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  1. Ours makes a groaning noise when using both hot and cold water so it's probably just a characteristic of these vans
  2. Hi Joe, 1. The toilet flush can be run from the aquaroll without using the on board tank. 2. We didn't fill the onboard tank each time we were away in the van as we tended to use site facilities, but with Covid restrictions in place on sites we have been filling the tank and using it to have showers. We can both get a shower using one tank full of water. It usually takes a couple of aquarolls to fill the tank. 3. We have the heating set on about 23 deg and the floor is just a lovely heat. I have never known it be too hot. On our 2017 van the floor can't be h
  3. gmc15

    Fantastic idea

    For the electrical flush to work it needs a pump plugged in, and if there is no water in the barrel to draw from it doesn't pump anything but there is residual water in the pipework from the water system to the toilet. I still have not worked out how to get all of the water out of the last bit of pipework into the toilet.
  4. gmc15

    Fantastic idea

    My van toilet does not have a flush tank, but uses water from the aquaroll or onboard tank. Any idea how to get all the residual water out of that system into the toilet?
  5. Caravanned with my parents from a very young age. Travelled all over the UK and Europe until I was a teenager. Married in my early 20's and we had our honeymoon in my parents van on the CC site at Castleton. Started work at 21 and bought a Monza 1200 from a friend at work. Paintwork all T-cutted and polished, A-frame painted with hammerite, van all resealed and new tyres fitted. Towed with an Opel Manta Berlinetta. When my Father died we got his Abbey GT214. The Manta was a bit underpowered so we bought another Manta, the 2.0 GTE. Swapped the towbar over and toured for a few yea
  6. Had our Schooner serviced last month and 99% damp found around off-side wheel arch! This figure was confirmed by another company. Warranty claim put in, just waiting to see when it can be repaired. Cracks found in front panel which is now out of its 1 year warranty. Cracks ground out and sealed by service dept. Another one now found in opposite side to the others! Rear cap ends replaced last year under warranty as they had stress cracks in them. Stress cracks now appeared again.
  7. Our 2017 Buccaneer does have an opening about 6ft up the front awning strip which we use to feed our awnings through. Hopefully your new van will have the same
  8. Hawes is showing availability for awning and non-awning pitches for this weekend if you still wanted to go
  9. We leave the heating on all night on tick over so nothing will freeze inside the van. The aquaroll is raised off the ground on blocks. The main thing that may freeze is the pipe from the aquaroll into the van, but if yours is insulated it should be OK. We were away when the Beast from the East hit a couple of years ago and the taps on the site were frozen but nothing in the van.
  10. The figures show they should do about 250 miles on a full battery, and there is a long range version that does 300+ miles. I don't know how much the distance would drop towing a caravan.
  11. I passed a Tesla Model X towing a caravan a couple of days ago, so full electric cars do tow vans
  12. The jockey wheel on my Buccaneer has "collapsed" before, probably due to me not tightening the clamp enough and the nose weight is heavy on the Buccaneers. I try to manover the van with the jockey wheel wound down as little as possible to try to reduce the stress on the whole assembly. As the Buccaneer has a hydraulic levelling system it is OK to raise the front of the van using the steadies, which will help to adjust the heighrt of the front of the van and the jockey wheel.
  13. Do you hammer the coach screws into the ground and then use a drill to remove them?
  14. Good call, this happened to us last year. Loose wire in hook up cable plug
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