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  1. There is a storage site near me and I saw a van being towed at 8.45 yesterday morning ( Sunday) . Been to Tescos today to do the weekly shop and there was a campervan in the carpark. Some people are obviously moving them.
  2. Posted a letter 2nd class to Jersey on Thursday , had a phone call back on Saturday only last week.
  3. About 4 mtrs from back door with hookup . Used to be less than 5 mins walk to locked compound.
  4. ""I also have a broken dishwasher that I replaced back in March, and is now an eyesore cluttering up the garden, while awaiting disposal. "" Around where I live just leave the appliance by the front gate . It will soon disappear ,the local tat collectors seem to think they are essential
  5. I changed the battery on my Yeti just after Christmas. I fitted a 760 just a bit bigger than the original. If the battery is starting to fail odd things can start to happen pan roof not closing properly and odd lights on the dash I know what you mean about difficult neg terminal the spanner slipped on mine and I ended up having to take the wheel arch liner out to retrieve it.
  6. Last week our local allotments were broken into two petrol strimmers and two security cameras were nicked . Anything can be stolen now.
  7. A tow ball on the front ie the steer axle will be much easier to maneuver.
  8. The amount of work that has already been done in this area can not just evaporate .Bridge foundations over motorways and the huge areas that have been cleared.
  9. I purchased the pill box from Amazon £8.99 for 2 compartments morning and night.
  10. We have had the same for my 95 year old mother who lives about a mile from me . The pharmacy have told me that they cannot obtain Dosette boxes any more. We have bought a pill box with separate compartments to put her meds in and just hope that her carers who visit several times a day will be able to use this after I have filled it.
  11. I did it, and sent clapping hands to of our nursing friends by text
  12. Thread is 20 mm x2.5 pitch. Most engineering workshops will have one.
  13. There is a lot of info on how many have caught the virus and how many have died BUT how many have had the virus and recovered.
  14. Is there a distribution manifold somewhere? Under the cooker is a good place to look.
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