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  1. Thanks. I will try this. Any ideas where to look for a new window ?
  2. I have just noticed my front side window has split with some water inside from yesterday's rain, any ideas how to get the water out? Just going to glue the split until we get a new window.
  3. Thanks for advice. We did do the doors as per Isabella video however I do think the leg poles are the problem. I'm going get hubby onto it first thing tomorrow before the rain comes
  4. Change password

  5. Do I need to unpeg the awning first ?
  6. We have just purchased an Isabella awning and have put it up on our season pitch. Looks fab however when we zip the awning up, round the corner of the door is really tight and difficult to zip round. I have undone the side roof poles and the front roof poles with no difference made. Do I need to undo the upright legs and unpeg this. Don't want to unpeg all the awning if it can be avoided. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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