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  1. Even during the season, when setting up the water, the first thing I do is fill the inboard tank. I then use the inboard tank, filling it up from the Aquarol as I need it. If something goes wrong with the water from the Aquaroll, at least I've got a tank full of water. Also, if it happened to be pouring of rain, a not uncommon scenario in Scotland, and the Aquaroll ran dry, saves you from getting a soaking. There are other scenarios I could quote where an inboard tank is beneficial, but many people are so fixated against them that it's pointless. And if you're worried about travel
  2. Interesting re the retro fitting of an inboard tank. The dealers up here that I've spoken to about it, have basically shaken their heads!!
  3. Thanks, I have a 2014 Santa Fe so it was just of interest.
  4. Ukzero, what do you tow it with?
  5. After having had a long succession of twin axles, I'm considering down sizing. I'm currently looking at the Swift Elegance 560, primarily because as a single axle, it's one of a very few which has an inboard tank. And I rather like the longitudinal bed layout And before all you anti inboard tankers starting jumping on the band wagon, my last trip of the year, before Covid, and in Scotland, is in November, and the first trip of the year is usually in February. So...........are there any owners of this caravan around, how does it tow, and would I notice any difference in towing it in
  6. I moved from the AA when they took hours to attend me, and I was at the junction of the M74, at the Abington services, hardly in the middle of nowhere. In the following years, with Mayday, Green Flag, I've had to call them out twice, both times at the house, once for the caravan, and once for the car. Both times, they've attended in just under an hour, a big difference from the incompetents at the AA! I notice in the current TV adverts by the AA, they claim to get you back on the road ONCE they get to you, not from the time you call them!! A subtle, but significant difference!!
  7. As you're in the Highlands, and going to be living in the van full time for a fortnight, heating will be a major concern. Braemar regularly drops to -20 in the winter!
  8. You must remember that there is an amount of electricity used by the caravan before you add in additionals, the most obvious being the fridge. To be on the safe side, I never use the microwave and kettle at the same time.
  9. Ha ha, sounds like me. Was advised, by supposedly experienced caravanners, to buy an ancient nearly 16' Fairholme, to be towed by a Mk3 Cortina, company car. In those days, PC magazine took letters from newbies like me requesting details of their caravans, but it was so old that even they couldn't find details of it. In the year that we owned it, I never overtook a single caravan, but it took us on to Skye, then round the north of Scotland and home. In the summer, we went down to north Devon and Somerset with it, had a great time in it. But if there was ever an advert for the back end of
  10. You can take the Stonehaven/Banchory road over to the Deeside road, follow it to the west of Aboyne then follow signs to Tarland. All decent roads.
  11. No messing about with levellers, I have had twin-axles for about 30 years. I simply have 3/4 planks about 1" thick and one about 3" thick. I pull onto an estimated size, check level, if not right then roll off and adjust, then pull back on. I don't know where I got them from, probably scraps of wood lying around, never seen a drop of varnish and I've used the same planks for years. Why complicate a simple matter?
  12. It took Green Flag almost exactly 1 hour to get the carrier moved and the spare where released, when I discovered a puncture on the caravan at the side of the house. This was the previous one, and when I bought the present caravan, I instructed the dealer to put the spare undr the fixed transverse bed. So the carrier can happily rust away, the spare, althpugh taking up room, is available in minutes.
  13. When looking over the Pamplona, I didn't actually look in the dedicated gas bottle locker. So is there room there for more than the 2 bottles? I hadn't thought of storing the water and waste containers in the shower, good idea. Although at the moment I store my water connector hoses, including the long one for use on superpitches there.
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