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  1. On a 20 year old fridge there is no way of regasing them. If when you turned the fridge upside down, did you hear any liquid in the pipes? There is no need to leave it 24 hours , just a few minutes is enough. If the burner is badly corroded then replacement is the only option, along with the gas jet. What I fully expect to have happened is the pipes have rusted through and the coolant has been lost,or the pipes have rusted so badly inside that the matrix is blocked, in which case it is a new fridge. There are a lot of possible altern
  2. What van? what age? There is no "check valve" as such, just a drain and over pressure relief on the hot water outlet.
  3. The most important thing about resealing a shower , or any sanitary wear item, is to make absolutely certain that you have thoroughly cleaned the area you are intending putting sealer on. Soap residue is particularly difficult to eliminate and if any is left the sealer will not stick and do its job. Any good quality sanitary sealer should be OK as they contain anti mould additives.
  4. What power distribution system is in the van? Nordelettronica or Sargent?
  5. I can only agree with previous posts. Turn the cylinder off at the main shut off and DO NOT USE again until you get an engineer to check the system. You seem to make light of the warning "run you're about to be flashfried". Well, that just what can happen. Never take chances with LPG, it will kill you given the chance.
  6. I agree with the above post. Before spending money on things that may not work, check and clean the tap filters.
  7. No. The toilet is a one piece moulding.
  8. No it does not! As far as I know Bailey changed from the GOK regulators to Clesse a few years ago. It was only the GOK regulators that suffered with the oily residue blocking them and Truma did come up with a filter (at £70 if I remember). The GOK regulators were double diaphragm units. Clesse on the other hand are single stage regulators and have never suffered with blocking as they allow any residue through and into the pipework, where some is burnt off during use and some remains in the pipes,sometimes eventually blocking them.
  9. Screwfix.........pack of 10...£6 Sainsburys.packof 10.........£8 Just two options.
  10. Yes it is correct, but with a little clarification. All paint must be removed from the towball otherwise the paint will contaminate the hitch friction linings and make the stabiliser less effective.
  11. It is most likely the element from your description of the fault
  12. Having recently sampled Hospital food for a week (not due to the virus) I lost a stone in weight, the food was so good that even the person dishing it out could not tell me what it was!!!! I had to convince my brain not to tell my stomach to throw it back up if I ate it !!!! Just to avoid going back I will wear a mask when shopping and such like , I do not need to lose any more weight !!!
  13. Brecon


    Your post does not make much sense in as much as you say everything is working on the battery,, what is working? If all your lights apart from the front two work and the water pump and toilet flush and anything else 12v then adding mains should then allow the use of sockets and the two front lights. What are you doing when connecting up? What have you switched off, if anything?
  14. The author of the 85% guide is one of lifes great mysteries, no one knows who or when it came into existence, but was adopted by the main clubs as a sensible approach for caravanners with cars of the kind available at that time, which have since got a lot safer and have more safety features than those of 20 or 30 years ago. There have been various papers written about aspects of trailer towing from various organisations, including Bath University, but none specifically focus on the 85% guide.
  15. As has been said, the hand controller does not use rechargeable batteries.
  16. With your van I am pretty sure it has Nordelettronica power distribution system, which is notoriously bad and has caused headaches for many owners. The very best person to Talk to is Paul, or one of his team at Apuljack Engineering. He specialises in repair to better than new and will Talk you through some checks before making a suggestion, so best be in the van at the time. Here is a link to his website: http://www.apuljackengineering.co.uk/
  17. If there is no profile marking then they are 80 as that is the normal. So your tyre would read 185/80 R14 104N
  18. Not actually true in every case. Most , if not all, caravan taps come with microswitches already fitted but not necessarily used. If it has wires coming from the tap and they are connected to a power feed wire, the the microswitches do control the pump. If not connected you have a pressure switch system.
  19. It sounds like the car relay needs adjusting.
  20. I would not expect anything. It was not the sites idea to lock down, it was the Government who mandated it, but the site still needed looking after with no income from rented units, and the annual safety checks still had to be done, which all cost money as well as the business rates etc.
  21. Going right back to basics. When you connect up the pump and drop it in the aquaroll, with the yellow tap as in your photo in the closed position, as it is, and taps closed, when you activate the pump switch , the pump should run and start filling the water heater. Open a hot tap and let the water run until no more air comes out as well as water, then shut the hot tap and open a cold tap until the water runs without air. Do this in turn to each tap in the van. Then the pump should then run on for a short while to re pressurise the hot water tank, and shut off. Your v
  22. This will give you an idea of cost : https://caravanpanels.com/cps-eld-003-a-frame-cover-1753-p.asp
  23. The makers use Soudall Fixall or Sticks Like Sh*t. I use Soudall Fixall all the time, its easy to apply and very reasonable in price. I know Michelle has used the Bondrite product but that is never used in the trade.
  24. I agree that with a caravan, or any trailer that is wider than the towing vehicle, towing extension mirrors are a must. However, the OP is using a much narrower trailer which does not impede his rear vision through his wing mirrors.
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