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  1. Mine is similar . Cheap timer from Aldi and a web controlled valve actuator so I can turn the water off if things get to wet, I can see the weather through the CCTV around the house
  2. Both tyres were flat when I lifted the corner steadies. I had Tyrepal sensors fitted and the fitter who came to me thought that the length of the stem as fitted originally was a lot of the problem . He fitted shorter ones. These were still on the van when I sold it.
  3. I had both valve stems split whilst in Jersey. The van had been sited for a fortnight and I was just getting ready to go to the docks for the ferry. Try finding a mobile fitter to come to the site on a Sunday ( I did)
  4. I have the Ma-Ve system on my van. The pads on the legs are about 200 mm in dia I have glued thin rubber to the base of these and have no problems as yet but I do carry a few pieces of triwall polycarb as used for conservatory roofs just encase "light and strong" and do not take up much space.
  5. The number of times as was asked"Have you turned the fridge onto car" I wired a 12 volt LED into the 12 volt circuit of the fridge. The LED was fitted into the front marker of the van, I could see this in the mirror so was able to say "Yes I have"
  6. Mr Shifta used to make this sort of thing . I had one years ago. Nose weight had to be very heavy otherwise no traction.
  7. I can remember an "air dam" fitted to the roof rack of the towing vehicle which was supposed to improve the efficiency of the tow
  8. I had a phone call from my GP surgery on Thursday " Would I like to come and have the jab" I said yes immediately.A phone call to see if I had had the real jab from Novavax I am on the trial . I had had the placebo. I now have an appointment on Sunday morning at the GP surgery. According to news reports the Novavax jab is the most effective.
  9. My Ma-ve jacks stay down .A bit of extra security
  10. Hydrogen filling point near me I have never seen a vehicle at the pump. Also does other alternative fuels.
  11. DMM is essential.On a site last year fridge was alarming after a little poking around found that the voltage from the hookup was less than 200 volts. I showed this to the warden who said that nobody had ever said anything about low voltage before. Rest of stay was with fridge on gas.
  12. My V 6 will work for prerecorded programs in the van. It also only needs a 12 volt feed. The previous Tivo also works
  13. I have it fitted on my Autotrail. If I could disconnect it I would . It is very noisy
  14. It is surprising how many people use their mask to hold their chin up. NOT covering their nose or mouth.
  15. Just had a phone call from my GP, Can I take my 96 year old mother in next week for a covid jab . Have been given a slot DO NOT come early also another in three weeks time I asked if I could have a jab as well How old I was asked 71 " Oh you will have to wait" I have had two jabs on one of the trials but I don't know if they are genuine or the placebo.
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