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  1. gmc15

    GSF Discount

    Just looked on GSF and if you use code BRAKE59 you get 59% off all brake parts. Is it the same firm as Eurocarparts as the web layout looks the same?
  2. gmc15

    Kampa air awning

    This happened to our 390 Air pro when it was only a couple of months old. We took it back to the shop and they sent it to Kampa for repair, there were no issues with returning it.
  3. gmc15

    2019 sales struggle for Unicorn?

    Blimey, 3/4 of an inch clearance each side of your van leaves virtually no room for error.
  4. Hi Bill and welcome Here is a link to a site to search for caravans where you can search for any particular layout and then see which vans are available. Hope it is of some use in your search. Graeme http://www. caravanfinder. co. uk/caravan_layouts. html?berth=4
  5. gmc15

    No DRLs?

    Our 2014 Ford Focus C-Max does not have DRL. s.
  6. Found this video that answers my question https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=Mg-Z02QmT90
  7. I can't find the blue ALDE fluid to top up the system (which is less than 1 year old). Would it be OK to top up with the G13 magenta fluid which I can get today from a local caravan dealership?
  8. Thanks for the reply. I have topped up to just over the min mark and the level rose slightly when the heating was on. When it cooled down the level dropped bellow the min mark again. There are gurgling noises coming from around the pump area so suggests a lot of air in the system. I have no fluid left to top up so will get some and top up again. Still no wet patches under the van. I will get the dealer to sort it when it goes for a service next month.
  9. Checked under the van, at the front where the pump is and near the back under where the expansion tank and there are no signs of any fluid leaking. The pump speed is on 2 as I think it should be. The van was new last year and goes for it's first service in September so the system has not been drained or refilled, unless it was not done correctly at build! Don't think it can be down purely to evaporation as the header tank has a cap on it.
  10. My van is losing alde fluid from the system but there is no obvious leak. I have read about losing fluid from the rv due to air in the system but I can't see any damp patches under the van. I have put about 3L into the system obver the last 9 months. The system was filled up about 3 months ago but we have not used the heating for a long time. It needed another 1L of fluid in today to get the level in the header tank to the minimum. I put the heating on for about half an hour and the level has dropped well bellow the min mark. There are no obvious leaks on the system. There is gurgling from the pump, which suggestes air in the system and the fluid appears to bubble in the header tank, which I think is normal. No idea where the fluid is going! The heating appears to be working normally with everything gettig warm. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. gmc15

    Filling a Safefill

    Think they are about £150 for an empty cylinder.
  12. gmc15

    4x4 owners.........

    Same here Don't think mine would cope with much more than a damp field, but it's superb on tarmac.
  13. gmc15

    Old pound coins

    When we returned from our trip abroad a couple of weeks ago I ended up with some old shaped pound coins. They could only have come from the ferry that we used from Rotterdam to Hull. I wonder if some of the Europeans had old coins left from previous trips to the UK and used them on the ferry. The staff on the ferry probably didn't realise that they were old currancy and just gave them out as change. Might be worth anyone who is crossing on ferries in the near future to check their change for old pound coins
  14. gmc15

    BBQ Gas Hose

    I use a length of hose that reaches from the BBQ point at the front of the van to the back of the van where I normally cook. I've had no issues with pressure drop or any other problems.
  15. gmc15

    Rotterdam to Hull crossing

    Thanks everyone