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  1. SamP

    Ds7 Crossback

    Looks very much like a Mitsubishi ASX - I wonder if that's what it's based on?
  2. SamP


    The big test will be how long the motor mover is usable for at the weekend!
  3. I've never understood the idea of buying a caravan and then not using it's facilities. Talk about making things hard work. It's the same as the people who won't use the loo, won't use the shower, won't wash up in the sink, won't drink water from the taps etc etc!!!!!
  4. SamP


    Well it's changed and seems to have resolved the issue. Took a bit longer than expected as I ended up stripping down the existing PSU and removing the charger just leaving the 230V as is. Connected some new mains flex to the existing power switch for the battery charger (which is part of the original PSU) and ran it down to the battery box where I monunted the new charger. I wanted to keep it as OEM as possible and keep it on the existing power switch. Nice neat job and the lights don't flash when the pump runs now! New battery next month. Thanks for all your suggestions. Sam
  5. SamP


    Well I've got the Amperor unti here ready to fit tonight. Had another play around with it today. With the battery disconnected it shows 14v on the readout, as soon as you switch on a single light it drops straight down to 8v and the light is very dim. So I'm convinced the PSU is shot. The battery's not been left to go flat, the PSU does charge it up when left with no load overnight, thought I suspect it's not holding charge for as long as it should so the battery will be replaced next month when I have a bit more cash. I'd rather do it this way round so that I'm not putting a new battery onto a knackered PSU as we are out in the van this weekend.
  6. SamP


    Battery is a 110 amp and is coming up to 5 years old, so I know the battery is a possibility. But in my mind the symptoms point to the PSU, though I suspect I will end up having to replace both PSU and battery! I can see from the readout on the control panel that the PSU is supplying voltage to the battery as when you switch the mains off the voltage drops right down. Will bring the van home on Wednesday and hopefully get sorted, just wanted to see a couple of people thinking along the same lines as me. Thanks Sam Yes I always used to be able to run the 12v system perfectly without a battery, but not any more!
  7. SamP


    Hi I suspect the PSU is failing in my van. My battery is never getting fully charged and after a couple of hours of using lights etc they are going dim and the pump struggles. Battery readout is down to about 9 volts. The reason I believe it is the PSU is because it should also be able to act as a transformer to power the vans 12v system without a battery connected. If I do this the read out on the display is lower still and the 12v system becomes next to useless. The next morning the battery level will be up to around 12v and will be fine again until we put a heavier load on the battery in the evening. Do you think my logic seems reasonable? I was thinking of buying a cheap trickle charger to put on the battery a few days before we next use the van and then taking it with us and leaving it on whilst away, and if this resolves the issue I'll replace the PSU with one of these https://www. amazon. co. uk/Amperor-Leisure-Battery-MV3-180/dp/B001CVUXKI Thanks Sam
  8. I installed a towel rail in my van, it dries the towels perfectly but did nothing to heat up the washroom. So I've also installed a Dimplex FW600 which is as the model number suggests a 600W convector heater with thermostat. I only have to have it on a very low setting and the washroom gets incredibly warm. http://www. dimplex. co. uk/products/domestic_heating/miscellaneous_heating/frost_watcher/index. htm
  9. Yep it's a cracking engine allright. Goes like stink in my XC60. Just wish I went for AWD as it does struggle to get the power down in the wet! Tows a 1500kg van very nicely too, never felt lacking power and flies up hills.
  10. Beautiful car, I think an AWD V90 could well be the replacement for my XC60 in two years time.
  11. A modern Turbo Diesel will always pull better than a naturally aspirated petrol of the same size due to having far more torque down in the lower rev range. The newer turbo petrol engines however are a different story.
  12. Hi Can I ask what the reason is for having to find the signal with the old LNB and then having to switch to the Sky Q LNB? I'm about to upgrade to Sky Q at home so just want to get everything covered for using in the van. Thanks Sam
  13. SamP

    Volvo Xc60.

    Love mine, by far the best car I have ever had. Tows the caravan a dream and is a very comfy and powerful solo drive and returns pretty good MPG both towing and solo. I wish I could have stretched the budget to the AWD as the front wheel drive does struggle to get the power down if you are heavy footed (pweticuarly in the wet). Only negative is that I'm surprised after 11500 miles and 10 months ownership just how much the front tyres have worn.
  14. Can't help but think they have made a huge mistake there, the L shaped front is sure to limit the appeal of the range
  15. Hmm not so sure about that. My car is insured in my name, but it does not belong to me, it belongs to the lease company.
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