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  1. I have no idea who you have talked to but whoever it is they are talking out of their backside.

    On a van of 2015 there should be no problem getting the electric element changed, if that is all that is wrong with it.

    Even though your van is a Hobby, the fridge is either a Dometic unit or Thetford unit and spares are plentiful and range in price from around £60 to £80 depending on wattage.


    The only time a new fridge is needed is if the cooling matrix is punctured and the coolant has leaked out, but on a 2015 van that is most unlikely.

  2. The best thing you could do is get an Approved Workshop engineer to have a look at the fridge.

    If it is the electric element that has failed, and they do, then you would be looking around £100 to get it replaced. It most certainly does NOT require a new fridge !!!!!

    As the fridge has not been used on gas it would be ideal to get the engineer to service the burner to ensure you can use it safely.


    You can find a local engineer here:   https://www.approvedworkshops.co.uk/find-approved-workshop

  3. 2 hours ago, trebby91 said:

    ) there is not a lot there to prevent snaking,


    You have the wrong impression of the AL-KO stabiliser hitch and what it can do.


    It CANNOT prevent a snake, that is up to you to ensure the loading is correct and that you are driving in a suitable manner.


    The AL-KO hitch can only provide a certain amount of help by putting a drag on the ball to minimise as far as it can the speed of articulation. giving you the time to reduce speed and get the rig under control.


    As has been mentioned, ATC is much better in that it applies the caravan brakes when it detects a snake starting.



  4. Having worked on caravans for over 20 years I will say that the idea of putting any new sealant on top of old is just a waste of time and money.


    New sealant will not stick to old and will just lift off after a period of time.


    Also, mixing sealants may cause an adverse reaction with either the new stuff or the old, creating a much worse situation.

    The caravan builders have done extensive testing of the sealants they use and it therefore makes sense to only use the same when needed.

  5. Any gas appliance fitted in a caravan MUST have a gas drop hole fitted.


    Any work on a Static caravan MUST be done by a LPG Gas Safe Fitter.


    It is illegal for anyone else to do any work on the gas system.

  6. Quite simply a static caravan falls under Gas Safe regulation which means any work carried out on the gas system MUST be done by a LPG qualified Gas Safe engineer.


    Similarly the electric system is also governed by NICEIC and MUST be done by suitably qualified engineers.


    Both gas and electric work must be certified by the relevant engineer.

  7. It all depends on what conditions are attached to your agreement with site owners.

    If they do inventory checks and cleaning, you will have to pay for that to be done, its not free !!!!

  8. Your car will have a max axle weight, and a max train weight which will be the weight of the car plus the weight of the caravan. It will also have max noseweight allowed on the towball, as will the caravan have its own max hitch weight, which may be higher or lower in either situation, that is the car may have low limit and the van a higher limit, the LOWER limit of either will determine the final weight allowed on the towball.

    You must never exceed these limits

  9. I am sure others will fill in the details regarding what is a suitable actual weight to be towing, but it will not be the max of the cars advertised amount.

    As far as the van goes, it will have a maximum permitted weight, or MPTLM which will have to be no more than that including everything inside the van, such as cutlery, crockery, bedding, clothes, in addition to some items which may seem as if they should be included, but are not, like the leisure battery, motor mover if fitted, etc etc .


    If you search MTPLM on the web you will find a whole load of information.

  10. 41 minutes ago, TaylorElton said:

    Is there any way I could fix it myself, I can't seem to hear any gas coming from the unit. 


    Just from your reply the answer is NO, 


    You are dealing with a gas appliance and unless you know exactly what you are doing and how to do it, you stand more chance of doing much more damage and possibly causing severe consequences if you get it wrong.

  11. The best thing you could do is get a mobile caravan engineer to sort the unit out and get everything working as it should.


    In answer to your question about the PCB, no, the PCB is only for the gas side of the heating , nothing to do with the electric element.


    Regarding the gas side, did you ever use the gas heater when you used the van, or did you only use electric?

    If you never used the gas side, you should check that the isolation tap is open for the gas to the heater and then it could take several attempts to get it to fire and operate correctly as there will be air in the pipework.

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