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  1. Whilst internal walls are not load bearing as such, that is not supporting a heavy weight, they are bracing, keeping the whole structure stable. Removal is most certainly not recommended !!!! As for removing the staples without damaging the ceiling,,,,,,,,,you cannot as they are stapled from above !!!!
  2. Unfortunately you will have to pay for the disconnection of the gas , water and electric as they all fall under the same regulations as a normal house and must be done by suitably qualified engineers.
  3. Whilst the idea seems simple enough, once you go down that route you will have to get the gas and electric systems checked and certified by Gas Safe and NICEIC qualified engineers, with the certificates displayed inside the van.
  4. Static caravans do not have a grey water tank, they are plumbed into the main drainage of the site, just like an ordinary house.
  5. As the van is still within warranty it is a job for the supplying dealer to sort out. If you do anything it will invalidate the warranty on that piece of equipment and any subsequent damage caused by your attempts to fix it.
  6. It all depends on your local authority rules and what exactly the land is determined to be used for.
  7. https://www.omnicalculator.com/health/vaccine-queue-uk#atrisk
  8. No, the hinge bar is pressed onto the window in a machine when being made. Replicating that force will be very difficult without damaging the actual window. Maybe EECO is worth a ring to see if they can help.
  9. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1491706/Thetford-C-200-Cw-D3.html?page=2#manual The above link is for the fitting instructions.
  10. That suggests that your battery is at fault. Whilst it may show as 12v that does not mean that it is holding the charge. How old is the leisure battery?
  11. The link that you supplied only relates to one van at £750, and that one is sold, all the others are over £1000. As far as the selling blurb goes " being marketed as dry and air tight with no damp etc, ", everyone selling caravans , whether static or touring say that, and sadly not all are what they promise !!!! Another thing to take into account is that Static vans fall under gas and electrical regulation and any work on the gas or electric MUST be carried out by suitably qualified engineers and the relevant safety certificates issued .
  12. A touring caravan is not built or strong enough to put a wood burner stove in them, and it would be a huge fire risk as well as then being uninsurable. So, how much is it worth now.....about £1000 When the refurb is finished with a wood burner...£0.
  13. If your static van is on a site not owned by you , you cannot go cutting into any of the site items, which the incoming water pipe is, as well as other services. There is a dedicated drain down point on al static vans and that it is the only thing that can be used.
  14. Humidity levels change all the time and as long as your van is well ventilated there should be no problem. Use of a dehumidifier is a pointless waste of time and electricity as the air inside the van changes all the time. At this exact time (18.13) the outdoor humidity level is 99 where I am , and indoor level is 56. When carrying out a damp check it is important to equalise the inside and outside humidity so that part of the service is only done 30 minutes after the door and windows have been opened , otherwise you get false readings.
  15. Brecon

    Mobility car

    No, it is all part of the leasing agreement.
  16. Forget the word "current" in relation to loading of the supply as it will be whatever the mains voltage is, 220-240vAC. For the load you can draw into the caravan is limited by the rating of the van electrics, usually 16Amps, or the site bollard which may be 16A, or 10A or as low as 6A, You need to work out what each electric appliance uses, which is the Wattage value of the item and divide that number by the supply voltage which will give you the Amp value. Once you know the various values for each item you can then use any of them in combination that do no
  17. Brecon

    Mobility car

    60,000 miles over a 3 year contract or 100,000 over a 5 year contract. Mileage over the limits applicable is charged at 5p per mile.
  18. The only possible place is from Hobby in Germany, but it will probably cost more than the van is worth !!!!
  19. When doing any work requiring disconnecting the battery always remove the solar panel fuse, or cover the panel with a blackout cover to prevent it supplying power.
  20. Probably the heating element has failed.
  21. Just a couple of observations: Quote " she lives in 3 BERDOM house." Why have you capitalised the number of bedrooms ? what has that got to do with anything else? Quote " he is not very nice man and he has lots of mess " . So you do not like him, what has that got to do with anything?
  22. Check the filters on the ends of the taps. As far as pressure is concerned, it should shut off immediately the cold water tap is closed but the hot water should run on for a few seconds to repressurise the hot tank
  23. If you do not have the green light on the wall switch then the transformer in the fire control box has failed as that is where the 12v supply to the wall switch comes from. So, a new PCB is required.
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