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  1. We have stayed on this site many times with many different caravans and now campervan. On our last visit we had deer about 20 ft away from our door.Previous visits and we have had a pony poke its head into the awning Many walks around in both woods and open land.The Station Cafe towards Burley does a very nice line in cakes and the Rising Sun witch is within easy walking distance does good meals
  2. With my Phantom I can see where the van is no my phone.(still at the dealers again)
  3. The last time this happened to me I had arrived at the docks and was told that the ferry had been cancelled (It had run aground) I had to return to the campsite and was fitted onto a different vessel the next day I was given £100 off the next trip
  4. Having a motor mover is OK but don't lose the remote.
  5. On my 584 I was able to undo the screws along the bottom edge of the rear panel, drill a hole behind the number plate and push the wires through the drilled hole,making sure there was plenty of mastic to seal the hole. I could "fish" the wires out of the bottom of the panel.When I sold the van I left the camera in the number plate surround and the transmitter in a plastic box under the rear of the van.
  6. Not quite on topic but I watched 7029 Clun Castle go out of shed on load test last night . It ran through to Stratford on the North Warwicks Line and came back through Hatton reaching speeds on nearly 75mph. Next week evening trip from B,ham Moore St to Kidderminster Prime dining £180 pp Standard £80
  7. Have been today. Many more motorhomes / campervans than last time We were looking for a sat dish ,found one show offer special £300 very tempted , got home looked on Amazon £299 free delivery This a Camping and Caravan exhibition why is one stand trying to sell foam roof lining for slate and tile roofs?????? Druckers /Patisserie Valerie is open in Resorts World
  8. Have booked to go to Chanel Isles with Condor ferries. No deposit (just FULL payment up front)
  9. Batteries should be changed after about two years. Battery No is CR1632 Easy to change just unscrew the top and slide the old one out and put the new one in. The sensors should not need re-registering.
  10. One of the cranes were I work was built in 1946 using VIR cables It still lifts 30 tons regularly
  11. Just booked ferry to Channel Isles . 10% cheaper booking through CCC than direct with Condor.
  12. All this Talk of cleaning the ice off the windows is very good BUT I could not even open the door the other day . It was frozen solid.
  13. Buy a Safefill . You can SEE the level of liquid in the bottle.
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