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  1. First of all, Powrtouch do not have their own engineers, they use Approved Workshop engineers who , like everyone else are restricted by the current virus situation and have to fit these repairs into their work schedule. Secondly, ever since the takeover by Truma the speed of things being done has become abysmal. For example, I have folk coming to my area on holiday for a week and their moved will not work. I phone Truma on Monday for the spares required but as my surname starts with T, they , in their wisdom do not send the part out to me until Friday, by which t
  2. I am fairly sure that your van uses the BCA power distribution and charging system. These units are well known to have charger failure. As you obviously do not have any experience of caravan equipment it is sensible to get a mobile caravan engineer to look at it. You can find an engineer here: https://www.approvedworkshops.co.uk/
  3. BCA units are well known for failure just like yours. Even if you bought another BCA unit the same issue will arise. I have replaced a lot of these broken units with the Sargent PX300 which is a 3 stage intelligent charger and power supply and have never had to return due to a fault. They are very good and the one that I recommend. The difference is that this unit is mounted outside the power distribution box and comes with the adaptors to join up with the present wiring.
  4. No, there is no water filter in the Unicorn.
  5. Because they can !
  6. Claim on the insurance and let a workshop deal with it.
  7. A LOT more !!!! between £560 and £750.
  8. That price sounds about right. To replace the thermostat requires the oven to come out and be virtually dismantled to get to it, then replaced, gas tested and function tested.
  9. The fact that Towergate do not have many European touring caravan owners does not surprise me as in the grand scheme of things, most caravanners tend to stay in the UK, so the lady was right to say that the uptake for European cover was only an insignificant part of their business and not viable to operate for them. There are plenty of other sources for the kind of cover required.
  10. Unfortunately that is a common problem with these grills. The only thing you can do to try and help is light the grill some time before trying to toast to allow it to get really hot . The other thing as has been suggested is to raise the grill pan nearer the flame bar.
  11. That is perfectly normal , that is how it is designed to operate. Under NO circumstances attempt to do anything to it !!!!
  12. You could get EECO to make you a new window using your window as the pattern. Not cheap but good.
  13. The same advice as the post above,,,phone Apuljack Engineering and speak to them. By the way ,you have re opened a topic of 2 years ago !!
  14. You should never get a damp report with 0% damp anywhere, if it does then the wood is falling to bits. ALL wood has a moisture content unless it is so dried out it turns to dust.
  15. That filter under the sink is a Whale item and it is that kind of filter that is of no use, other than costing quite a lot of money to replace(which they should be every 30 days of use, despite what makers claim), and that filter is prone to splitting in very cold weather and they are a bacteria breeding ground. Best advice is to remove it and bridge the gap with a piece of blue pipe. Quote " Yes I know but is not what I am talking about in op I said gores mesh. " It is the mesh filter that I was referring to at the end of my household taps, as well a mesh filters on the
  16. Not true !! Mt taps have filters on the end of the spouts at home !
  17. They are NCC Approved so should be reliable.
  18. It is anyones guess ? Lots of "If's" and "But,s" depending on where the van is stored, what way around is it ?N/S or E/W?, any trees or other obstructions that may cause shadowing?, is the sun shining? how low is its travel through the day? where is the panel located? inside a window or skylight? and so it goes on.
  19. There is no such part listed as a Snorkel, so what actual part are you looking for? There are not many parts that can be changed, especially with the docking station and a new unit is very expensive.
  20. It depends what you expect from it. It may just keep a good battery topped up with no power draw, but it will not keep up with any battery use. Dont forget that the claimed 20W is its max output, in full sun on a good day. Unless you spend a lot of time tracking the sun and moving it to always be in direct line, then the output will drop away quite quickly. The above of course assumes a very sunny day for a long time, not the usual kind of weather we tend to have in the UK
  21. As I do not possess a crystal ball , would you like to elaborate on the problem? What van, what year, what Carver heater? gas only or gas and electric, what part of the hot water system is not working? the gas or electric or both?
  22. Which door? If you mean the main entry door, then yes there have been quite a lot of failures of the mechanism. New item unfortunately.
  23. They dont !" It is simply a case of "If you need it, it is going to cost you ,a lot, just like anything marine associated.
  24. Brecon


    There is a short article here: https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/footage-shows-two-caravans-burning-4510354 2 Caravans in pub car park, both destroyed, no one in them at the time.
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