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  1. We bought a GT65 Verona new in 2014. Had all 3 front blinds and one of the roof blinds replaced. This was because some of the screw heads on the blind units were slightly proud and after some time, with opening and closing the blinds small holes appeared. The replacement blinds had countersunk screws so the problem did not reoccur. When the sun shon on the van door the lock would not operate and we could not get into the van. Had to climb through the locker under the fixed bed to open the doorfrom the inside. This is apparently a known problem and easily fixed. At the 3rd service damp was found around the near side wheel arch. The dealed said the problem occured due to the screws used to fix the mud flaps not being sealed properly. All the above problems were sorted under warranty. I agree with the above posts about the blown air heating not really warming the front of the van due to the lack of outlets at the front seating area. I insulated all the pipes inside and outside the van to try to improve the heating. It did work to some extent. The other issue with the heating is the noise from the heater itself that is right under the fixed bed. If the heating was left on overnight it used to wake us up as it sounded like a jet engine The awning rail is very tight at the top rear of the van where a full awning has to feed through the rail at almost a right angle. Apart from these issues it was a good van.
  2. Hi and . Pleased you got things sorted eventually. You just need to go away more to practice how everything works. There's a few on here with Buccaneers so should be able to help if you have any questions.
  3. Easy to replace batteries, see here:- https://www.tyrepal.co.uk/faqs/
  4. The fluid level used todrop on my Buccaneer and I added over 1L of fluid to the system over the first year I had the van. It eventually stabilised and when cold the level was just above the min mark. The fluid was changed this year and the fitter said it took a long time to get all of the air out of the system, especially with it having the under floor heating. They used the old fashioned way of getting all the air out of the system by raising the front of the van as high as possible and bleeding the air then raising the rear and bleeding the air. The level has not moved after the fluid change so I think all the air must be out of the system. The fitter did say that if the fluid level dropped then have a look under the front near side seats at the very front of the van as the push fit pipes were vunerable to getting knocked.
  5. The dealer has 3 sites in the North of England and they are apparently in the process of doing a deal to supply all 3 places with fluid but in the meantime they have none left. The radiator in the van has a slight leak and they have tried to fix it a couple of times - unsuccessfully. It is the actual union that screws direct into the radiator that leaks and tightening it has not fixed the problem. The idea was that when the fluid was changed it was the ideal opportunity to fix the leaking union. This obviously didn't happen! Not very impressed with their service department. Do you think they should know it needed a fluid change at 2 years old or was it up to me to ask for it - which is what I did , but they said they did not have a fluid change on the service request sheet.
  6. Does anyone know if having the Alde fluid changed at 2 years old is part of the caravans warranty? My van has just had it's 2nd service and they did not change the fluid. They have no fluid in stock so the van will have to go back to the dealers at a later date to get the fluid changed, by which time it will be over 2 years since I bought the van. I wondered if anything happened to the Alde system and I made a warranty claim and they found out the fluid was changed after 2 years they may not honour the claim.
  7. We have a 2017 Buccaneer Schooner towed with a BMW X6.
  8. Table for eating at with 2 chairs. Small table to put dog things on, two small waste bins, one for normal rubbish and one for recyclable stuff and thats about it. It gets used for walking boots and coats and dog towels etc.
  9. We have 4 lists:- Things that normally stay in the van but should be checked Things to add to the van Food list Dog things Having check/tick lists means that we can both pack items into the van/car and tick them off the list.
  10. Currently at 4 Vents near Paris and it's 30 degrees in the shade at 19:30, forecast to be hotter the next couple of days
  11. Excellent, it's that type of service that would make me return to a site/cl.
  12. Did you have to ask for them? I an insured with Saga and have not had a green card sent through and I am going to France in June.
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