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  1. My mover was a Powrtouch evo and it worked perfectly with a 95Ah battery even though Powrtouch recommend a 110Ah. Lower Ah do tend to be lighter and smaller.
  2. I used a 95Ah for many years with my mover without any issues. You should be fine with a smaller battery.
  3. Same here John. I use either the built in sat nav or a Tomtom, depending where we are going (Tomtom usually used in france as I like that it shows which lane to be in on the autoroutes), but my wife has the atlas on her knee and has sometimes overuled the sat nav as it tried to take us on very small roads - unsuitable for a caravan. Works well for us
  4. A good choice and I am sure you will be very happy with it
  5. We use Dukdalf chairs as they are well made, light and relatively comfortable. We have the footrests for them. We use a Cadac grillo gas and a paella pan for all our outdoor cooking - BBQs, stir frys bacon and eggs etc.
  6. Thr flush comes from the water barrel/onboard tank so you can't add any pink fluid. We have a squirty bottle with dilute pink solution which we leave next to the toilet and spray the bowl every so often to keep the bowl fresh
  7. My levelling system does not put the van perfectly level and the near side ends up slightly higher. I emailed E and P and this was their reply:- You can re-calibrate the level point of the system by following the instructions on page 16 of the manual. The whole procedure should take you no more than a couple of minutes, however please give me a call if you get stuck - 01254 297785. Kind regards, Matthew | E&P Hydraulics UK I have not actually done it yet. Graeme
  8. Thanks everyone, I have ordered 4 new batteries so will try that first and see how it goes
  9. I have been using a Tyrepal TC215B for tha past year or so and it has worked fine. The sensors normally woke up after a couple of yards. The last twice I have tried to use the system the sensors did not wake up at all. The monitor in the car is charged and working OK and scrolls through each of the 4 sensors but no pressures or temps are shown. Does this mean that the sensors need new batteries?
  10. Thanks everyone. I have used this cable many times in France and reversed the connections on a few occasions. This may be the cause of the problem, even though the pins were tight. I'll cut a good bit off the cable and fit a new plug as suggested
  11. Thanks everyone. The cable is one that was supplied with a new van a few years ago. I'll do a repair tomorrow.
  12. Screws were tight but the last inch or so of the live cable was very brittle and the outer sheeth was breaking off exposing the cores of the wire, so I suspect, as you suggest, the wires have failed. Wonder why it didn't trip inside the van?
  13. Sat in our van and the mains electricity went off. Checked fuse box and no trips had activated. Thought it must be a problem with the bollard, but next doors van were plugged in and they still had mains. I checked the push in connector at the bollard and the power came on and went off immediatelly. I changed the whole cable for another one that I had and everything was working again. I checked the wires inside the plug that goes into the bollard and the connections were all tight, but the brown live wire was very brittle and charred. No damp inside plug and other wires ok, only the live was brittle. Any idea what might have caused this?
  14. Brilliant write up, you must be made of sturdy stuff if you aren't put off by your first adventure. We use the car sat nav and sometimes a TT, especially for abroad as it shows which lane to be in on the autoroutes. It also has real time traffic updates so warns of delays on the journey. Mrs GMC still uses a map on her knee and has often overruled the sat nav - and been right I thoroughly recommend winter tyres for the car - both for solo and towing. Looking forward to your write up of your next trip away. Graeme
  15. Nice looking outfit Looking forward to your report.
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