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  1. Regarding the roof strap, what you are proposing is a waste of time, money and effort and materials. There is only one way to deal with the strap and that is to remove it, clean it thoroughly , and the van, apply new Soudall Fixall and refit , making sure the mastic squashes out along the strap length and paying special attention to the ends to ensure there are no gaps anywhere. Put a covering of mastic over each screw head when tightened. New mastic will not stick to old, and for the sake of undoing some screws and the time to clean everything up, it is a no brainer.
  2. The very best person to Talk to is Paul at Apuljack Engineering. He will Talk you through some checks and then advise what to do. He specialise in caravan power supplies and can repair to better than new in most cases. Give him a ring. www.apuljackengineering.co.uk
  3. The rubber strip should not need any as it is , or supposed to , seal on its own as the rail is tightened up. The mastic needs to be all along the centre, filling the whole distance between both rubber seals, which should be very clean and supple. You could use Sikaflex but it is not as easy to tool or work with as Soudall Fixall is. It uses a lot of mastic, but that is just how it is. I am not surprised by your comment about the Internet seeming to love W4,,,but not everything is the way it "seems", those who love it are not caravan engineers or have the inclination to find out how to do a job properly with long lasting effectiveness.
  4. Emma, as you have found the need to ask about fitting a gas system to your project , it is obvious that you do not have the required knowledge to carry out such a job. As Lost in the Wilderness has said, there are a lot of regulations regarding the fitting and testing of gas and as such you MUST get a Gas Safe LPG engineer to do the work. It is NOT something you can do yourself. I am such a Gas Safe LPG registered engineer and must emphasise the danger you would put yourself in by not having an engineer do the work. Unlike a fault with electric where you may get a shock, or a fault with water where you may get wet, any fault with a gas installation WILL KILL YOU !!!!
  5. The W4 mastic strip is probably the worst thing to use when reattaching the awning rail. Unless you drill each screw hole before inserting the screw , the screw will twist the W4 and leave gaps , also it does not expand, and lastly it provides nothing but a kind of seal, and not a very good one at that. Personally I would never use W4 for anything on a caravan. The best sealant and adhesive to use is Soudall Fixall, and a really good bead so that it extends outwards as the rail is screwed up, then tooled off to a smooth, angled finish to allow water to run off. As I understand things, you have the fridge on the side you are working on, which normally means that you would attach an awning to this rail so you want a strong attachment, not just relying on the screws, which is what will happen with W4. It has no adhesive strength.
  6. From my experience of B&Q recently it will be the very last place I go to in the future. I ordered a fence panel and another item for Click and Collect, a week later , after contacting the B&Q customer services I got an Email saying the items were out of stock and I would be getting a refund. The fence panel was £48.00 Rang a local wood supplier, asked if they made fence panels, was asked what I wanted, explained, told it would be about a week as they had a backlog of orders but would be delivered as soon as made , and the cost £29.00. Within 24 hours the fence panel was on my drive, much better quality than B&Q offer. If I had wanted delivery from B&Q it would have added an extra £20.00 It is now two weeks since B&Q said they would refund me, but today I got an Email from them saying they understood that I wanted a refund and that it would take 2 weeks or so …………………. It only took them less than 2 seconds to take my money, yet over a month to refund.
  7. Back in time the sealant used on rooflights was IDL99 which is a non setting mastic, but things have moved on and the IDL was found to be not very good as it dries out and falls away, leaving points of water ingress. Today , makers use a sealing mastic which adheres and partially sets but makes a much better seal , although it is very hard to remove once cured. The one I use mainly is Soudall Fixall which is an excellent sealer and mastic in one tube.
  8. The only cable that is allowed to be used in a caravan is multicore flex. Standard Twin and Earth is NOT permitted
  9. 1.5 for lights and light power draw items. 2.5 for sockets and heavy power draw items. Use a micrometer to measure the cable core size.
  10. You should have had the battery connected all the time. I think that Lunar used BCA power supplies, and I am guessing that you have damaged yours. You need to get a mobile engineer to look at it for you.
  11. Not correct. Back when Town Gas was replaced by Natural Gas the fitters only needed to be NG certified as it was basically the same gas. Changing from Natural Gas to LPG you need a Gas Safe engineer who is certified to work on both NG and LPG
  12. NO it is not common as most Static vans have LPG appliances, some with gas supplied by cylinders for each van, others run from a central gas tank and metered much the same as Natural Gas
  13. If as you say it has been set up for mains gas ,then to get it to run on LPG will require the appliances being rejetted. To get ANY work done on a static van you MUST use a registered Gas Safe engineer, and not only that you will need one who is Natural Gas and LPG certified. Rejetting is NOT a DIY job as the inlet pressures are different for Natural Gas and LPG. However, how do you know it has been set for Natural Gas? or was it set up to run from a central LPG tank?
  14. Due to the very cheap price of these lights it is very unlikely to be able to get a spare part for them. However, alternatives are available.have a look here: https://www.trailertek.com/trailer-parts/lighting/number-plate-lights
  15. Brecon

    Hose length

    You are quite right, I have given the wrong description as far as bulkhead regulators are concerned. What I should have said is the Red off the roll hose is for high pressure applications where high pressure gas is delivered to the unit it is supplying. I would edit my original posting but that option is no longer available. Quote " My gas barbeque in the garden has red hose secured to a 27mm clip on regulator with a jubilee clip... should that have been supplied with a black hose? " No, it is quite acceptable to use red instead of black in this instance, but it is not permitted to use black where high pressure is being delivered.
  16. Brecon

    Hose length

    Yes I know that ready made pigtails are black,except Truma pigtails which are Orange, but we are not talking pigtails, we are talking lengths of hose off the roll which are secured with jubilee clips, not swaged fittings.
  17. Brecon

    Hose length

    Oh yes it does. Black is for low pressure systems, ie those with cylinder mounted regulators. Red is High Pressure for bulkhead mounted regulators. As far as replacing hoses, there is no legal regulation about when to change, but in my experience the black hose only lasts about two years before becoming brittle and as the cost is pennies I usually replace every year, and all my customers ask the same to be done to their units. Regarding the Red hose, it is widely accepted that 5 years is a reasonable time , but if you have a regulator failure due to the oily residue issue, then replace at the same time. Of course the overiding consideration is the condition of the hose , it may be Ok, or started cracking or otherwise damaged in which case replace it .
  18. It will almost certainly be that the connector to the switch has been pulled away from the switch. It is a very short piece of cable and it is very easy to dislodge it when removing the fire front.
  19. The output from the fire needs balancing. On the back of the fan unit where the pipes meet the unit is a lever which controls how much goes where, try adjusting that.
  20. Brecon

    Gas problems

    There is no danger of gas escaping in regard to that picture as the regulator and pigtail are not attached to anything. What is missing is a photo of what is in the gas locker right now. It is possible that the previous owner has had regulator failure and has removed the one in the picture and fitted a cylinder mounted unit instead of the bulkhead mounted one, which as long as it is the correct one and fitted correctly is not a problem. What is not known is whether the OP is trying to use the items shown in the picture. Also, regarding the yellow tap, that is there for test purposes ONLY. It is NOT a main shut off tap and should never be used as one. The only person who should ever use it is a gas engineer when pressure testing the whole system. My advice is to get a mobile engineer to sort out your gas system, it is NOT something you should attempt without knowing EXACTLY what you are doing.
  21. You need to check the clearance of the mover roller to the tyre, it should be 20mm. Your symptoms suggest that the clearance is too small and the roller is not engaging into the tyre as it should, or that you are not putting enough pressure on the lever to lock it into place. They always make a clunking noise on disengagement, as the spring pulls the cam back, make sure your hands are not above the lever, it hurts !!!!!!
  22. Yes , any of the AWS mobile engineers will do a chassis service.
  23. You could try caravan breakers as probably the most cost effective source, otherwise you need to take out a second mortgage for a brand new one,,they are not cheap !!!
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