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  1. Insurance Renewal

    I recently cancelled my insurance on an old car I ran. That cost £40! I had no choice but to accept the charge as the operator said I will have been made aware of the cost when I took out the insurance 8 months ago! Thanks Tesco.
  2. A tip for all Buccaneer owners

    Hi Bazalab, it is outside the van above the front windows.
  3. A tip for all Buccaneer owners

    Thanks for the info. Strip ordered for my van
  4. Jaguar XF 3. 0 litre Sport Brake

    I towed with a 2009 3. 0d S. My van was 1500kg fully laden and the car towed it with ease. Mine only had a 75kg limit on the towball but I didn't find that a problem to achieve. Lots of power and a stable towcar. 20" wheels with low profile tyres gave quite a harsh ride, but it was an excellent car both solo and towing.
  5. france 2018

    We have not looked into the ASCI Card yet as we both worked full time and were only able to go abroad during School holidays. That will all change this year and we will be able to choose when we go away - hence the June trip. Will look into the ASCI though.
  6. france 2018

    Thanks Val. We are thinking of going to Chateau de Poinsouze in the last two weeks in June so there will probably only be us and the Dutch there I think you have mentioned staying there a few years ago.
  7. france 2018

    Does anyone have any experience of sites in France in June? I understand that many are open then for the start of the season but wondered if all the site facilities were available, like restaurant/take away. The prices are cheaper than July/August but when do the French take their main holidays - the Dutch probably caravan all year round
  8. Campsites near Disneyland?

    We go there most years as our last site before travelling to Zeebrugge. Huge plots and lovely staff. If you do stay there the toilet paper is on a roll outside the cubicles, so remember to take it in before you go
  9. Landmarks when you're nearly home

    The other tower is from the Sulphuric Acid Recovery plant at Cassel works, it is the very tall pencil stack. Not much left of the ICI plants now. They did provide me with a very good pension though
  10. Landmarks when you're nearly home

    That was in the late 60's Geoff. I have worked in the chemical industry on Teesside for over 30 years and have seen the change from the bad old days of high polution, to the clean air of today. The Tees quality has greatly improved as well. I still look for the cooling towers when driving over the Tees flyover, and the other tall stack, which used to be the tallest free standing stack in Europe.
  11. Landmarks when you're nearly home

    I can remember the yellow/green smog over Teesside many years ago when travelling with my parents. It is so much better now.
  12. Landmarks when you're nearly home

    Probably spelt it wrong as I am not a smoggie
  13. Landmarks when you're nearly home

    Cooling towers on Teeside as we travel North up the A19
  14. Jaguar XF 3. 0

    I towed with a 3. 0D S for a couple of years and it was an excellent towcar. Max weight on towball was 75kg which might be a bit difficult to achieve with some vans. My van was 1500Kg fully laden and the outfit was very stable. No reliability issues with the car, but the wheels were 20" on low profile tyres so gave a hard ride. Pulling away from a junction hard with the van on the back could spin the rear wheels! I would recommend the XF as a solo and towcar.
  15. Jockey Wheel Jammed

    Same here. I always go as slow as I can, even with the ferry operators waving me on but I have still, lost a couple of plastic feet from the rear steadies