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  1. 15 minutes ago, djadria said:

    Brecon - that is because the CS is not installed standard - if someone wants an upgrade - and it’s legal and safe - what’s going the problem?


    a motorhome with a gas bottle and a caravan with a gas bottle is no difference- 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I say - ask an expert Ern, - that is the correct action 👍


    The "problem" as you put it is that caravans are not Type Approved for that kind of regulator, therefore it is not possible to change, unless YOU want to foot the bill for a new Type Approval.


    Taking your second paragraph, just because an appliance has various settings that does not mean that they are all available for every situation that the appliance is located in.



  2. What may be OK for use in a motorhome is not always OK for use in a caravan.

    In this case the type of regulator used in a motorhome which can be used whilst the van is in motion is not allowed in a touring caravan.


    Quote " PS you could get one fitted though? "

    NO, you can not.

  3. 1 hour ago, Lozzenge2 said:

    Electric set up on a qasar caravan!?..we have recently bought a lunar qasar,2018 van...can anyone tell me what,if anything,is powered by the battery? ...and,following this, can we go wild caravanning if all electrics appear to be run from the mains hook up? Is there a secret switch to move from 240v to battery? Thanks


    Now that you have provided more information it is easier to advise.

    The battery will supply the lights, water pump, toilet flush, fridge control panel and if fitted the Alde control panel.

    Depending on what is fitted it will also supply the cooker ignition and 12v sockets.


    However, the use of such items will drain a battery quite quickly. With minimal use you could get away with a weekend on battery power, unless you have a decent sized solar panel to keep the battery topped up.

    The fridge and heater would have to use gas if no electric is available.


    As for "wild caravanning",,,,,that is something that is dictated by local rules and whether or not such is allowed at all.

    There are very few places that do allow wild caravanning, apart from finding suitable sized places to do it, and you have to take into account what you will use for drainage and toilet emptying.

    Whilst it is allowed in parts of Scotland, you still have to get the landowners permission to do it.

    As far as I am aware there is no where in England or Wales that does allow it.


  4. From the CRiS website :


    CRiS registration is only a one off fee for the lifetime that you are registered as the keeper of the caravan! All the peace of mind that CRiS registration offers, for just £15.00, why wait, register now.

  5. 8 minutes ago, BOAC said:

    The owner did say that he had not paid the yearly subscription to CRiS last year and that was probably the reason for the 'Unconfirmed' entry.

    There is no subscription to CRiS,  the only time money comes into it is when a change of owner is advised to them.


    It is a bit like your car V5, and you dont pay a subscription for that each year.

  6. The usual reason for this happening is the position of the wall switch which contains the thermostat.

    It is usually mounted near the heater and is behind the item it is mounted to, like a wall.

    The space behind the mounting point takes a long time to heat up and trigger the thermostat, then takes ages to cool down again.

    The answer is to have a remote thermostat fitted which plugs into the heaters control box with the sensor piggybacked to the gas sensor at the front of the fire.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Buck5555 said:

    it does not confirm damp irrespective of what some doomsters say .....


    It is not a case of "doomsters", it is a case of having the mark investigated to ascertain IF it  is damp, or not.

    It certainly looks like damp but it may not be which is why it needs looking at and testing.


    Lunar were not called, and still are, Leaky Lunars for no reason !!

  8. First of all, Powrtouch do not have their own engineers, they use Approved Workshop engineers who , like everyone else are restricted by the current virus situation and have to fit these repairs into their work schedule. 


    Secondly, ever since the takeover by Truma the speed of things being done has become abysmal.


    For example, I have folk coming to my area on holiday for a week and their moved will not work.

    I phone Truma on Monday for the spares required but as my surname starts with T, they , in their wisdom do not send the part out to me until Friday, by which time the customer is waiting at  the boat to go home !!!!


    Under the original owners, parts were dispatched the same or next day on 24 hour delivery.




  9. BCA units are well known for failure just like yours.

    Even if you bought another BCA unit the same issue will arise.


    I have replaced a lot of these broken units with the Sargent PX300 which is a 3 stage intelligent charger and power supply  and have never had to return due to a fault. They are very good and the one that I recommend.


    The difference is that this unit is mounted outside the power distribution box and comes with the adaptors to join up with the present wiring.

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