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  1. I have driven (and towed with a few) Kodiaqs, and on the whole they’re pretty good. The last one was the bonkers 240PS VRs version with the electronically produced V8 sound! The 190PS is probably the best option to be honest in terms of performance/economy etc. However, for such a large vehicle, they do have light noseweights (75-90kg depending on spec ISTR). If you can keep your caravan down to that, you’ll have a good tow car.
  2. 75 mph in a Transit on a dual-carriageway? 15 mph over the speed limit for that class of vehicle then so well outside the 10%. In my days on Traffic, vans were “bread and butter” if you were struggling for something as very few drivers realise what their speed limits are/were.
  3. At least the new Defender in both LWB and SWB guises do exist, even if they are with “zebra” stripes on. I have seen them both on the road and test tracks with my own eyes, and yes, I had been for my eyes to be tested just before seeing them! LOL
  4. I’m sure that I’m not teaching you to suck eggs (certainly not my intention), but the Alko premium jockey wheel’s noseweight readings are calculated and not just a simple read from the scale on the jockey wheel. When we had our Lunar, the calculated figure was 118, not the 100kg permitted by the hitch.
  5. Your Revo looks very similar to our Fiamma Caravanstore. Whilst we haven’t owned a Bailey, the awning rail and fittings will be very similar to the Abbey and three Lunar caravans that we’ve used the Fiamma with, and have travelled thousands of miles with it in situ whilst towing.
  6. You will find that the claims have already gone through Coachman, and not directly to Dometic or BCA. We have had an issue with the habitation door - another Dometic product (leaking through the door lock and the decorative panel coming off at the bottom). Within a day Coachman were onto it and the new door is being collected by the dealer today (as someone happens to be in Hull) so should be fitted very soon. It’s less than a week since I notified them. So far, both the dealer (Yorkshire Caravans) and Coachman have given first class service. Long may it continue!
  7. Thanks all, we’ll keep looking then.
  8. We’ve been trying to find a bowl that will fit into the kitchen sink on our 2019 VIP, but most seem to be too high meaning that the glass cover will not close. Could anyone point us in the right direction please? We’ve visited dealers etc................
  9. With the shelf pack, you get three shelves. These can be fitted anywhere you like as they’re oversize to slot into any cupboard as they are. We’ve ended up with a spare one, having had two fitted into overhead lockers in the bedroom area (VIP545). We have a Truma XT mover on the caravan and the control unit is under the front offside bunk. I believe the Laser comes with the Alde Flow pre-heater (excellent bit of kit which we had on our previous Lunar, and something that Coachman don’t say much about, like being the first European manufacturer to use Alde’s 16mm pipework as opposed to the 22mm stuff, which reduces weight and warms up much quicker), but there should still be room for the mover control unit. Ours also came with the Truma iNet unit, which Coachman fit under that bunk. Having had the mover fitted at Truma, they were surprised that the iNet was down there as they recommend it being fitted as high up as possible. I suppose it’s VERY easy for the factory to fit them down there. Finally, the front lockers aren’t that big. We put the Aquarolls and Wastemaster in the car in “Bags for Everything” covers. If there isn’t room in your car, perhaps you could put them in the caravan. When we take bikes with us, they go in the car and the containers in the caravan. They’ve never moved or caused any damage (and that includes trips down to the Med).
  10. I did well then, as it worked. In fact when we tried the radio this morning it received AM just as well as FM (not saying much as it is I know, but.......). I’ll see what they come back with when they bring the antenna back.
  11. Vision Plus. I have had the same 570 antenna on a previous caravan (Lunar), and that worked perfectly on AM/FM and DAB using Vision Plus’ diplexer.
  12. It seems that there have been a few enquiries to Vision Plus from Coachman owners about poor radio reception. I am currently working with them to see if we can find the root cause of the problem as it doesn’t seem to affect other marques. They’ve taken our antenna away to test, just to see if there’s an issue with that.
  13. The radio fitted is FM and AM (no DAB), and being caravan world, I suspect VERY cheap and nasty. However, the one that I tried is decent quality and worked fine in the previous caravan (parked in exactly the same place as this one - the caravan that is). It was my intention to put in the latter radio as it has DAB (I have the diplexer to split the signal). I’ll try the TV and see what happens. In the meantime I have been in touch with a contact at Vision Plus who doesn’t sound impressed with Coachman’s messy wiring!
  14. We took delivery of a new VIP545 last Friday, and of course we were all smiles at the time. However, today we’ve been putting stuff in from the old caravan and I thought I’d try the radio. Even with the Status antenna raised and the amplifier on, it would pick up three local stations and nothing else. I haven’t tried a TV in there yet, but on our old caravan (which had the same antenna fitted) the radio picked up lots of channels (including DAB stations). I removed the radio to check that everything was connected properly, which it was. The wiring around the antenna is a real mess, and the amplifier looks like it’s either on or off. Our old one had a signal strength indicator, this one just has a blue LED. I thought Coachman were supposed to be a decent make, but if they’re not capable of getting a radio to work, I don’t hold out much hope of there not being many other faults. Has anyone else had the same issue?
  15. I drove one shortly after their launch last year, towing a Bailey Phoenix 640 for several hundred miles in France (it’s on the front cover of the latest Practical Caravan magazine). From memory the gearbox wasn’t great at lower speeds/setting off in my opinion, but once cruising it was fine.
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