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  1. Humidity levels change all the time and as long as your van is well ventilated there should be no problem. Use of a dehumidifier is a pointless waste of time and electricity as the air inside the van changes all the time. At this exact time (18.13) the outdoor humidity level is 99 where I am , and indoor level is 56. When carrying out a damp check it is important to equalise the inside and outside humidity so that part of the service is only done 30 minutes after the door and windows have been opened , otherwise you get false readings.
  2. Brecon

    Mobility car

    No, it is all part of the leasing agreement.
  3. Forget the word "current" in relation to loading of the supply as it will be whatever the mains voltage is, 220-240vAC. For the load you can draw into the caravan is limited by the rating of the van electrics, usually 16Amps, or the site bollard which may be 16A, or 10A or as low as 6A, You need to work out what each electric appliance uses, which is the Wattage value of the item and divide that number by the supply voltage which will give you the Amp value. Once you know the various values for each item you can then use any of them in combination that do no
  4. Brecon

    Mobility car

    60,000 miles over a 3 year contract or 100,000 over a 5 year contract. Mileage over the limits applicable is charged at 5p per mile.
  5. The only possible place is from Hobby in Germany, but it will probably cost more than the van is worth !!!!
  6. When doing any work requiring disconnecting the battery always remove the solar panel fuse, or cover the panel with a blackout cover to prevent it supplying power.
  7. Probably the heating element has failed.
  8. Just a couple of observations: Quote " she lives in 3 BERDOM house." Why have you capitalised the number of bedrooms ? what has that got to do with anything else? Quote " he is not very nice man and he has lots of mess " . So you do not like him, what has that got to do with anything?
  9. Check the filters on the ends of the taps. As far as pressure is concerned, it should shut off immediately the cold water tap is closed but the hot water should run on for a few seconds to repressurise the hot tank
  10. If you do not have the green light on the wall switch then the transformer in the fire control box has failed as that is where the 12v supply to the wall switch comes from. So, a new PCB is required.
  11. I am pretty sure you have the Nordelettronica power system in your van, if yo udo, then it is well known for being problematic. The best people to contact is Apuljack Engineering ( http://www.apuljackengineering.co.uk/ ) They are the very best in dealing with all Nord problems and can repair your unit if it needs it to beter than new and at a reasonable cost.
  12. Why is it that whatever is put in place to try and get the virus situation under control , some people go out of their way to find valid reasons NOT to comply. What is so difficult to understand "Stay At Home"? apart from ESSENTIAL purposes.!!!
  13. All you need to know: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-national-restrictions-from-5-november#travel Having looked through, nowhere does it say it is OK to tow a caravan anywhere !!!!!!
  14. Yes they are equally acceptable. As a NCC mobile engineer I can assure you that there is no problem using a mobile engineer for servicing, and retaining your warranty.
  15. The connectors are not 100% waterproof, hence every application has the female socket pointing downwards. You would need to either bag it or get one of the purpose made enclosures.
  16. Well, that is one way of curing a problem !!!!
  17. The photos shown are for the cold water, (the pump and surge damper) nothing to do with the Alde heating
  18. CRiS will not be any help as it only has UK built vans , unless the EU van has been registered with them. As the above VIN starts with WO it is an EU made van. To help it is the make of van that is needed.
  19. Hobby vans do not have a battery as the power , both 230v and 12v is managed by the power distribution unit. Some lights are 12v but others are not. The best advice as it is a new van is to get the correct "Autark" pack and leisure battery fitted by an approved engineer so as to retain the warranty . If yo udo it yourself and make a mess of it , all the repair costs will be down to you, and if you damage the PSU they are VERY VERY expensive.
  20. The only people who may be able to help is the maker of the van as all the interior is made to measure for them.
  21. Yes it is. The three lights are as follows and only refer to the gas heating mode, not the electric mode Green,everything working. Amber: Low 12v supply, unit will not work. Red: Burner failure.
  22. No its not. The most likely fault with the Nord system is a failed relay, which is why I said contact the experts in this field !
  23. As the person who posted I would like to settle some misconceptions. First I did not say that the OP was at fault , I said that many people do not research what they are buying , and there is a wealth of information on all makes of vans on the internet from which one can make an informed decision as to buy or not. I do not need to " take a long hard look at themselves." I work on all makes of vans and stand by my comments, and Lunar in particular are well known for leaks, some from manufacturing defects, some from shoddy workmanship. The whole point of the topic
  24. Your van is almost certainly using the Nordelettronica power distribution system which is very well known to be problematic (so much so it bankrupted the company). Your best bet is ring Apuljack Engineering and speak to Paul or one of his colleagues who are expert in dealing with these systems. Best to do it whilst in the van as they will Talk you through certain checks and they will pinpoint the problem. They will also repair to better than new any faulty parts after you send them to them and they have a very fast turnaround. http://www.apuljackengineering.co.uk/
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