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    tuning box

    There have been many cases of engines being ruined by these "plug in" tuning boxes, mainly because all they do is increase the amount of fuel going into the cylinders, which does not get burnt and ends up in the sump. The only safe way is to have a proper remap done by a person who knows what they are doing, and more importantly the engine capability.
  2. I don't know what you are trying to prove. Opaque roof vents have been fitted to caravans for years and years, and they do let a lot of light through, but you cannot see through them, which is why they were mainly fitted to bathrooms. I suppose to be very pedantic the correct name for them is translucent, but most people refer to opaque. Rather similar to people calling gas cylinders "bottles",,,,,,they are not, they are cylinders.
  3. No. As most gas appliances such as fridges, heaters etc are used in many applications, not just caravans, they are plated for the use they are used for , which may just be on Butane at 28mb, or Propane at 37mb, or as in the case of harmonisation with caravans at the 30mb pressure when the bulkhead regulator was introduced. The jetting is the same for the three pressures. There are some gas appliances rated at 50mb, but these are specific to certain uses.
  4. It makes no difference whether it is on or not, that is isolated by the habitation relay when the engine is running. The car setting is for if you need to have power to a light or flush pump when connected to the car with the engine off, it then draws power from the car battery.
  5. The T setup that he has is the illegal part as there is a possibility of having a mix of both gases at cylinder pressure. The only legal way of having two cylinders feeding the regulator is with the correct dedicated changeover system , a non return valve in a T piece is not allowed to be the primary control.
  6. When you connect the van to the car and run the car engine the habitation relay cuts all 12v power except for the battery charging circuit and fridge circuit. However, this will only work as long as your car socket is fully wired , which if you had the towbar fitted with a car specific wiring loom, then in all probability the connections for the charge and fridge are not included.
  7. The connection being referred to as a "port", is NOT, EVER to be used to introduce gas to the system. It is a TEST connection only to a special hand pump to test the tightness of the system, after the diaphragm has been locked. Whatever system you may decide to try and use you MUST ensure that neither gas can get to the other cylinder under ANY circumstances. The only safe way to use different gases is to use one at a time with the correct pigtail. The photo of the setup in P&R's post is illegal if one of the gases is Propane and the other Butane. !!!!!
  8. Please don't alter what I said in that post to suit your agenda. What I said in a quote was " If the screen is on and the driver can see it, this is classed as a serious offence" I then said that nothing should be placed in the swept area of the screen. You decided to omit the quote and make my point about placement the main focus, which it was NOT. As far as you are concerned, I don't care what you do, its your licence, your problem if it means points or more. What is so annoying is that despite giving the correct information according to C&U Regs, you don't want to abide by those rules, so everyone else has wasted their time responding to your original post as you were determined to be "right" whatever the law says.
  9. What bit of "If the screen is on and the driver can see it, this is classed as a serious offence." do you not understand???????????
  10. That is the important part of the law. The positioning is simple, nothing should be placed in the swept area of the windscreen. I really fail to understand why you seem so keen to see on a screen what you can see in much more detail by simply looking out of the windscreen? To deliberately put your licence at risk, never mind other road users simply to have something illegal in your view is beyond belief.
  11. I think you need to read this: Apart from positioning, the other crucial law governing dash cams is those with an LED screen. The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 state that the screens on cameras must not be displaying footage at any time while the vehicle is in motion. If the screen is on and the driver can see it, this is classed as a serious offence.
  12. Yes it will have a CRiS chip fitted somewhere in the van, as all CRiS registered vans do since 2016.
  13. But that does not help at all, it does not level the van for you!!! It only does the same as a 20p spirit level , or even cheaper, a glass of water !!!!!
  14. Swift , Powrtouch, and all the other trade stands are at the show for one reason: To Sell !!!! There are various trains of thought on movers, especially regarding twin axle vans. At the start of the mover "revolution" there was only one option,,,,,,,,a single mover unit for both types of van, single and twin axle. The single fitment on a twin was a matter of debate as to which set of wheels to fit to, because to minimise the workload of the motors, one set of wheels had to be lifted to lessen the scrubbing effect on the non driven wheels, and this was done either by raising the jockey wheel to lift the front axle slightly, or lowering the jockey wheel to lift the rear axle a little. In both cases the mover worked quite well and did the job, maybe with some reservations such as not being able to spin the van on its axis like a single axle van can be. The introduction of twin movers, or 4 wheel drive, actually did nothing to improve the manoeuverability, it just pulsed the opposite wheel to that which power was being sent to effect a turn. The only "improvement" as such was the doing away with the need to raise or lower the jockey wheel to lessen the drag on one of the axles not being powered. If your mover is doing what you need it to do, then that is all that is needed as long as you are satisfied. Of course the makers and dealers would love to relieve you of £950 and may make you all kinds of offers of how much better it would be,,,,,,,,,,but not for you,for them !!!!
  15. I have never come across a powered overflow valve. In all the vans I have had dealings with, the only wires to the on board tank have been water level indicator and tank pump. The only other powered valve has been on the Truma water heater which had a powered dump valve which operated at low temp to stop freezing.
  16. I am insured through the Caravan and Motorhome Club and feel the cost is reasonable. Their handling of claims is very good should you ever need to claim.
  17. OOPS, missed that bit. In that case do whatever needs doing. However, the OP said that the van is going into the dealer for warranty work,,,,,,,,,in which case the question is,,,does the warranty cover the electrics as well?
  18. If the van is still under warranty, DO NOT TOUCH anything !!!!! Report it to your dealer to sort out, that is his job. If you start touching anything under warranty you will invalidate the warranty on that part, or parts.
  19. On the right hand side is a separate part covering the fridge vent, use a small screwdriver to ease the bottom edge up slightly and pull forward. Then remove the plastic fridge exhaust cover. On the left hand end is a slide lock, slide that downwards and ease the vent cover out.
  20. Yes, that is a MPK rooflight. When replacing, ensure you remove all old mastic from the roof of the van and clean with methylated spirit. Apply a good bead of new Soudall Fixall to the channel you will find on the underside of the top part of the roofvent and place in position. When screwing the internal part to the external part, do not overtighten the screws or you will strip the holes. Use just enough pressure to form a good seal and squeeze the mastic just out around the edges.
  21. If by "it cuts out" you mean it trips the MCB or RCD then the element has failed. Possible reasons: Heater switched on with no water in it. The safety cut out has operated several times before (they only work a few times before failing), usually because the heater was ON, with no water in it.
  22. The Dometic CRE80 is a Waeco fridge rebadged for Dometic. The listing I have for it gives rather confusing power consumption figures. It gives Average consumption of 2.6 A/hr in 24 Hours. It also gives Current consumption at 12V of 1.14 A/hr @ 25 degrees C. Also to run off mains power it requires a MPS Mains Power Unit to reduce the 230v to 12v.(£74.95) It should also be noted that as it is a compressor fridge it will create noise when the compressor is running, which will be more noticeable in the night when everything else is quiet. A gas powered fridge would be the best option, even with having to vent it to the outside, and also be aware that a Static caravan falls into the requirement that ANY gas work is carried out by a Gas Safe Engineer and certified by him/her. You CANNOT fit a gas powered fridge yourself, it is illegal.
  23. The very best person to ask is Gary at Arc Systems. He knows everything about Carver products and repairs most items. From the basic sound of your problem it seems to be a faulty burner module. http://www.arcsystems.biz/
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