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  1. And a fantastic bit of kit it is too! Speaking from experience.
  2. The problem is that each manufacturer has its own idea of what MRO is. It’s time there was standardisation.
  3. It’s really sad news. We’ve used that crossing for years and make the ferry part of the holiday. It was always a great start and end. I detest arriving back at either Dover or Portsmouth and the rat-race of the south-east. No, on the face of it, it wasn’t cheap, but when you consider the saved fuel, overnight stops and meals (as you could pre-pay for the meals on-board) it wasn’t that expensive, and certainly a heck of a lot better value than Brittany Ferries longer overnight crossings. And then there’s what money can’t buy, the lovely relaxed feeling and relative sanity of Hull w
  4. I fitted one to our son’s “ageing” Abbey a couple of years ago a project for a publication. It works well, although it’s only wired for reversing. However, I’d be reluctant to fit one onto a caravan under warranty which would mean drilling holes in the bodywork. Any excuse and all that..........
  5. The 40K Lusso isn’t being launched until October. All of the others were shown to dealers last week. They will start being delivered to dealers in September.
  6. Where do I start? For example, the caravan went in for its first annual service and a few warranty bits at the beginning of March. Before I’m reminded of it, I know it’s been a VERY difficult and strange year, and at no time have I put pressure on the dealership. They were aware of the issues (and please bear in mind that the caravan went back to Coachman in August 2019 for a long list - warped doors, two faulty windows, noisy consumer unit fan, bubbling decal, etc., etc., etc.) at the end of January, and Coachman say they sent the parts needed (sunroof blind, washroom door, wallboard tape) at
  7. In the case of sub-standard caravans, yes, with an ongoing battle with a hopeless dealership over our 2019 Coachman. We should get what we pay for - no more, no less. But..........
  8. The down side of the popularity is that A) it will be harder to book a “last minute” pitch anywhere (not that we tend to go when it’s the busiest time anyway), and possibly worse still, B) the garbage that manufacturers have been producing will only get worse as there are too many ready and willing to pay high prices for second rate new caravans, so potentially standards will slip even further.
  9. I use them on our 2016 D4 which has the later curved mirror housings, and yes, the casing does vary in width, so the little bit on the mirror pads doesn’t sit in all the gaps. But, they attach very securely in my experience, and I’ve not had one slip or drop off (yet!) despite using them for thousands of miles. If I put on the original pads, they just won’t grip (even with the later type clamps that have the rubber insert). If you do have the earlier type of clamps that are just very thin plastic wedges, try putting a bit of inner tube between that and the mirror housing. They grip
  10. You can actually get some LR specific pads (Product Code 4466) from Milenco (or their stockists). I have some for our D4 (2016) and have never had an issue with them coming loose. With the standard pads, they could tend to slip (or drop off as you found). But once again, Grand Aeros get my vote.
  11. You need to measure the noseweight with the caravan level, and the hitch at the same height from the ground as it would be if hitched to the car. So, if you can SAFELY put blocks under the noseweight balance/scales........ And yes, get your wheels balanced. Manufacturers don’t ever seem to do this. If you’ve ever driven a car with unbalanced wheels, you’ll know the effect. Just imagine what a battering the caravan is taking without them balanced.
  12. Yes. I know the owner and he couldn’t believe how things have gone.
  13. No, Wellhouse Leisure, a manufacturer. A couple of weeks ago they had their best ever sales in one day apparently.
  14. First of all, a warm welcome! It depends what you want? You say 4-berth, but is that for four of you, or one that’s marketed as a 4-berth but is really a posh 2-berth with a fixed bed? Have you seen anything that you like? Do you already have a car? If so, what is it? I’m sure everyone on here will want to help you, but we could do with somewhere to start, as your question is a bit like asking where in the world you should go on holiday (not with a car or caravan).
  15. As you say, about Broad Lane, if/when they sell their current premises to Aldi, it’s not likely to be for a while, and more importantly, they are not selling up to end their dealership, they have said that they will relocate (hence the possible delay in moving out so that Aldi can move in). So, any warranty work and dealership backup will still be in place. They are a very well respected and established dealership. They will not be closing! I hope that allays your fears?
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