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  1. My wife is involved with the vaccinations (nurse), but they’d need a miracle to happen around here as there simply aren’t enough staff to work as it is, let alone 24/7. She’s regularly getting messages asking is she’s free to go to XXXX Centre to help out. And, they’ve been told that they might have the vaccination themselves “if there are any left at the end of the session”!
  2. But the C&CC didn’t do anything “virtually” for 2020. The Tow Car Awards event was cancelled, so based upon past testing where vehicles were actually tested, they produced a “Used Tow Car Awards” article jointly with What Car? The dates have been set for the 2021 event, but whether it takes place is anybody’s guess. I too found the CMC Tow Car of the Year awards absolutely bonkers. I have far more respect for the C&CC cancelling the event and not pretending. There are some cars that on paper look fantastic, but when tested are dire, and vice versa. You can’t do it virtually
  3. Returning Class and Overall Winners are included in the Tow Car Awards, so the same might apply to the Tow Car of the Year? And as for selecting the cars, the manufacturers are asked to submit them, sometimes with a bit of guidance. For example, a few years ago, BMW were asked for a 320d (before the “d” was a dirty word), but they chose it send a 335d! Fantastic car, and a great tow car for the weight class, but not one that most people could afford (me included!).
  4. I cannot comment on the lunches etc., but I do have a bit of “inside” info on these events, and you’re quite right, Ford are hopeless at PR. I know that certain models have been requested from Ford for the What Car?/C&CC/Practical Caravan “Tow Car Awards” (not the TCOY!), and rarely any of them arrive. They’ve even sent vehicles without tow bars before. The XC90 wouldn’t have been mentioned because only NEW or “extensively updated” vehicles take part, and to my knowledge that doesn’t apply to the XC90 this year.
  5. Don't believe everything you hear/read! I did, and I married one (still the present Mrs Nigel207 I'm pleased to say!), but..............
  6. What is the kerbside mass of the Terraco? Providing it’s over the 1950Kg of the Lusso it “should” be ok (and will certainly be legal as it’s under the towing limit of the car). However, if it’s under the 1950kg I wouldn’t personally tow with it as the Lusso is one hell of a sail in gusty/windy weather and the Terraco is not exactly a large vehicle. The 85% guideline is just that, not a rule. I’m sure you’re aware that the heavier the towing vehicle and the lighter the caravan, the better, but in the real world compromises have to be made. I seem to recall the Terraco i
  7. These people can repair dimpled sides, I’ve witnessed it first hand - https://www.panelworks.co.uk/
  8. No doubt, but I’d already bought the “usual” Floe unit a few years before so it wasn’t all due to the Induratec (in fact I was speaking to the inventor Jason Paul about the Floe when he very kindly offered to send me an Induratec), so my NARPO pension is dipped into every now and again.
  9. Personally, I am a believer in the Floe units (and was given one of their Enduratec 636 all-in-one kits by the company to review/test a few years ago). I once had a pipe come off the back of the shower unit, and the only likely cause could have been that a bit of water froze and forced the join apart. Thankfully I could get to it fairly easily and it didn’t cause any damage as I spotted the leak immediately. However, I note in our Coachman handbook that the water system must be fully drained and any resulting damage from frost will not be covered under warranty. Could be expensive?
  10. And a fantastic bit of kit it is too! Speaking from experience.
  11. The problem is that each manufacturer has its own idea of what MRO is. It’s time there was standardisation.
  12. It’s really sad news. We’ve used that crossing for years and make the ferry part of the holiday. It was always a great start and end. I detest arriving back at either Dover or Portsmouth and the rat-race of the south-east. No, on the face of it, it wasn’t cheap, but when you consider the saved fuel, overnight stops and meals (as you could pre-pay for the meals on-board) it wasn’t that expensive, and certainly a heck of a lot better value than Brittany Ferries longer overnight crossings. And then there’s what money can’t buy, the lovely relaxed feeling and relative sanity of Hull w
  13. I fitted one to our son’s “ageing” Abbey a couple of years ago a project for a publication. It works well, although it’s only wired for reversing. However, I’d be reluctant to fit one onto a caravan under warranty which would mean drilling holes in the bodywork. Any excuse and all that..........
  14. The 40K Lusso isn’t being launched until October. All of the others were shown to dealers last week. They will start being delivered to dealers in September.
  15. Where do I start? For example, the caravan went in for its first annual service and a few warranty bits at the beginning of March. Before I’m reminded of it, I know it’s been a VERY difficult and strange year, and at no time have I put pressure on the dealership. They were aware of the issues (and please bear in mind that the caravan went back to Coachman in August 2019 for a long list - warped doors, two faulty windows, noisy consumer unit fan, bubbling decal, etc., etc., etc.) at the end of January, and Coachman say they sent the parts needed (sunroof blind, washroom door, wallboard tape) at
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