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  1. Just noticed this topic. Have had a section of awning rail attached to my house rear wall for 4 years now for emergency drying. Only used once and a significant problem in feeding the awning into the rail. My rail is simply a horizontal section so to feed in need to lift the awning up, and perhaps do it on a step or conventional ladder - very difficult with a large heavy awning and almost impossible with my Kampa 390 air awning so such drying process abandoned and I will soon take down the rail. Solution now is to take down awning early if rain is a possibility. Otherwise just blow up and lean against house - an advantage of inflatable awnings. Brian
  2. Noticed this topic a bit late. My Kampa Rally Pro 390 is now three full seasons old, used perhaps for 15 separate weeks and no leaks at all, despite some dreadful weather such as the Welsh gales in 12/14th September recently, also with 60mph winds. Occasional slight roof ponding depending upon the exact erection alignment (various a little each erection) and occasional condensation in last summer - all to be expected. Are we lucky? Haven't even thought about re-proofing. Inflation by hand originally but now getting used to using Kampa's newish 2 speed electric pump which works well once one gets used to its a second or two thinking time after each button press. Usually go to about 8. 0 psi. This year replaced the poor, bending, breaking springs type original caravan side poles with the larger diameter aluminium expanding/locking poles (like large expending hiking poles) - these are excellent, allow the bumper pads to be properly sealed against the van and well worth the money. Cant be bothered now to erect the false ceiling - it reduces the natural light. Have no idea or evidence as to whether it minimises condensation. Wish it wasn't so heavy, (mine being all in one piece) as it's not the easiest to slide into the awning rail and erect with just one person. Certainly the wife could not do this on her own. Nothing is perfect though!
  3. I have a November 2014 Lexon 640 Autumn show special from Robinsons - no problems and certainly not with the much moaned at floor and windows. We have to accept that caravans are not made as well as cars (largely robot built), and imperfect quality control shows in things like ill-fitting cupboard doors, screws that work loose and plastic bits that fall off etc but a bit of self maintenance solves these. If they were perfect, they would probably cost a lot more. Design issues such as the Dometic toilet system that had no release valve/pipe to empty the flush tank without pumping it out of the actual toilet seem to occur with annual upgrades. Wonderful LED lighting but switches placed in strange places. These things happen to all manufacturers. When I looked at the 2014 similar Bailey, the bed box had internal strutting that prevented folding chairs fitting in it - crazy! A step forward with new models often brings a step back in some other detail. None are perfect. Lunar 640 - Yes, my third season of bliss so far!
  4. Dave, can you/anyone please advise of the source for your plastic stop. My standard Kampa metal one has gone rusty and needs to be replaced with something longer lasting.
  5. My Lexon 640 Ultima, new November 2015 has a EC175 system and EC 360 above the door. The van has an alarm (always on), no tracker and 40w solar panel. Everything seemingly works well, battery keeps fully charged and so the mover will pull the van out of storage after several months - I'm not a winter caravaner. The battery is 110AH but is over 7 years old so I am not expecting it to continue for many more!
  6. There is lengthy discussion on this issue elsewhere in the forum. There is current drain for the Sargent systems unless the system is turned off completely - the upper left hand side black button on the fuse box. With that off, only the caravan alarm circuits should be active and that will cause a small drain on the leisure battery. Almost any solar panel will more than offset that - my 40w panel certainly keeps the battery charged satisfactorily through the winter months of storage. As previously reported, when the van was supplied new in November 2014, the battery slowly went down as I had forgotten the hand over info about shutting down the system. Also the solar panel had a poorly installed connector. Once the solar panel was properly connected and Sargent system shut down, the battery was soon charged and has stayed that way without any problem. 2014, Lunar Lexon 640 supplied by Robinsons. Sargent's technical advice is first class - talk direct to them for problem solving.
  7. I have now fitted the Tyre Pal signal booster - wired in to alarm circuit along with my rear view camera with simple on/off isolating toggle switch. So can be switched on for towing purposes as alarm has an always on output not affected by habitation relay. The booster unit is very small and fitted on the shelf under the main front window. System now works well with TB99 placed on car dashboard within drivers vision - data received within a 100m of starting towing and no drop outs in the small number of miles driven this week - my annual service before winterising. TyrePal don't seem to have any instruction/installation manual for this product. When the booster is on, it has a small red LED/neon indicated light. I have requested info on the normal current drain while operating - doubtless in mA. At least TyrePal are now responding to my emails very quickly so nearly there!!
  8. I continue to have troubles with TyrePal - probably their after sales service team rather than the product. Having decided to try and get the system working rather that get a refund, and despite conflicting advice from them, I have now purchased the signal booster which I am told should solve all the problems. It has arrived with no instructions whatsoever, and so I don't know whether it needs a permanent 12v supply from the caravan (and will wake up when moving like the sensors) or a switched supply to switch on/off only when in use. The TI99 range clearly is marginal for large caravan/car combinations but their advertising doesn't reflect that - perhaps the only way to solve that is a formal advertising standards complaint - that might also wake up their customer relations staff. I certainly would not recommend TyrePal until they improve customer relations. Good idea products still need good humans to back up sales.
  9. This was TyrePal's first response (from a Richard) - I believe the issue is to do with the sensors simply being out of range of the monitor. The range on the sensors is approximately 7 metres, and this can be diminished if there is a significant amount of material acting as a shield between the monitor and the sensors. Also, as the TB99 is not specifically designed to be used on a towed vehicle it does not have the supplemental aerial that the TC215B unit has, which does diminish the effective range - although having said that it is highly likely that the configuration that you have would be probably at the limit of the range of the TC215 also. The best solution to resolve this issue would be to fit a signal repeater to the vehicle - this would give a significant boost to the signal strength and would resolve the issue. These are available from us at the following webpage: I haven't had a response from my second mail
  10. Just bought a system for my Skoda Superb/Lunar Lexon twin axle set up - only works with receiver on back seat, not within drivers vision. TyrePal official response to me is that their range is usually 7m max and even TC215 unlikely to work without an additional signal booster. Looks like mine is going back for a refund. Misleading advertising or inadequate information on the product.
  11. I recently bought a TyrePal unit for my twin axle Lunar Lexon 640/Skoda Superb combination. Installed easily but once driving the next day failed to give the pressures unless the receiving unit was on the back seat, out of drivers vision. TyrePal have formally responded by saying the usual max range of the sensors is 7m so the system is unlikely to work without a signal booster. I think this is misleading advertising so regretfully am seeking a refund and returning the kit. Pity as it would have been a great safety aid. Brian
  12. I had this problem with my 2015 Lexon Ultima, delivered in November 2015. The Sargent power supply unit (in one of the front bed boxes) takes a little power ( a significant amount) unless it is completely switched off. On most units, there is a push switch on the front top left side. It's detailed in the Lunar manual and you can find information on the Sargent web site. It was explained to me at the dealership on hand over but I forgot about it and then had a flat battery! Try switching on the control panel over the caravan entrance door - if this comes on, then the power unit under the bed box has not been fully shut off. If the power supply unit is shut off, nothing should work except for the alarm and/or tracker. These will take some power but less than the un-shut down supply unit. I have a 40watt solar panel which keeps the battery topped up, but even this would struggle if the power unit was not switched off. I have found staff at Sargent have always been helpful and provided a good service, far better than the dealer!
  13. Comfortable, twin fixed bed layout so no partner disturbance at night! huge rear washroom, giant fridge/freezer, flexible all Led lighting, high level cupboard storage capacity, wardrobe capacity, kitchen sink/drainer combination, towing stability, looks,front shelf big enough for TV and not disturbed by chest top table operation; ideal for couple touring use.
  14. Comfortable, twin fixed bed layout so no partner disturbance at night! huge rear washroom, giant fridge/freezer, flexible all Led lighting, high level cupboard storage capacity, wardrobe capacity, kitchen sink/drainer combination, towing stability, looks,front shelf big enough for TV and not disturbed by chest top table operation; ideal for couple touring use. Click here to view the caravan review
  15. Yes the ratio when loaded is 100% but never had any problem, nor with last caravan (large Bailey twin axle) as well. Never had a snake, though a Sprite Major in the 1970's could be lively at speed downhill. Twin axles are inherently much more stable and also less sensitive with nose weights. I usually tow at about 56 to 58mph, largely fixed on cruise control and never exceed 60mph.
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