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  1. Not quite on topic but I watched 7029 Clun Castle go out of shed on load test last night . It ran through to Stratford on the North Warwicks Line and came back through Hatton reaching speeds on nearly 75mph. Next week evening trip from B,ham Moore St to Kidderminster Prime dining £180 pp Standard £80
  2. g7eor

    NEC Caravan Show

    Have been today. Many more motorhomes / campervans than last time We were looking for a sat dish ,found one show offer special £300 very tempted , got home looked on Amazon £299 free delivery This a Camping and Caravan exhibition why is one stand trying to sell foam roof lining for slate and tile roofs?????? Druckers /Patisserie Valerie is open in Resorts World
  3. g7eor

    Electrical parts C-Line

    Try looking for CBE
  4. g7eor

    Brittany Ferries

    Have booked to go to Chanel Isles with Condor ferries. No deposit (just FULL payment up front)
  5. g7eor

    Tyrepal problem

    Batteries should be changed after about two years. Battery No is CR1632 Easy to change just unscrew the top and slide the old one out and put the new one in. The sensors should not need re-registering.
  6. g7eor

    Mains cable problem

    One of the cranes were I work was built in 1946 using VIR cables It still lifts 30 tons regularly
  7. g7eor

    ferry prices

    Just booked ferry to Channel Isles . 10% cheaper booking through CCC than direct with Condor.
  8. g7eor

    De-icing your car windscreen

    All this Talk of cleaning the ice off the windows is very good BUT I could not even open the door the other day . It was frozen solid.
  9. g7eor

    How much LPG in my bottle? Easy way to find out.

    Buy a Safefill . You can SEE the level of liquid in the bottle.
  10. Works on gas and lece if it works. Mine has gone in today to investigate fault code E154H . This code is not in the Truma book. It comes on with gas or lece on heat or water. Only two months old.
  11. g7eor

    Toilet Tabs

    Does anyone use Bio washing tabs in their toilet holding tank? I have seen it mentioned several times but does it work
  12. g7eor

    What to do about the cost of bottled gas.

    The company that I work for uses LPG contained in tanks on the surface. The LPG tanks are filled by that little company Calor. The tanks ARE vented to dip tube hight when filling, the tanks should be earthed when filling but rarely are. I believe that all that all LPG comes from the same supplying company. I fill my Safefill bottles at the local Autogas supplier This is an attended service with two pumps. I usually have to wait for several cars to be filled before I have my bottles filled
  13. g7eor

    not a lot changes in 19 years...

    We had a Herald Jubilee back in 2000 and it was dry.
  14. g7eor

    Tyre Pal or Michelin

    The tyrepal sensors with the brass locking ring is much better than the earlier type with the 3 tiny grub screws in a aluminum lock ring. These can damage the valve stem.
  15. g7eor

    Tyre Pal or Michelin

    I had a Tyrepal system fitted to my car and van. The sensors wake up within a hundred yards. The sensors on the van could be turned off when not towing. ...... Earlier this year I drove from Birmingham to Portsmouth the sensors all showing a few PSI and degree increase as expected A 7 hour ferry crossing and then 5 miles to the campsite. Three weeks later I came to get the van ready for the journey home BOTH valve stems had spilt, the one valve was in the awning so would be difficult to access the other was against a hedge. Have you ever tried the find a mobile tyre fitter on a sunday morning in Jersey. I did phone TP on return their comment was that the stems could be old, they were the same age as the tyres ( three years). The fitter did fit much shorter stems. I still have TP on the car.