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  1. I think any form of electric in the gas area is a no no
  2. Just seen on another forum Staveley head insurance brokers have gone into administration ,https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-wales-51385426
  3. Mine has got the filter in . It runs for about 5 mins after the flush is pressed Seems like an hour at night
  4. I have seen a caravan measured ( not mine ) at Portsmouth for the Condor ferry to Jersey. Just booked this year So called discount of 20% with Condor .£83 cheaper with cc&C on the same ship.
  5. Just booked Poole to St Helier and return on Condor Liberation . Price Condor £373 60. cc&C £289 99. Condor price includes 20 % discount. I think this makes membership worthwhile.
  6. g7eor


    SMART MOTORWAY !!!!!! I was on the M 42 traveling north 60 MPH on gantry hard shoulder a running lane .Gantry sign for inside lane junction 6 only my junction I pulled into this lane only to find a car with hazard lights on stopped in a few hundred yards ahead. Lots of brake lights across all lanes.
  7. Sat nag keeping repeating "Due to traffic conditions your route has been changed"The route is still the same. This has happened several times on the M6 going through the road works by Stafford
  8. Worth mentioning to the dealer. They might just swop them for those of another van that is newer.
  9. We have just invested in the Ma-Ve system for our campervan. WOW what a difference no more driving up ramps to level up, doors do not swing shut , the floor does not bounce and we can level the van without getting out into the wet ,also can work it from app on phones
  10. On my unit the ethernet cable goes between the I-Net box and the control panel ( I think)
  11. I had Areo mirrors on my Yeti which I think is the same mirror as yours. They folded in OK
  12. Don't forget the bottle opener.
  13. Had a message from Tracker to say they were having problems contacting the unit fitted to my Swift. Arranged to have an engineer to come and fit a new unit four days after the unit had been changed had a phone call from Tracker saying that they had problems contacting my unit> Told them that it had just been changed.Have now sold the van and had to get a Phantom fitted to the new campervan.
  14. Had a caravan sold it and bought a PVC which we have used far more than the caravan . Much easier to use than the caravan and can now go to places that we couldn't go to with the van.
  15. Condor did have the monopoly to the CI
  16. It has just been announced that Brittany Ferries have purchased 100% of Condor Ferries.Does this mean cheaper costs on the journey to the Channel Islands also will B/F discounts be available.
  17. My Safefill cylinders will not vent unless a pigtail or regulator is screwed into the outlet. This is safety feature to stop gas leaking from an unconnected valve.
  18. If it worked on a battery at Broad Lane but does not work on your battery is your battery duff
  19. We stopped at a site near Durdle Dor the jockey wheel was sat 8 breeze blocks which were on the site. It looked ridiculous and did not feel very good . Also saw a van run away on the same site.
  20. In the microwave with a cushion to jam it in
  21. g7eor

    NEC show

    CARAVAN AND MOTORHOME SHOW------Why is a stand in hall 12 selling bulbs??? Cheese and drinks I can understand you can use those whilst in the van but bulbs????
  22. Could it be to hold down fixed carpets?
  23. I had TPMS fitted to my old Swift. Pressure cold 65psi running from Birmingham to Portsmouth pressure went up to 76 psi.Ferry trip of 8 hours and then 5 miles to camp site . Three weeks later BOTH valve stems had split The tyre fitter who came to my aid said that the valve stems were to long and fitted shorter ones.No probkes on the way home .I phoned the manufacturer of TPMS they had never heard of this before . Have now sold the van and bought a campervan this has tyre pressure of 76 psi and screw in valves
  24. A few years ago I believe there was a weighbridge built into lane one on the M6 just south of junction 7. It has now been removed when the motorway was upgraded to smart
  25. Both Visionplus and Avtex have FTA built in to the TV. The EPG on both is quite usable
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