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  1. nigel207

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    Malc, I couldn’t agree more! Superb all-round vehicles, and especially when it comes to towing. I bought ours on the back of being a judge at an annual tow car event. There are others that have equally as good points (some are better at some things), but NONE has come close to ticking every box! And there lies a problem. What will ours be replaced with? So, it’s so sad that JLR and the stealers let themselves down so badly. Perhaps the answer is to adopt the Continental style garages. Offer good service, but in perfectly functional premises, not the gin palaces that we have here in the UK. At the end of the day, that has to be paid for, and guess who foots the bill? It’s a good job (or maybe not) that the 3. 0 litre diesel isn’t available in the USA, otherwise JLR would be taken to the cleaners. They certainly need a good kick up the backside, and the only way to do it is hit them in their profits.
  2. It certainly seems to be an issue with those windows, and as you’ve found, they’re like rocking horse manure on the used market. I tried to source some for ages too without success. As for the cost, I was VERY lucky because I was doing the repair as an article in the magazine, in return for the publicity, they did the job at a VERY advantageous rate. The windows can be re-laminated providing no other attempts (other adhesives) have been made. I’m sorry I can’t help re the price, but whilst not cheap, they’re certainly much more cost effective than OEM (if you can ever get one), and the quality is superb. Can I suggest that you drop them an email or give them a call?
  3. nigel207

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    I was lucky enough to drive both regularly too as Traffic cars. In the case of the Senator it was the 24valve version (which followed a succession of Ford Granadas). I have to say that whilst the Senator wasn’t as quick as the T5, I MUCH preferred it on a day to day basis. It was for more predicatable and at times fun (you could deliberately do things with it that I won’t disclose on here! LOL) than the T5, the early ones of which suffered awfully from torque steer. They were also much quieter too, with a silky-smooth straight six as opposed to the really “thrummy” 5-cylinder of the Volvo. We came to the Senators very late (J - M reg), but early to the 850 T5’s. Halcion days!!
  4. nigel207

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    Arrogant attitude, poor quality, appalling dealers, and they wonder why they’re struggling? We have a 2016 Discovery which replaced a 2010 similar model, and the quality of the newer model is very poor when compared with the older one. But, JLR’s attitude to issues leaves much to be desired. For instance, the reversing camera image quality is akin to an ancient VHS video with a faulty tape (the old car’s was crystal clear). JLR’s opinion is “it’s working as intended so isn’t faulty”. That’s just one example. As for their dealers, good ones are VERY few and far between. Perhaps they’ve had it much too easy over the years. There is a serious flaw with the 3. 0-litre Diesel engine in that the big-end shells can rotate (as they didn’t have locking keys) and cause oil starvation to the crankshaft, and that has resulted in a good number of crankshafts snapping. LR apparently might treat a case on an individual basis, but seemingly only if it has full LR service history if outside the pathetic (all European marques are the same though!) three year warranty period. It also seems that JLR’s Extended Warranty specifically exclude this issue as it is “a known fault”. Within the last couple of weeks or so, they have issued recall notices in South Korea and China, but not in the UK. I hope that I’m not tempting fate, but I have asked them why the UK isn’t part of the recall. Surprise, surprise, I’ve not had a response! We have had JLR products in the family since the mid-1950’s, and indeed my wife and I have owned several, including three Discoverys in a row. BUT, unless there is a serious attitude change, this will be our last! JLR, if you survive, you need to look after your core market, not panda to the whim of fashion, but most of all treat your customers as if they are valued! Remember, you are not doing customers a favour by allowing them to buy your products, they are doing you the favour (and supporting your business) by putting hard earned money in your direction.
  5. We had exactly the same problem with a 1999 GTS215 which I’ve used as a project caravan for a number of articles in a magazine. The centre window was cracked, and the n/s had delaminated. In the end, I had a new one made for the centre and the n/s one was repaired by this company - www. eeco-ltd. co. uk They did a fantastic job!
  6. nigel207

    How do you measure caravan length

    It’s the longest length that counts (excluding the A-frame), so in your case from the rear of the van to the maximum part of the “bulge”, which you say exceeds 7m. That being the case, you will need a vehicle with a plated weight EXCEEDING 3,500kg to tow it.
  7. nigel207

    New Caravans breakaway cable

    To answer the original question, all 2019 caravans will have the carabiner type clip. NCC approval.
  8. nigel207

    Travel Cover

    Yes, I have tested various towing covers, and the one that’s coming with your caravan (Specialised Covers’ Tow Pro Elite) is in my opinion the Rolls Royce of covers. They are superb quality! We have one coming with our VIP too. We have used the covers every time that we’ve been out in the caravan since taking delivery of three different ones, and I am certainly converted. It’s not just the dirt that it prevents getting plastered all over the caravan, but in summer, we arrived in the South of France without all manner of road-kill on the caravan (it was on the cover, but just wiped off), and also with the state of the roads, damage caused by flying stones is also prevented. I wouldn’t be without one now. The beauty of the Tow Pro Elite is that you can access the gas locker(s) or drop the top half for an overnight stopover without removing the cover. Once you get used to it, they’re fitted in no time too! I don’t leave it on the caravan when it’s stored.
  9. nigel207

    Pastiche/VIP 545 bed

    Thank you R&B. As you say, there’s always a compromise. I recently took a Bailey Phoenix 640 (same layout, apart from having a single central door into the bed area rather than the two of the Coachman) away for “work”, and the only real gripe that I had with that was that the door from the living area opened into the washroom, meaning that you had to step into the bedroom to be able to close it, and the light switch ended up being behind the door. I have spoken to an owner of one, and he had exactly the same complaint. We’ve been to have a look at a demonstrator VIP545 today, and even though it’s been very dull and miserable, we’re sure that we’ve made the right decision. I’m slightly taller than you, but stil feel that the bed will be fine. Time will tell. We’ve just got to wait until February! Thanks again.
  10. nigel207

    Arctic circle ?

    If you Google search “Bailey arctic Adventure” there are several vlogs/videos. Practical Caravan and Practical Motorhome gave it a little coverage too, but the vlogs give you a good idea.
  11. nigel207

    Arctic circle ?

    I had the great privilege of taking part in Bailey’s “Arctic Adventure” last year. We took two caravans and two motorhomes. As it was March, we were still very much in the grip of winter (part of the trip was to drive across the frozen sea, and also to test vehicles at “Testworld” near Ivalo in northern Finland. It terms of vehicle preparation, all were fitted with winter tyres (UK spec, not studded), including the caravans. The caravans and motorhomes had Gaslow refillable systems as Calor of course isn’t available over there. However, we used very little in the caravan as the mains hook-ups were adequate enough to keep the heating working. One of the motorhomes was fitted with Alde heating, and they got through the gas at a rapid rate of knots. However, I’m not sure how they were running the heating (obviously using gas), and whether they were using the hook-up. Other than that, the caravans were fitted with on-board water tanks, and the waste pipes had extra lagging. However, the latter wasn’t that successful as it was where the water came out of the pipe that was the problem and did freeze. Since then, a tip that I’ve had from Alde is to cut the ends of any pipe to 45 degrees (as they do with any of their overflow pipes). For some reason it works! On the outward journey, we went the long way round - France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. However, returning, we did the reverse of your proposal, leaving Finland and travelling the length of Sweden, and crossing the bridge to Denmark and then the ferry back to Germany. Travelling through Sweden was very easy with excellent roads, and there was some fantastic scenery. We also stayed at some lovely sites (despite the choice being very limited at that time of the year). Go for it! Oh, and we got certificates and are members of the “Order of Blue Nose Caravanners”.
  12. nigel207

    VIP 520 - 2019

    I suppose that’s one of the potential draw backs on Dealer Specials, their production runs will be even more limited than “off the shelf” models. I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait though.
  13. nigel207

    VIP 520 - 2019

    Crikey, that’s great news for you. We placed an order too at the NEC for a VIP 545, but have to wait until February for delivery.
  14. nigel207

    Pastiche/VIP 545 bed

    Are there any Pastiche/VIP 545 owners out there who can give a verdict on the fixed bed in terms of length and therefore sleeping comfort please? We have placed an order for a 2019 VIP (won’t be with us until February unfortunately), and although I laid on the bed in the display model at the NEC there’s nothing like owners’ experiences. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi Devongirlie, I’m sure that I have a copy of this laying around upstairs. Can you send me a PM? You’re more than welcome to have it for the cost of the postage. Nigel.