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  1. I looked at the new Black Edition Pamplona, but it was just before lockdown appeared, and so have been unable to do anything about it since. What has put me off Baileys is, imho, the daft decision to do away with the front lockers. I know that there is a dedicated locker for the gas bottles, but where to put the water container, levelling ramps, etc. From memory, the inside of the nearside front locker/underside nearside front bed, has a plastic covered floor. Does this cover the whole of the space, or only what is accessible from the locker door? TIA
  2. For what it's worth, I have a 2014 7 seater Santa Fe which originally had SLS. But it needed replacing and the SLS is horrendously expensive, so I fitted an approved alternative, Google it. The car, now with non SLS, sits as before, and tows my Conqueror 645 as before.
  3. At my last service, September, it was reported that the LED had failed but that the system was still working ok. I can't remember the price, but it was stupidly expensive, so I didn't bother replacing it, as the dealer suggested anyway. You can hear it going through the process, and it does that as it always has done. So no problem!
  4. As is usual with this sort of query, the pedantic always have to stick their oar in! The guy said he was a little confused, and the pedantics have to add to that confusion, even although they might be technically correct. The simple answer is find out the kerbweight of the car, and the MTPLM of the caravan, sorted!! For what it's worth, in my experience of towing caravans for over 40 years, and in that time having had several Ford towcars, Ford's towing limit usually was in excess of the kerbweight.
  5. Well hopefully you've learned a lesson!! Why on earth would you part with a van before receiving the new one?? Crazy!!
  6. Thanks folks for your comments, very interesting.
  7. Motorhomes are currently taking over car parks in the Highlands, supposedly to escape the virus. Fort William had to remove about 30 motorhomes from it's car parks! Brainless idiots, don't they realise that they might already have it, and be spreading it to another area???
  8. I would suspect that it is a simple switch thing, that after showing you how it works the dealer guy has switched it off again. Having just witnessed yesterday the handover of my brother's new caravan, and the dealer lady was 100% good and thorough, when it came to switches there were some things which I disagrred with. In particular, just leaving switches on the 'on' setting as when the mains was disconnected, they were switched off anyway, but when the mains was connected again, they'd automatically be switched on again.
  9. Correction, a 3 phone sim CAN be used in a mifi unit, I've been doing so for years but only using the data. Amazon currently have a 24 month/24 GB data sim for £42. The benefit of using a mifi unit over tethering is that you are connecting wireleesly.
  10. In this thread of 20 posts, the OP is asking about a specific model in the Karoq range. 5 posts mention a totally different car, so totally irrelevant. 8 posts are arguing about manufacturers methods/reasoning re towing weights, so totally irrelevant too! So...............are posters more interested in the sound of their own voices, or are they keeping one eye on the number of posts they've made??? <<walks away shaking his head>>
  11. I've seen several times onsite, a Tiguan towing a new Buccaneer. Rather him than me!!!
  12. What's the point of leaving a spare at home?? And if the weight of the spare is critical, should you in fact be towing the caravan?
  13. I used to do Kendal - Poole, arriving late afternoon, which according to the AA is 320 miles. So 400 miles is perfectly do-able, but allow 7/8 hours. I currently do, once a year, Ayrshire - south of Birmingham, which according to the AA is 300 miles, in 5½/6 hours, including a stop of 20/30 minutes at Tebay. So again, 400 miles is perfectly do-able in a day. In my humble opinion! And where on earth did the OP mention a Fiat??
  14. Has anyone got one of these? How do you like it? Pros and cons? There seem to be quite a few new/old stock about, didn't they sell well? I've looked at the new Black editions, but the photos of the 2018/19 vans look nicer. Plus a saving in cost!! lol Thanks in anticipation, all comments appreciated. By the way, the single-axle Cabrera is discounted as I would want an inboard tank.
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