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  1. Supatramp

    4 Wheel drive

    If it's only for weekends towing the horsebox, get yourself one of the last old model Sorentos. Low box etc and probably less than your 3k budget.
  2. What is the stuff I need to buy out of Halfords for topping up the Alde?
  3. As Durbanite has said, all you American haters are way off the mark with Jeeps. All the modern ones are made in Europe!!
  4. Yes, same here, and it's the Humax box which is often the 'problem'. Any caravan which doesn't have a cupboard/worktop as you come in the door, and is wide enough to take the Humax, has to be immediately discounted. Several models which have the storage for the table there, are often too narrow for a Humax.
  5. I've had warranty work carried out several times over recent years on my Swift, 2012 model bought new late 2011. Never had any problems.
  6. My local dealer charges £45 an hour.
  7. My brother had a Honda CRV 2.2 on reserve, he'd been a motor mechanic all his working life and recently retired. The sales manager from the dealership he'd worked in, now also retired, turned up with a Navara and tried to lure my brother into buying it. It was immaculate, leather interior, low mileage etc. However, after Googling the Navara he quickly discounted it and went ahead with the Honda.
  8. As a self-employed sales agent, I buy my caravans through my business and use it where others would use an hotel. I've always insured it as normal, how on earth would an insurance company be able to prove it was being used otherwise? And how would business use differ from 'normal' use? And what has this to do with Swift caravans??
  9. I'm very interested in the bio washing liquid idea, I've been caravanning for over 40 years and have always used the Thetford toilet fluid. Do you use a simlar amount per application?
  10. I was on a caravan site last year, a CL, and there was a Tiguan towing a Buccaneer!!! Don't know what model of Tiguan, but obviously he was going by the official towing limit of 2000kgs. The Coachman will be a dawdle to tow, go for it.
  11. It always puzzles/amuses me when people say that they don't understand the benefits of an inboard tank. I wouldn't be without it, and in fact it has been the reason I haven't changed my caravan as Swift, in their wisdom(?), for several years now haven't fitted ANY of their vans with the facility. December is the only month of the year that our van isn't used. Even throughout the year, the first thing I do with the water system is fill the inboard tank! After all, it gives you an extra 20/40 litres of water!!
  12. A twin-axle with a mam of 1450kg???? And to be towed with a Golf estate??`
  13. I've had a complete new gearbox in my 2014 SF at 60000 miles, due to the 4wd system having gone inoperable.
  14. In 40 years of caravanning we've had about 14 caravans, all bar the first bought from a dealer, and all bar the first bought brand new. Other than the first, we've always traded-in the previous one, and NEVER have we given the 'old' one up before getting the new one. Nor has the dealer ever asked for the old one before getting the new one. In fact, it has been normal practise to ask the dealer on changover day, to park the new caravan so that the old one can be parked alongside it, door to door, and we've stepped out of the old one and into the new one, changing over our stuff. Caravan forums are littered with tales of people who've had problems of one sort or another, DON'T do it!!!
  15. There was one on a seasonal pitch last year on Foresterseat site, Forfar. Haven't been there this year so don't know if it's still there.
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