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  1. gmc15

    Old pound coins

    When we returned from our trip abroad a couple of weeks ago I ended up with some old shaped pound coins. They could only have come from the ferry that we used from Rotterdam to Hull. I wonder if some of the Europeans had old coins left from previous trips to the UK and used them on the ferry. The staff on the ferry probably didn't realise that they were old currancy and just gave them out as change. Might be worth anyone who is crossing on ferries in the near future to check their change for old pound coins
  2. gmc15

    BBQ Gas Hose

    I use a length of hose that reaches from the BBQ point at the front of the van to the back of the van where I normally cook. I've had no issues with pressure drop or any other problems.
  3. gmc15

    Rotterdam to Hull crossing

    Thanks everyone
  4. Does anyone know when boarding starts on the Rotterdam ferry, so we can judge our arrival time. Does anyone know when the restaurant opens as well please.
  5. gmc15


    Another vote for Avon Skin-So-Soft. I have just ordered a couple of bottles from ebay as we don't have an Avon rep.
  6. Should you polish the solar panel on top of a caravan or just wash it? I have just polished the caravan but did not do the solar panel as I was not sure if the polish would put a film on the panel and reduce effficiency. Any thoughts🙂
  7. gmc15

    Damp floor

    Our Pegasus Gt65 Verona had damp behind the wheel arch which was discovered at it's 3rd service. I was told it was where the screws that fixed the mud flaps had penetrated the wheel arch lining and allowed water into the floor. It was repaired under warranty and I think they just removed the wheel arch lining and resealed everything, which is probably all I would have expected them to do. As long as your van is repaired to stop any further water ingress, that should be OK. Just hope that at next years service you find that the repair has been satisfactory
  8. gmc15

    External BBQ point

    My Baileys came with the male attachments, my Buccaneer did not, but I'm sure the dealer will provide one if you ask as they only cost a couple of pounds
  9. gmc15

    Euro cover for large caravan

    See locked topic in Caravan Chat for replies.
  10. gmc15

    Euro breakdown cover for large caravan

    Red Pennant through the Caravan and Motorhome Club cover caravans over 8m long. I have just booked my cover for Motoring and personal cover for £145 and it covered my van which is over 8m.
  11. gmc15

    Front Towing Cover

  12. gmc15

    Heavy duty awning pegs?

    The problem I found with the pegs with any sort of plastic top is that they tend to smash when hammering into hard ground. You do need a decent hammer to get rock pegs into the ground. I use a lump hammer.
  13. gmc15

    Heavy duty awning pegs?

    We use Tarzan rock pegs on had standing plots. Bit like a 8" nail with a cross piece. https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/10-Tarzan-Rock-Pegs-Tent-Awning-Hardstanding-23cm-Caravan-Camper-Motorhome/232674288215?hash=item362c77e257:g:T6UAAOSwSFZajmug
  14. gmc15

    Possible airlock issue.

    I would try draining the system and starting again. I always open the hot taps only before connecting the water pump. This fills the hot water tank first. This is how I avoided air locks in the system.
  15. gmc15

    Safety Brake cable attachment

    Thanks for the link, I now have a solution to how to attach my cable when we travel through the Netherlands later this year