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  1. Forget it !!!!! As has been said it is not a thing to even contemplate, if you have any sense. Apart from the very comprehensive reply by Seaside, in your first post you mention a mortgage .......... that will never be an option as they are only available on bricks and mortar, and as soon as you sign the paperwork you lose money . and a lot of it, instantly.
  2. What heating system do you have? Alde or Truma?
  3. No, you have the wrong idea completely. I am an independent AWS registered mobile workshop and all mobile (or almost all) are the same and there is no support network, we each do what we are requested to do by customers completely independent of the AWS registration, which is basically just a register of workshops who have achieved the pass mark to join the scheme. The AWS has no say in what work we do, or not do. Dont even try and compare caravan business with the motor industry, it is nothing like it at all.
  4. I am not surprised at all. Mobile engineers are extremely busy , especially this year with so many new caravan owners needing urgent safety critical work done on caravans they bought , knowing nothing about them and finding lots of faults. My own work schedule is booked solid until December, with more coming in every day, and this number does not include the regular customers and their annual service. It has not been unusual for me to still be working at 11PM for customers who have had urgent remedial work done for their safety, having arrived on site and found not a lot working on the "wonderful, well looked after" van they had just bought.
  5. The OP is missing a very important point relating to movers, fitting and service when things go wrong. None of the mover makers have their own fitters , they are normally caravan engineers who do the fitting etc as and when required, but when they can fit it in with their main business. To expect an instant response is just not going to happen, and it is not anyones fault. The fact that the mover maker sent out a new control box speaks highly of their business model.
  6. Having been called out to a van which the owner had towed it to site with a full cassette and seen the horrendous mess that he expected me to deal with was shocking to say the least. Suffice to say the whole toilet area was a new shade of brown/blue . I refused to even set foot in the van and suggested he get a specialist firm in to clean it all up, or spend the next few days doing it himself.
  7. With the battery charger off, check the battery voltage at the terminals and note it. Then without engaging the mover rollers, operate the mover and at the same time watch what happens to the battery voltage (you will need a multimeter ). If the battery is good the voltage should drop momentarily but recover to at least 12v. If the battery is faulty, the voltage will drop and stay down, then it is time for a new battery.
  8. The AL-KO stub axle can be replaced but it is not a DIY job . A BPW stub axle however cannot be replaced as it is welded in place. Both axles now come under AL-KO ownership since they bought BPW out.
  9. The fan master is not the fire, it is the blown air unit which sits behind the gas fire. The van you have is now very old and the fire is very difficult to find parts for, and unless you know exactly what you are doing will become more of a danger to you and your family. The very best person to talk to is Gary at Arc Systems: http://www.arcsystems.biz/ You will find some manuals listed on his website but they are more of the installation and user operation manuals.
  10. Brecon


    Fully agree with the quoted post. The dealer should give you a service check list of what was done and the results and a damp report. Without those items you have no idea what was done , or not, and it is your money they are taking. Dont just ask for the paperwork, DEMAND it !! This is what you should get: https://www.approvedworkshops.co.uk/content/S636238770429392359/TASCH V8 (2019) - V8.4 - EXAMPLE.pdf or something very similar if they are not NCC approved.
  11. The SB 1800 does not have a panel. It is a very basic heater and I have never come across one with any panel , and I have worked on a lot of these heaters, unless you are referring to the TEB fan unit, but even then the control is a slide switch on the top of the fire. Without a photo of your item it is impossible to be accurate as to what it is.
  12. Does your control panel look like either of these?
  13. The 450w element has only one lead going into the end "cap". (the mains feed) and has a straight element. The 850w element has the mains lead going in and a second lead coming out with the overheat sensor attached (normally on a yellow lead.) and has a canted element.
  14. Replacing the Therme with the eleKtroboiler is certainly do-able if you have the height to allow it to be fitted. There will also need some plumbing alterations to do and the hot air duct will need joining together once the Therme is removed.
  15. That is because caravan rooflights do not have a seal ! They are part of the mandatory ventilation, unlike motorhome rooflights which do have seals.
  16. As it is a fixed electronic item it obviously cannot physically stop a determined thief, but with it installed and the window stickers etc in place it will deter some , so in effect is does "prevent" unauthorised entry. Not every advert is 100% grammatically correct, perhaps they should have said "deters" Why does it need a tracking subscrition? because some thief who "really" wants the van will have it, regardless of the alarm !!
  17. No, private sales by individuals are not covered by CRA 2015. However, the heater is covered by its own warranty for 3 years from the date of first purchase and not by Elddis or a dealer so it is possible to get an approved workshop engineer to carry out work on it and be covered by Whale. https://approvedworkshops.co.uk/find-approved-workshop
  18. All the manufacturers allowed the delay of one service due to the lockdown period, but all said that following that delayed service the next service still falls due on the first registration date and not 12 months after the delayed service. Unfortunately many owners , and service engineers, were confused by the situation. Trio 3 What I would suggest is that you give Whale a phone call and speak to their tech team who are very helpful and may be able to advise what to do. As for transferring the warranty, I am afraid that is not possible now that the conditions have not been met. However, it may be possible to go down the CRA2015 route as your contract is with the dealer, and not Elddis, but I am unsure if that is possible.
  19. It is very common that van makers do not adhere to the fitting instructions of fridges.
  20. If it is an old unit then it is most likely to be the shear pin that has failed. The shear pin is located on the end of the roller near the output shaft of the gearbox and is a spring pin. There are two different sizes so getting the right one is essential. A photo may help.
  21. There is no reason why a domestic fridge should not last 17 years and some have been running for over 30 years with no problems. The issue with caravan fridges is a couple of things. Firstly is choosing the right service engineer who knows how to keep a fridge running efficiently. Despite some people questioning what is done on an annual service, that depends on the engineer doing the job, and his level of knowledge , and sadly many workshops do not have adequately trained fridge engineers. There is a whole load of things that should be tested and checked on a service and even more on a specific fridge service. The other thing with the fridges is that many are left un-used for prolonged periods of time which does them no good at all. The now accepted mains connection on site, and at home, means a lot are never fired up on gas, until the time wanted and then they dont work !!! All Dometic fridges fitted to UK vans are made for the European area and are rated to 30 degrees. After that their efficiency reduces. Also people think that it will perform to the same limits as their home unit, but you simply cannot cram them full of food, there must be an air gap around the food to allow it to work properly.
  22. If the connector is actually a push in , and not screw in type then there is a locking "rod" that goes through a hole in the side of the tap where the push in connector is that holds the pipe in place. Depending on how much room you have it is possible to do in situ, but more than likely needs the tap removing .
  23. Only a few Dometic fridges can have a replaced cooling matrix and the OP's is not one of them. None can be re-gassed !
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