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  1. I use a Shogun SG3, great towcars but can be a bit thirsty on the fuel.
  2. By updates I mean the EPG updated itself in relation to the tv guide. This only shows 7 days in advance and while we were away for 8 days it constantly updated itself to show the next seven days programs along with the previews etc. I was not referring to software updates for the operating system. When I go away I just want to be able to watch any channel in my subscription package, continue recording any thing on my series links or planner, view any of my recordings and access the tv guide to plan any thing that I want to watch or record while I am away. I was able to do all of these without connecting to the internet and just having the sky Q box connected to the dish which was on a tripod outside the caravan. In short apart from the dish being harder to initially align it works the same as my old sky HD box did with the added advantage of not requiring a magic eye any more if your box is hidden inside a cupboard like mine as the Sky Q touch remote works off bluetooth and not IR.
  3. The box was disconnected from my home wifi early in the morning and not connected again until we got home 8 days later with the epg working fine and updating throughout. It was unplugged from the mains electric for around five hours before setting it up in the caravan. My phone personal hotspot requires a password and has never been set up on the sky q box so that wasn't accessed either.
  4. That's very strange because when I was using my Sky Q box in the caravan over the New Year period the epg was working fine with the box only connected to the dish and no internet connection.
  5. Sky Q works fine without wifi connected. You only need the wifi/internet connected for downloading the on demand stuff.
  6. I had my sky Q working perfectly in the caravan over the New Year period but I had to first align the dish using my sky HD lnb and then swap it over to the Sky Q lnb. My satellite meter has its own rechargeable battery though and doesn't need the sky box connected to power the lnb and align the dish. If you don't have a powered meter you would have to use the old sky HD box and lnb to align the dish then swap them both over to the Sky Q ones once aligned.
  7. I would say it's an excellent offer then as we are paying £16395 to part ex our 2013 clipper fitted with a 2wd mover for a 2018 Clipper with the powrtouch AWD auto mover fitted. I thought my offer was good compared to what others have been offered for newer part ex vans but yours makes mine look poor :-)
  8. Is that price to change with a mover fitted?
  9. We did the factory open day today and placed an order for a new Clipper. I will be sad to see the old one go, despite the problems that we have had with it, we still love it but it was time for an update.
  10. We looked at the new Clipper at the weekend and will be placing an order most probably at the Elddis open weekend. One thing that I don't like is the lack of a TV bracket in the bedroom area where the aerial socket etc is located. To mount a bracket on the panel there means that the back of the securing bolts will intrude into the toilet/bathroom creating an eyesore even with blanking covers on them. Unless anybody has a better idea that provides enough support.
  11. Would the solar panel keep the leisure battery fully charged with the 12v master switch in the off position while in storage or does the master switch need to be left switched on for this to happen?
  12. There is a picture of the inside of the new Clipper on the Elddis Hub and the "bulge" is still firmly in place, so I would imagine that it remains in the other layouts too.
  13. I was hoping they would leave the end bathroom like on my current one The article in Practical Caravan stated that the Crusader Super Cyclone bathroom was moving to the middle but just said that the beds had changed direction on the Clipper and never mentioned the bathroom.
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