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  1. ALKO are fine to talk to, give them a call but you need to determine the vehicle electrics are fine (Your mates car) even then, given the sequence of your ATC LED colours you've reported. You still may have to attempt to clear the fault code memory, or you maybe risking a call out charge from ALKO
  2. Other than Hybrids, this looses the ethos of a full electric vehicle and can effect the bennifits of one. That's why diesel fitted interior heaters are not offered as standard fit, due to its emissions. The trailer range extender (Although may seem comical) is just a temporary measure for long distant not stop touring (holidays and such) I think BMW have run into problems already http://www. mybmwi3. com/forum/viewtopic. php?f=2&t=2141 Ps GS, if you want a road test in a full electric vehicle. Give me a shout
  3. I had a window replaced some time back and the dealer ordered the window directly from the manufacture,
  4. Have you ever considered a full electric vehicle for your none towcar ?
  5. I the GS knows, he drives an Hybrid
  6. Or a Hydrogen powered vehicle or even a "Range Extender" http://www. gizmag. com/ev-charging-trailer/28513/
  7. Your air con recovers heat and you have the electric heater elements. If the car is pre-warmed it takes less energy to keep the interior a stable warm temperature. By the way the electric motor can be water cooled. http://evworld. com/article. cfm?storyid=2088
  8. Electric vehicles yes and the air con system works in reverse to create warm air You can pre program your vehicle, for the heater to kick in and demist and warm the car whilst connected to the charger, (No more ice scrapping) and with most you can activate the heater from your mobile to heat the car whilst charging. So if your connected to a free charger in the city or any where else, when you decided to leave just phone your car to switch on the heater before you get to it.
  9. The Nissan Leaf has a optional solar panel, to chelp charge the battery, for its auxiliary's
  10. Your excess isn't that bad at all, I just wondered if they increased the excess. Ours currently is £100 Reading above, I think I would pay for a good phone GPS device that rang you if the alarm triggered, given our caravan is in storage. Im sure a company did a device like this that was discreet.
  11. Your friends car Its the easiest test, to eliminate the car. Didn't you have a red light at the end of your journey ? Sorry I though you'd purchased from Lady Bailey, if your dealer is local and its a memorised fault (Full Memory) will they clear it for you, Let us know how you get on.
  12. I would call ALKO If you have room on your drive might be worth trying to clear the memories fault codes. Connect the 13 pin to the car and leave it for the duration and just start the car every hour or two to top up the battery. Start early in the morning. Do you have any friends or relatives that have a 13 pin socket fitted to their vehicle. Lot of messing about for a new caravan though, Was your dealer Lady Bailey ?
  13. Thanks for that . .. In reality its just not worth it. So looks like a U turn for me.
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