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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I did wonder whether it was just like the central heating at home! I will try putting a cloth down the side to see if it cures the noise and let you know how i get on.
  2. We have recently brought a Clubman SE with Alde heating which is great but I have one question that I would like answering, if possible. Why does the central heating pipe by the fixed bed knock intermittently? Could it be trapped air and could it be bled or is this normal? Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hi My friend has just bought a 1996 Sterling Eccles Jade caravan and has found (after having a service) that she needs the following item: Draw Bar/Hitch/Handbrake Mechanism (front set up), 950-1600kg ALKO 1615 Any help or advice on where to source this part would be appreciated. Many thanks Mireille
  4. Hi Thanks for your reply. We put it up on Saturday and it fits perfectly.
  5. Hi Can anybody help me - I need to know if a Hilton porch awning will fit my new van. We had an Elddis 505 but now have a Lunar Lexon SE. If it is not going to fit, then we will not take it away with us next week Mireille
  6. Thanks for your PM, I will keep you posted how we go on in September.
  7. Ian What was the problem with your bed rails, if you don't mind me asking? I hope Leisure Sales replace the bed with care and attention because I think I remember Nigel saying in his post about the Lexon SE that his headboard was damaged when he had his replaced.
  8. Hi We got our Lunar Lexon from Leisure Sales and the only problem we have with them, is that they don't return your calls when they say they will :-( Our van is going in to have the bed frame replaced in September so we will see how we get on with them then! Mireille
  9. Hi David We did order the van at the NEC in February and the dealer told us that there would be minor adjustments such as 4 drawers below the wardrobe and a slight adjustment to the heki above the bed. Even if they couldn't get the aluminium bed frames in time, then surely out of courtesy they could have asked us whether we wished to wait or alternatively, have the wooden bed installed. My husband spoke to the Dealers yesterday who said they will fix the problems but he told them that an arrangement would have to be made to have the bed changed on our terms (we caravan all year round ) and hopefully no damage will be made to the headboard. Like you said, it does take the shine off having a new van. I will keep you posted on how we get on. Mireille
  10. Nigel I have just read your post about the problems with your Lunar Lexon SE and it seems that you have quite a lot more than we have with ours - I hope you get them sorted. We have sent a letter via e-mail to the dealer twice now about our issues and we have not yet had a reply from them. The next plan is to see them directly and mention the word "trading standards". The problems we have found are: Wooden Bed Frame not aluminium Table strap has broken which means the table has to be stowed on the floor when travelling. Two screws missing from the top and bottom door hinges. The fly screen handle does not meet correctly on the other side. These are not as serious as yours but there are two things which we haven't complained about (but may do now having read your post) - the floor creaks by the bed and we have noticed a blemish on the side of outside panel above the bedroom window, which only appears in certain light conditions. We have not yet used the shower but the waste water from the kitchen sink seems to take forever to drain away. We never had any serious problems with our previous van which was an Elddis Firestorm 505 so perhaps we may have more faults but don't know what to look for. Mireille
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