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  1. Oh yes it will !!!!! Just because a van is made in Germany does not mean it is leak free, ask the owners of Hymer , Hobby and Dethleffs who I know from working on their vans about damp problems !!!!!!
  2. the different control boxes are due to the different way the signals are sent to the control box. I cannot remember the exact differences but certainly the control box must be able to pair with the handset. Late edit: One of the main differences is the older units used AM signals, the newer ones use FM
  3. Brecon


    They had to be replaced as the hubs need to come off to check the brakes and the hub nuts are "One Shot Nuts", they can only be used once.
  4. If you have alloy wheels the torque is 120Nm, if you have steel wheels it is 88Nm.
  5. They will be Al_KO brakes and the size will probably be 2051. You will find them in the hub,,,,,,,,,,seriously though, western towing will have them and are a good place to deal with. If you want to make absolutely sure of size you can remove the brake hub and measure the distance across the shoes as fitted, and the depth of the shoe. For 2051 the distance across the shoes will be 200mm and the depth of the shoe will be 51mm. You will also need two new one shot hub nuts and a torque wrench capable of applying 290Nm .
  6. Travelling in convoy is not illegal, but due consideration for other road users must prevail, and the vehicles should be travelling at an appropriate speed for the conditions, and limits. It would be wrong for a group (or convoy if you wish) to travel at 30mph in a place where a higher speed limit is in place and their actions cause long tailbacks to other road users. The rules changed a while ago but it is still a grey area in places. The new rules say that if you have 12 or more vehicles travelling together, then you must get a licence from one of the motoring organisations, which costs a lot ! However, if you have , say, 20 vehicles and send them off in groups of 10, then no restrictions, but, it is not known what mayhappen if the second group catch up with the first,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. Quote " Amazing as you are the first person that I know of that has had their caravan measured at a DVSA or VOSA check point" Really !! you obviously have not lived !!!! it happens very frequently in various parts of the country. The times I was stopped, along with many others, was just a check on all kinds of rigs on the road . As part of the inspection they just measured the length of van, length of van and towcar and weighed each to make sure it was not overloaded. My outfit was all OK, as I knew it would be, so no fines, no advisories and a thank you for being patient while they did their work. My van, a Hobby 540 which is less than 7mtrs body length. And, NO, it was no "other attractions" that led to the inspection, just a general stop and check on many using that particular road, and to be honest , I wish they did a lot more of these checks to get the dangerous / illegal ones off the road.
  8. Where would you secure it to? You cannot drill the chassis and the floor is not strong enough to take the weight , its only 3mm ply. Motorhomes have a lot more places to secure a tank to. None of the tanks I have come across have a float inside the tank, they simply have an overflow .
  9. They do not need the spec for a particular van, they know the legal length is 7 mtrs and yes they will measure if they have any doubt. I have had mine measured on two occasions when inspected by them. A completely different animal with no relationship to a caravan.
  10. No they are not because they get damaged very easily and must be able to be changed easily too !!! If, as you think, they are part of the body moulding, then any damage to the fairing would mean a front end replacement and I do not know of any maker who would think that makes sense !!!!!! They may "look" like an extension but they are certainly not, they are a separate item.
  11. No ! It quite clearly states that the A frame is NOT counted, therefore a fairing will not be counted as it does not form part of the body, it simply makes the A frame look a bit more "nicer" than a bare A frame.
  12. No it does not. If you read the whole series of postings you will see that the 645 was based on the 650 which is 7.6m body length and that apart from a couple of 610 models, all models from 540 (which is what I have) are over 7m body length.
  13. You are wrong on this. Although a hobby van may be listed as a 645 UK, as an example, the UK part does not mean that it was made for the UK market, in fact none of the Hobby vans are specifically made for the UK, that marker (UK) is for the seating arrangement and nothing to do with where the van is sold. There does not appear to be a 645 in any shape or form listed for the latest vans, but the 645 was a strong seller until around 2015 or thereabouts. And it is over 7 mtrs body length , so without a 3500+ vehicle , illegal to tow in the UK.
  14. Brecon

    What's changed

    If you have a good van with no damp and everything working, why risk changing for a leaking monster?
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