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  1. g7eor

    Waterproof phone

    You would be doing really well for that to happen, rf transmissions dont travel through water. That is what I thought as well but it did.
  2. g7eor

    Waterproof phone

    I was diving in an old quarry with my phone inside the pocket of my drysuit. I was about 15 mtrs down and my phone vibrated with an incoming call. I could not answer underwater.
  3. If using the wheels be careful on hard surfaces as the wheels can be damaged and then will not fit into the guides properly.
  4. I have had a couple of different fault codes come up on my campervan. Neither of them is noted in the handbook , It is back a the dealers at the moment.
  5. I have just returned from a few days at a Forest site in the booking was the statement "Regrettably organised thieves are known to operate in the New Forest area, which is an open and unfenced environment. High value bicycles left outside units in particular are targeted. Please be aware and make your own informed choices regarding security arrangements for your property.” Forewarned is forearmed
  6. g7eor

    Smoking Clutches

    Have just read in the Jersey Evening Post that Brittany Ferries have "expressed an interest" in buying Condor.
  7. We have just got back from a trip to the Channel Isles. We went on the Condor Liberation from Poole We were the last to board the ferry others had reversed about 100 yds onto the ferry before us. The smell of burning clutches was terrible, ( Not mine we have a campervan) How many people know that they have to reverse onto the ferry with a caravan.
  8. Just topped up one of my Safefill bottles. Cost 52p a litre
  9. Me.......A week in Guernsey , another ferry trip and then a fortnight in Jersey, then back to Poole
  10. I try to arrive with a nearly empty tank. Diesel is about 15p a litre cheaper in Jersey
  11. I have arrived at the check ins at Portsmouth at 05.00 and found several units already there. I have even seen check in staff knock on van doors to wake up the occupants
  12. Ours does the same . My wife will be relieved we are not the only ones.
  13. If you take the vents off on the outside of th van you might be able to see behind the fridge. As said some electrics can give a fishy smell if a connection is getting hot and bothered.
  14. Works no my Samsung as well
  15. The company that I used to work for made the running gear for artic trailers . Over 75 % were discs. Axles made by BPW, SAF , Jost or DCA.
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