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  1. I have seen black also used for a hook up cable.
  2. Birmingham City Council.About 20 people canvassing the area .No cost. Results by text and email from NHS .
  3. We had a knock on the door 21/09 a lad in high vis jacket said that there had been a covid spike in our area did we want a home test ? Both of us said yes, two test packs handed over had to register online, packs collected half hour later . Had results 48 hours later both negative
  4. We should have been going to Jersey in the next few days BUT because of my postcode we cannot even get on the ferry to isolate for five days on the campsite
  5. Even if you have the factory fit towbar and electrics on a Yeti and most other VAG cars it does not come with terminals for charging and fridge. I had to change the 13 pin plug and wire through the car on mine.
  6. With the factory fit towbar the electrics are "set" to allow the reversing sensors to cut out when towing. It also changes the stability settings of the car .The alarm will sound if the 13 pin plug is removed when the alarm is set. If bypass type trailer connections are used non of these will work.
  7. If the Yeti has the factory fit towbar it will also have it will have uprated cooling fans on the radiator. The bigger engined Yeti will also have larger discs. My thoughts about the Yeti is that it is a very good tow car and will return low 30s when towing
  8. Even the tow ball is rusty.
  9. Just think of the cost of having to return to dealer to have repairs done
  10. On my tyrepal the van pressure can go up by 10 psi on a long run. Don't worry about it The problem I had few years ago was I drove 150 miles to Portsmouth ,got on the ferry for 8 hours, then drove to the campsite another 5 miles .Tyre pressure and temperature both OK. Three weeks later about to return BOTH valve stems had broken. The tyre fitter who came out to the site said that the length of the original stems was too long for the weight of the Tyrepal sensor on the end .
  11. I never look at the oil temp setting on the maxidot display,I watch the average fuel consumption on my yeti
  12. There is one of the few hydrogen filling stations in the country near where I live . I have never seen a car at the pump.
  13. Not only caravans with poor PDI I have purchased a Autotrail campervan. The awning light was completely missing i had a switch but no light I did mention this at the NEC show to Autotrail who arranged for the dealer to fit one. Job done. The light has now failed !!!
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