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  1. Hobby vans do not have a battery as the power , both 230v and 12v is managed by the power distribution unit.

    Some lights are 12v but others are not.

    The best advice as it is a new van is to get the correct "Autark" pack and leisure battery fitted by an approved engineer so as to retain the warranty .

    If yo udo it yourself and make a mess of it , all the repair costs will be down to you, and if you damage the PSU they are VERY VERY expensive.

  2. 6 hours ago, Mr Plodd said:

    A caravan doesn’t get plugged into an (expensive) electronic diagnostic machine at service time, neither does it have its ECU and/or auto gearbox software regularly updated, or its emissions checked, or collected and delivered to your home address, or cleaned and vacuumed. Yet the car service is less money!!


    Ten quid for “sanitising” how much sanitiser did they use for heavens sake? 10 litres??

    You obviously have no idea what it takes to become an Approved Workshop engineer, nor how much it costs for the specialist test equipment and constant training and updating, as well as vehicle costs for mobile engineers and insurance plus many other expenses.

    Even more expensive is to become Gas Safe registered and what training and examinations one has to pass with 100% pass mark.


  3. Yes, they do, but they are controlled by the electronics which determine if the unit is working correctly as far as lighting and running is concerned.

    If when lighting the unit , initially the gas valve is overridden by a small current sending a charge to the gas valve, but if no flame is detected within certain parameters that supply is shut down and the gas valve closes.

  4. 24 minutes ago, Ern said:

    May I ask are the FFD and flue gas analysis mandatory within the NCC full service? The reason I ask is that I have not noticed my service guy doing those particular jobs. 

    The FFD test is required, but despite constant trying to drag the NCC into reality the flue gas is not.  The NCC are more concerned with electrics, despite no one ever being killed in a caravan by it.

    However, any engineer who is worth employing will do a FG analysis.



    16 minutes ago, Mr Plodd said:


    Dont be so ridiculous! You know perfectly well that I don’t :rolleyes:


    The inclusion of the cooker etc was just to make a point about the amount of unnecessary “Check this, and check that”such as interior lights,  there is on the service sheet.


    So how  often do you have your home  cooker tested by a Gas Safe engineer, every year??? Or do you just see if it “looks OK”?? 



    But you said " I don’t know about you but I “check” all of those things every single time I use the darned thing"...............................??????


    As a Gas Safe engineer I check my cooker at a minimum of every year, sometimes more often if I have any doubts .


    No check on gas is unnecessary, it can and will kill !!!!! just ask the several people who have been poisoned by Carbon Monoxide despite a "nice looking" flame !!!!

    I personally know of six , one of which required immediate evacuation to Hospital.

  5. 1 hour ago, Mr Plodd said:

    I don’t know about you but I “check” all of those things every single time I use the darned thing so I object to being expected to pay someone else to unnecessarily do it


    So you carry out a gas pressure test?, FFD test? flue gas analysis?.

    Oh no, I guess you just look at the flame and hope that "if" it looks OK, then it must be OK? and if you get hot water it must be working correctly?


    Anyway,back to the original,,,,,,,there are three kinds of service which depend on how old the van is, how it is used,,,static or touring and amount of use.

    For caravans within  warranty only the full service is acceptable and must be adhered to to preserve the warranty.

    For older vans the choice is down to what the owner wants, just a running gear service, or habitation service or full service.


    If a van is going to sit in one place and not be towed around the country then having the running gear serviced is not needed ,until it comes time to tow it somewhere.

    The habitation service covers the gas side of things, and electric and damp and function check of each item.

  6. 10 minutes ago, malagabon said:

    The other switched socket with 3 lights when they are illuminated  is marked Carver. Is that the water heater?


    Yes it is. The three lights are as follows and only refer to the gas heating mode, not the electric mode

    Green,everything working.

    Amber: Low 12v supply, unit will not work.

    Red: Burner failure.

  7. 1 minute ago, PMW said:

    To try and suggest that this situation is the OP's fault for buying a Lunar is churlish. The poster of that comment needs to take a long hard look at themselves.


    As the person who posted I would like to settle some misconceptions.

    First I did not say that the OP was at fault , I said that many people do not research what they are buying , and there is a wealth of information on all makes of vans on the internet from which one can make an informed decision as to buy or not.


    I do not need to "  take a long hard look at themselves."  I work on all makes of vans and stand by my comments, and Lunar in particular are well known for leaks, some from manufacturing defects, some from shoddy workmanship.


    The whole point of the topic is about the offer made by the finance company, and given that Lunar no longer exist as they were, it will be almost impossible to repair and the offer is fair.

  8. Your van is almost certainly using the Nordelettronica power distribution system which is very well known to be problematic (so much so it bankrupted the company).

    Your best bet is ring Apuljack Engineering and speak to Paul or one of his colleagues who are expert in dealing with these systems.

    Best to do it whilst in the van as they will Talk you through certain checks and they will pinpoint the problem.

    They will also repair to better than new any faulty parts after you send them to them and they have a very fast turnaround.



  9. If the boundary is clearly shown on the Land Registry then you have every right to insist that the neighbour does not encroach on your land.

    The problem may arise that having parked as such for a period of time they think they have the right to continue and then the trouble may start.


    You would need to insist that the Solicitor acting for you in the purchase makes it abundantly clear to the neighbour that they respect your boundary and not to park any vehicle on your land or driveway.

  10. The information on what is your exact window is the Roxite number which is on a small square  or oval sticker on the window, usually top left, or top right.

    Copy that info and use that for identification purposes.

  11. 5 minutes ago, alibabaxx said:

    Well now I know... won't get a new one again.  People new to caravanning don't know that do they.... We were lucky that we actually used finance or would have been stuffed

    The problem is that people new to buying caravans really do not know what to look for, and they buy with their heart, not their head, and never do enough research about the model they are looking at.


    It is a case of "It looks nice" so it must be good ,,,,,,,,,wrong !!!!


    If you had researched Lunar you would have found that they have a very apt name in the caravan repair world , known as Leaky Lunars, with good reason !!!!

  12. 22 minutes ago, alibabaxx said:

    I bet some dealer will buy it at auction and then repair by just filling in I'm sure to keep it cheap and then sell to unsuspecting buyer.....


    You can speculate about what "may " happen to it after it leaves you, but no dealer would touch it and risk the amount of money needed to bring it to saleable condition given the tighter Consumer Rights in force now.

    28 minutes ago, alibabaxx said:

    No.. I know but I'm sure in good condition it would get more than that

    Maybe, but your van is not in good condition, it is damaged, leaking and needs a lot of work and money to put right. 


    24 minutes ago, alibabaxx said:

    Can't believe new caravans are so badly made


    Time to wake up and smell the coffee !!!

  13. 9 hours ago, alibabaxx said:

    It's not just the rear panel needs replacing, but the wall boards and ceiling have water ingress, plus the front panel has a crack. 

    So, after the initial post it now transpires that there is even more damage to the front panel and that the insides need stripping out and replacing after fixing any leaks


    1 hour ago, alibabaxx said:

    The finance company tried to make out ours would be worth 8 - 9k - in good condition- at an auction site!

    But your van is NOT in good condition !!!!!

  14. 1 hour ago, alibabaxx said:

    The van is in great condition.. apart from the cracked roof.  There is no way it would go for scrap 


    That is a matter of conjecture.

    You said earlier that "  we found a large crack in rear of roof that was letting a large amount of water ingress in"

    so the situation is that there is most likely water damage internally that would require a lot of money to put right.


    Also, at 4 plus years old all the internal equipment such as water heater, fridge, space heater, etc etc are all out of warranty, so no real commercial value now.


    I know it is hard to take in as the owner, but from a business stance that is the way they will look at it.


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