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  1. If you mean that when you turn on the water heater, after making sure it is full of water first, and the electric MCB trips, then it indicates that the heater element has failed and will need replacing.

    It is vitally important to ensure the water heater is full of water before switching it on  whether you are using gas or electric.


    As for the fire, if your van has electronic ignition on the fire, which I assume it has as you say you changed the battery, then you will not hear a "click" as such but should hear a faint ticking noise if you have the control knob in the right position and pressed down. Presumably you replaced the battery the right way around?


    It would be worth getting the van serviced by an Approved Workshop engineer to ensure everything is working as it should and is safe to use.

  2. On 10/09/2020 at 09:43, lisa6479 said:

    good morning all,

    I've just got a bailey senator caravan 2007 model, I've just noticed that on the roof, there are two metal rails, i believe they are the jointing strips, the adhesive that runs either side has gone hard, and a lot of cracks, so i was wondering if i could remove the old adhesive, then reseal with either sikaflex or would soudal  fix all be ok, ive also got some gum waterproof tape to put over the top too,  I'm only new at this caravan thing lol

    please help me, im so confused with the web sites!!!


     I work on many caravans as that is my business.


    Bailey vans have had a long standing issue with roofstraps and the only long lasting way to deal with it is to remove the roofstraps, clean off all the old mastic from the straps and the van, clean both with White Spirit followed with a wipe over with Methylated Spirit.

    Apply a good bead of Soudall Fixall along the straps, enough that when screwed back down it will squeeze out along its length, fix with new stainless steel screws and replace the Herzim cover strip after applying a bit of sealant over the heads of the screws.

    Make sure that you ensure the ends where the panels join and overlap are well sealed .

  3. To take your concerns one at a  time:


    1. The Morco boilers will only work with mains pressure water and need a mains electrical supply.


    2. The pump has only one function, to pump the central heating fluid around the system, it has no function regarding the domestic hot water.


    3. It is the central heating circuit that is filled via the filling loop from the mains water inlet and is the way to pressurise the boiler so that it will work , the pressure being between 0.7 and 1.5Bar when cold and rising to a max of 2.5Bar when hot.

    If the pressure drops below 0.5Bar the boiler will shut down.


    4. I do not know why you mention battery power, the Static van needs mains electricity for anything to work. It also needs mains water pressure.


    I must also make you very aware that ANY work on the gas system in a static caravan MUST ONLY be done by a LPG certified Gas Safe Engineer. 

    You are NOT legally allowed to do any of it yourself.

  4. 6 minutes ago, birdman101 said:

    I have had caravans with fridges for 48 years and never known this to happen. If it is not switching off the only thing I can suggest may need regassing. Sorry cannot be of more help. 

    Thetford fridges cannot be regassed !!

  5. I am almost 100% sure that your fridge has automatic defrosting which means when it detects too much frost on the coolant plate it defrosts itself, and with your time frame of 48 hours that is about right .

  6. The majority of static vans that I work on have a very similar central heating system to a normal house.

    Most use the Morco range of combi boiler which supplies the hot domestic water and runs the radiators of the central heating and run using LPG.

    One main difference is that the central heating fluid is treated with anti freeze as well as the normal rust inhibitor.


    Many also have a Widney gas fire in the lounge for times when you dont want or need full central heating but want some heating.


  7. 1 hour ago, cdoughty said:

    The pump starts and stops quite rapidly while the hot water is running with the tap open.

    When the tap is closed it will cycle up to 6 times then stop.

    The hot water flow is about 2 litres a minute. Cold is about 6 litres a minute. 



    That is quite normal and is what I would expect to happen.

    Once you use hot water the tank has to fil and pressurise, hence the run on after closing the tap.

    It is certainly not a fault !

  8. "Patients receiving the Oxford vaccine do not need to be monitored for 15 minutes after getting the jab, the NHS has confirmed.

    This means sites will be able to deliver more doses every day, providing a major boost for the bid by ministers to inoculate 13million people by mid-February.

    The 15-minute policy was established , when the first Britons began to receive the Pfizer vaccine, in case patients suffered a dangerous allergic reaction."


    I had my Oxford jab a couple of weeks ago and was not required to wait any time after, just went home again.

  9. There are several ways of getting the old mastic off.

    First of all you need a plastic scraper something like this:  https://www.screwfix.com/p/vitrex-all-in-one-sealant-remover-profiler-kit-35mm/82791?kpid=82791&ds_kid=92700031520410335&gclid=29a7401931c51770ab2d2021eb64b517&gclsrc=3p.ds&ds_rl=1241687&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1244066&ds_kid=92700031520410335&msclkid=29a7401931c51770ab2d2021eb64b517&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PX_Shopping_Tools&utm_term=4583589099403140&utm_content=G - Hand Tools

    You really do not want to use anything metal to reduce the likelihood of damaging the van roof.

    Then use either a heat gun or hairdryer to soften the mastic, but if using a heat gun be very careful not to play too much heat on the actual roof vent cover.

    Use the scraper to ease the mastic away from the roof then when the vent is free, clean off all the old mastic from both van roof and roof vent. Use White Spirit to clean off the mastic then use Methylated Spirit to prepare the surfaces for the new mastic. 


    There are mastic softener sprays available but I have never found them to be very good.


    Once all old mastic is removed, use Soudall fixall in a good bead on the roof vent and place back in the hole.


    Ideally you need the temperature to be above 10 degrees, below that and you will have a very hard job indeed.



  10. I have no idea who you have talked to but whoever it is they are talking out of their backside.

    On a van of 2015 there should be no problem getting the electric element changed, if that is all that is wrong with it.

    Even though your van is a Hobby, the fridge is either a Dometic unit or Thetford unit and spares are plentiful and range in price from around £60 to £80 depending on wattage.


    The only time a new fridge is needed is if the cooling matrix is punctured and the coolant has leaked out, but on a 2015 van that is most unlikely.

  11. The best thing you could do is get an Approved Workshop engineer to have a look at the fridge.

    If it is the electric element that has failed, and they do, then you would be looking around £100 to get it replaced. It most certainly does NOT require a new fridge !!!!!

    As the fridge has not been used on gas it would be ideal to get the engineer to service the burner to ensure you can use it safely.


    You can find a local engineer here:   https://www.approvedworkshops.co.uk/find-approved-workshop

  12. 2 hours ago, trebby91 said:

    ) there is not a lot there to prevent snaking,


    You have the wrong impression of the AL-KO stabiliser hitch and what it can do.


    It CANNOT prevent a snake, that is up to you to ensure the loading is correct and that you are driving in a suitable manner.


    The AL-KO hitch can only provide a certain amount of help by putting a drag on the ball to minimise as far as it can the speed of articulation. giving you the time to reduce speed and get the rig under control.


    As has been mentioned, ATC is much better in that it applies the caravan brakes when it detects a snake starting.



  13. Having worked on caravans for over 20 years I will say that the idea of putting any new sealant on top of old is just a waste of time and money.


    New sealant will not stick to old and will just lift off after a period of time.


    Also, mixing sealants may cause an adverse reaction with either the new stuff or the old, creating a much worse situation.

    The caravan builders have done extensive testing of the sealants they use and it therefore makes sense to only use the same when needed.

  14. Any gas appliance fitted in a caravan MUST have a gas drop hole fitted.


    Any work on a Static caravan MUST be done by a LPG Gas Safe Fitter.


    It is illegal for anyone else to do any work on the gas system.

  15. Quite simply a static caravan falls under Gas Safe regulation which means any work carried out on the gas system MUST be done by a LPG qualified Gas Safe engineer.


    Similarly the electric system is also governed by NICEIC and MUST be done by suitably qualified engineers.


    Both gas and electric work must be certified by the relevant engineer.

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