the other is not very mobile. As we would like to get essential shopping for them we thought we would replace out parents at the designated time slots as we are their carers. We do not want to shop for ourselves, just get what they need. I would not like to tell them that we went shopping at another time of the day and could not get what they need. We are not being selfish here, we just want to get provisons for them. We tried three local shops yesterday and they had no toilet rolls, milk, fruit and veg, meat, tinned meats etc.
  9. We have elderly parents, with some health issues who are unable to get to the shops. They have given us a list of things that they need from the supermarket. The local stores do not have the items as they have sold out. We need to go to a big supermarket to do their shopping. (Neither parent has access to the internet). There have been massive queues at all of the local supermarkets. Does anyone know if we can use the dedicated time slots for elderly people even though we are not in this category? If we can use a time slot how do we prove that we are shopping for elderly parents and not for ourselves?
  10. The nose weight on my Schooner is about 120 - 130kg, which is fine for my car and makes for a very stable tow. I only have 1 Calorlite in the front locker and not much else. Water and waste containers travel in the bathroom at the back of the van and we have quite a bit of stuff under the fixed bed. If the 120kg weight is a bit much for your car I would consider taking everything out of the front locker and see how that does. Gas bottles should be OK wedged in your car somewhere.
  11. Thanks, I've managed to crack the plastic on both my car mirror housings using my Milenco grand aeros, even though I tighten them very gently. Possibly due to the plastic being very brittle in the cold weather
  12. Did you find that they stuck out a long way from the car? They certainly look excellent.
  13. gmc15

    BMW X5

    I've towed with an E53 diesel, an E53 petrol, an E70 diesel and now with an F16 X6. All have been superb tow vehicles, plenty of power and a good weight limit on the towball (150kg I think). Self levelling rear suspension as well. All 3 X5's had towbars fitted after I bought them and all the electrics worked on the caravan. I did not upgrade the cooling fan as the general consensus is that it is not required, unless your car is in BMW warranty and they might not honour any claims if the gearbox reqires attention. I towed all over Europe with mine and had no problems at all. Very stable tow vehicles.
  14. gmc15

    Towing Mirrors

    Think you will find the bottom of the BMW mirrors are more curved than the top so might not fit well. I have tried my mirrors on the bottom of my BMW mirrors and they did not fit easily. Don't be surprised if the mirrors vibrates slightly - I have tried a few different makes of mirrors over the years and they all vibrate to some extent. The Milenco's have been the best so far.
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