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  1. Please kindly elaborate?....
  2. The twin dinette layout we have currently is not necessarily what we will end up with moving forward. We are quite open to look at all layouts that will accommodate us. I am really trying to work out what age and price to look at or even if upgrading is actually worth it at all? We only paid £2000 for our van 4 yrs ago with all the basic accessories and full awning. The thing is if we spend double, triple or quadruple this time is the age of what we will get worth the prices people are asking and from what I've seen over the last day or so it doesn't rea
  3. Open to look at all layouts that will suit a family of 4, our current van has dinettes at each end that convert into doubles with a pull out bunk over the rear bed. Although the idea of best van for value is most appealing. I have had a quick browse on caravanfinder and I'm shocked to see 12 year old vans listed for around £8000! That appears way to much money for the age. Especially if a band new family van is available for £13500 as FrankBulet mentions. Are the later screwless constructed vans of the last 8 years or so living up to the initial hype of strength and
  4. Damn it. .. No magic formula. ..... Some interesting thoughts, especially new base model vs older used of a 'higher' spec for around the same money. Thank you for the replies :-)
  5. We are a family of 4 with a year 2000 small 5 berth that we've had for 4 years. Now like to get something a little newer and maybe a little longer; ours is a ABI Sprinter 450CT so only 4. 5m internally and the kids have grown an awful lot in 4 years! I am wondering if there is a sweet spot age range where used caravans are best value for money? Something with little depreciation and yet years of life remaining? 3yrs, 6yrs, 10yrs, etc ??? Any thoughts on this at all please? Thank you, Mark
  6. Thank you all for the ideas and links. I'll do some reading up this evening.
  7. Owned an old van for a year. It has no aerial and we are thinking of taking a TV with us this season. So my question is, which is best/easiest to setup /cheapest, etc with good results. We will be travelling mostly along the south coast of the UK. Also recomendations of a particular model of aerial or satallite kit would be appreciated. I've noticed one make 'Vision Plus' for aerials, are they good? and also quite like the idea of a compact satallite kit in a box, but are they any good? Thanks, Mark
  8. Okay, that's great. I'll give them a try. Thank you. .....
  9. We've a thin area on the caravan awning that looks as though it may start to split soon; therefore as a preventative measure I'd like to get a patch glued or sown over the area asap. The canvas is grey and the area approx 8cmx5cm. Does anyone know what should be used and where to look for it please? Thanks, Mark
  10. Thanks for the replies thus far, the 300kg weight as stated is not what we necessarily intend to use it is what I beleive is the max we could possible take? Which would be a lot of extra weight to tow. As we've not used the van for our first outing as yet, we have not got all our 'things' together like we had with the tent.
  11. The makers stamped plate by the door states: Mass in runniing order 850kg MTPLM 1150kg
  12. Hello all, Just bought our first caravan and for safety would like to fit a stabiliser, but which ones sould I look to get? The car weighs 1570kg VW Touran and the caravan ABI Sprinter is 850kg (+300kg loaded). I see some of the hitch type stabilsers are around £300 which is far more than I feel comfortable to pay, therefore are there suitable cheaper options? Are the older blade type still recommended? The tow home of 60 miles felt quite comfortable without a stabiliser, although I believe things can change once the caravan gets loaded. Many thanks, Mark
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