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  1. Euro cover for large caravan

    See locked topic in Caravan Chat for replies.
  2. Euro breakdown cover for large caravan

    Red Pennant through the Caravan and Motorhome Club cover caravans over 8m long. I have just booked my cover for Motoring and personal cover for £145 and it covered my van which is over 8m.
  3. Front Towing Cover

  4. Heavy duty awning pegs?

    The problem I found with the pegs with any sort of plastic top is that they tend to smash when hammering into hard ground. You do need a decent hammer to get rock pegs into the ground. I use a lump hammer.
  5. Heavy duty awning pegs?

    We use Tarzan rock pegs on had standing plots. Bit like a 8" nail with a cross piece. https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/10-Tarzan-Rock-Pegs-Tent-Awning-Hardstanding-23cm-Caravan-Camper-Motorhome/232674288215?hash=item362c77e257:g:T6UAAOSwSFZajmug
  6. Possible airlock issue.

    I would try draining the system and starting again. I always open the hot taps only before connecting the water pump. This fills the hot water tank first. This is how I avoided air locks in the system.
  7. Safety Brake cable attachment

    Thanks for the link, I now have a solution to how to attach my cable when we travel through the Netherlands later this year
  8. Heating during the night

    Yep, ours is on overnight
  9. See signature. Graeme
  10. Also ATC

    I always unplug when on an overnight crossing. Had an experience years ago when I left my Jag S-Type plugged to the van and got a call over the ship tannoy askinhg me to ge to reception. Apparently the car does a system check sometime after it has been locked and detected the van electrics and thought there was a fault and lit all the van lights up. Hence I always unplug
  11. Thanks very much.
  12. We are hoping to go to Castleton CMC site later this year. Has anyone got a preferred route when travelling from the North down the M1? Google maps takes the route past the Hillsborough stadium on the A61 and then onto the A6101. The CMC book only gives directions from the East (Chesterfield). Does anyone know if this is the best route towing a caravan?
  13. New to this forum

    Hi and welcome
  14. Can't drain water heater.

    Floe caravan drainage kit
  15. Spare Wheel

    The AA don't carry spare wheels though so not sure what they could do.