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  1. If you check on the DVLA website under MOT history of a car using the reg. number there is a section where you can check to see if any recalls are applicable to a car. This might be a way of checking your car.
  2. Is the nose of the caravan low enough to allow the auto levelling to work? I find ours needs to be lower than the back of the van (using jockey wheel) to auto level.
  3. Yes, major roadworks at the A19/A184 interchange but where the A1231 joins the A19 is South of there so is OK. There are also roadworks on the A19 at Wolviston and often long delays where the A689 joins part way through them.
  4. Do you actually want a hose? We use a short piece of solid pipe that goes over any tap and sits inside the aquaroll.
  5. Alternatively come off the A1 at Washington onto the A1231 towards Sunderland and then go right onto the A19 and then as post above for A174, A171. I would not use the signposted route avoiding Sutton bank as itis not easy with a caravan in tow.
  6. On our Buccaneer when the int/ext switch is in the middle position it draws water from the external aquaroll to supply the taps but does not fill the onboard tank. Think yours should be the same
  7. +1 for using a soundbar. We don't use a Avtex, but another brand and the sound is so much better than from the tv itself. Our tv speakers project from the back of the set but with the soundbar all the sound projects forward. I find that we don't need the volume as loud using a soundbar as the sound is directed foreward.
  8. Our new Buccaneer came supplied with a pigtail, so I wonder if it depends upon the dealer. Try to get the dealer to supply an appropriate pigtail as a good will gesture
  9. Very sad to hear this route is now closed. We used it at least twice every year. Hull Rotterdam is still available but it just adds more travel time/distance to get to the sites we like in France.
  10. Looking at the planning application, it looks like the dog field is going to be used for the new plots. The field was fantastic for dogs as they could have a good run around. The old dog walk near the toilet block was tiny. Hope they do something to keep a decent area for dogs.
  11. These are supposed to be the best for the shaped X5 mirrors and have no vibration, but they are pricey. https://scandihills.com/products/492-emuk-towing-mirrors/15615-emuk-towing-mirrors/ I use milenco grand aeros but they have cracked both mirror surrounds, so I would not recommend them for your G05 X5.
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