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  1. We had a second generation Sorento at the Tow Car Awards when they first came out (2010?) which didn’t have self-levelling suspension. I have to agree with you I’m afraid, stability was awful. Having driven (and towed with) one with SLS, it was a totally different beast. If you like the Sorento in all other respects, then go for one with SLS if you can. But, if you fancy something different......... Only you can decide that. The dealer is quite right, you can’t swap/upgrade the non-SLS for SLS.
  2. No, no key. (2019 VIP 545)
  3. In a previous caravan I fitted Dometic’s own fridge fan kit, but it made very little difference in the South of France. When we bought our current caravan (2019 Coachman VIP 545) I fitted CBE’s twin fan kit which has an auto setting, fully on, or fully off. It’s very easy to fit and the fans sit behind the upper grill to draw the warm air out. We too were in the 40C+ temperatures in the Med last June, and the things in the freezer remained frozen (a first!). I measured the temperature in the freezer on one of the hottest days, and the highest temperature recorded was -7C. Normally it’s cooler than this, but with such a high outside temperature I was pleased with that. The kit was c.£50, so not cheap, but it works.
  4. Under 5'11" but perhaps not enough under! LOL Ref you comment to Mr.Plodd, I agree that you don't sleep straight out (or at least I don't), but with the wall at the bottom of the bed in our caravan, I am aware of touching it at times. I have removed a vent board at the bedhead which has given an extra inch, and am looking (speaking with the Service manager of a good dealership) to modify things. Stupidly, Coachman put a boxed-in section at the bed-head end, which doesn't seem to serve any purpose but to shorten the bed. For 2020, they've lowered this so that the bed goes over the top of it. So, all isn't lost yet! I agree re the bailey beds. I spent a week in a Phoenix 640 (end-island bed) and it was sooooo comfortable. BUT, for us, there were other issues (same in the Unicorn Cabrera) which didn't suit us personally - but it was a purely personal thing, not something that I would criticise.
  5. Because you don't have bedding or pillows when you try them at shows/dealers, you can only imagine what it would be like with them (and we obviously mis-judged).
  6. But be careful even doing that. We tried the beds in several 2019 Coachman VIP 545’s at shows and dealers to check that it would suit us and they seemed fine. However, in practice we found out too late that it’s too short. We’re stuck now as we can’t afford to change, but at the same time have no desire to use the caravan because of that. So, make sure its plenty big enough, and I mean plenty big enough.
  7. Thanks to all. The car does need a GOOD clean, it’s filthy and hasn’t had any proper TLC for ages. I’ve got clay bar, Autoglym glass polish etc., so I’ll start with that before looking at twisting the arms slightly. There still seems to be good pressure from the arm springs. Thanks again.
  8. Happy New Year everyone! Whilst not a tow car issue as such, we’ve got a problem on my wife’s Mini that I’m hoping that someone might be able to help me with as it’s driving me mad. It doesn’t seem to matter what windscreen wipers we fit on the car (Bosch (many variants), Valeo, genuine part Mini, etc., etc.,etc.) after only a few days they all start juddering and making a noise. As all makes seem to do it the same, perhaps it’s not the wipers per se, but some other factor? Any help would be appreciated. Nigel.
  9. I recently saw a floor plan of the February 2020 NEC show, and couldn’t see any mention of Lunar (or Lunar Autotmotive) on it. Things might change, but..........
  10. With regards to the overhead lockers, we’ve travelled many miles and (touch wood) have never had a problem with anything falling out despite some poorly maintained roads. Like others, we don’t travel with anything heavy up there (tins etc) but do have pasta, cereals etc, and all the crockery in their slots. We don’t line the shelves, nor do we put anything (towels) over stuff. Moving on to the Dometic toilet, we had one for four years in our previous Lunar, and now have one in the Coachman, and again touching copious amounts of wood.............. Their design isn’t as good as the Thetford models (opening the flap between the bowl and the cassette for instance, but thankfully............. (I’m not going to say it!!). Like anything in CaravanWorld, common sense and not being ham-fisted prevail.
  11. That’s correct. Caravan ovens are not fan assisted, they merely have fans that cut in and out to get rid of excess heat. To the OP, why don’t you push for a replacement Dometic cooker if yours isn’t working properly (if you can evidence that)? We had an issue with the Power Supply Unit making a right racket with the fan speeding up and slowing down whenever a light was switched on . Initially, Coachman’s stance was that “they’re all like that” and that they’d tested it back at the factory (caravan returned for work to be done). I made a recording of the noise when the caravan was being used and sent it to them. The unit has now been changed. P.S. My wife actually says that the Dometic oven is better than the Thetford one that was in our previous caravan. As someone else has said, the numbers on the knob don’t really relate to Gas Marks for cooking temperatures. A small oven thermometer is a good investment.
  12. You are lucky. On the whole our second Lunar was ok, but I think that a good system with Lunar was more good luck than judgment. I’m not knocking Lunar generally, as our last two gave good service and we were genuinely sorry to see them go. In some respects, the 2015 SE that we had was actually better than the Coachman VIP - lighting, access to storage in places for example. But, the heating in the Coachman is FAR quicker to heat up (similar sized caravans) and more even. With the last Lunar, heat in the lounge was good above floor level, but we did get cold draughts coming up from under the front chest.
  13. Sadly, Lunar’s efforts with Alde were not done properly. They didn’t do any cold climate chamber testing as far as I’m aware and there was much guess work. We had two Lunar’s with Alde heating and it was ok, but there were cold spots and it took ages to heat up. Other manufacturers (I know that Bailey, Coachman and Swift do) do full cold climate chamber tests (I’ve witnessed the process on a Swift), and work with Alde on the initial design and prototype caravans. We now have a Coachman which has the new 16mm pipework (something that Coachman don’t advertise, despite being the first European manufacturer to use it!), and it’s MUCH quicker to heat up than the Lunar’s with 22mm pipework were and is consistently warm throughout the caravan. Both systems are very good generally, and each has its merit or disadvantage. Originally, the blown air systems were very cost-effective as they had separate heating and water systems, but now as they’re combi-boilers, they’ve lost much of that cost USP.
  14. Or we were lucky, but odd that we were lucky with different manufacturers?
  15. Not all, I assure you. We didn’t have it on either of our two previous Lunars (2010 and 2015) at all. The 2010 model was virtually fault free in the five years we had it, the 2015 one though.......... but still not as many as the Coachman! Neither did we have it on a 2004 Abbey GTS, so perhaps it’s something that’s gone backwards in CaravanWorld?
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