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  1. With your van I am pretty sure it has Nordelettronica power distribution system, which is notoriously bad and has caused headaches for many owners. The very best person to Talk to is Paul, or one of his team at Apuljack Engineering. He specialises in repair to better than new and will Talk you through some checks before making a suggestion, so best be in the van at the time. Here is a link to his website: http://www.apuljackengineering.co.uk/
  2. If there is no profile marking then they are 80 as that is the normal. So your tyre would read 185/80 R14 104N
  3. Not actually true in every case. Most , if not all, caravan taps come with microswitches already fitted but not necessarily used. If it has wires coming from the tap and they are connected to a power feed wire, the the microswitches do control the pump. If not connected you have a pressure switch system.
  4. It sounds like the car relay needs adjusting.
  5. I would not expect anything. It was not the sites idea to lock down, it was the Government who mandated it, but the site still needed looking after with no income from rented units, and the annual safety checks still had to be done, which all cost money as well as the business rates etc.
  6. Going right back to basics. When you connect up the pump and drop it in the aquaroll, with the yellow tap as in your photo in the closed position, as it is, and taps closed, when you activate the pump switch , the pump should run and start filling the water heater. Open a hot tap and let the water run until no more air comes out as well as water, then shut the hot tap and open a cold tap until the water runs without air. Do this in turn to each tap in the van. Then the pump should then run on for a short while to re pressurise the hot water tank, and shut off. Your van runs on a pressure switch system which is controlled by the adjuster in your photo to the right of the blue inlet pipe. Adjust this to stop the pump, whichever way works , clockwise or anticlockwise. These pressure switches are vulnerable to the power available to them and you may notice a difference between when hooked up to the mains power and when on battery alone. Although nothing to do with the water system, the red tap in your photo is a gas isolation valve for the water heater, in its ON position.when turned so that the tap sits across the pipe it is OFF.
  7. This will give you an idea of cost : https://caravanpanels.com/cps-eld-003-a-frame-cover-1753-p.asp
  8. The makers use Soudall Fixall or Sticks Like Sh*t. I use Soudall Fixall all the time, its easy to apply and very reasonable in price. I know Michelle has used the Bondrite product but that is never used in the trade.
  9. I agree that with a caravan, or any trailer that is wider than the towing vehicle, towing extension mirrors are a must. However, the OP is using a much narrower trailer which does not impede his rear vision through his wing mirrors.
  10. The high level brake light is not required for a trailer, the lighting requirements are for brake lights to be one on each side of the vehicle or trailer, the high level one is not actually a legal requirement. It is classed as an additional light. As for vision, if you have wing mirrors and can see down both sides of the trailer, and the trailer is not as wide as your car, then you dont need extension mirrors.
  11. It is not a wheel lock in the sense you are thinking. It is a security lock to stop the wheel being removed without the key
  12. In addition to the very good advice by Legal Eagle , I offer the following to help you in getting your money back. First of all I would get an Approved Workshop Mobile Engineer to give the van a thorough inspection and test of all the equipment and give you a comprehensive list of the faults. If it comes to a court situation, then having such a report is worth the money to have it done, and you can claim that cost in your claim. Another point is any "dealer" offering a 4 week "warranty" is a joke, and a vey bad one at that. As for them saying that their "warranty" covered everything but the brakes is yet another sign that they are not a dealer at all. It may also be worth contacting CRiS with the VIN number to find out if there is anything of note against the van, such as a previous write off, flooded, etc etc . As a AWS engineer I have helped several people in similar situations and once the seller is aware of the comprehensive report they have made full restitution to the purchaser.
  13. The answer is "how long is a piece of string?" You have to consider lots of things, the cost of the van, the cost of storage if you cannot keep it at home, Insurance, Servicing, extra fuel when towing and extra wear and tear on the vehicle. Then add in the equipment you will require , gas cylinders, toilet chemicals, water containers, both fresh and waste, bedding, cutlery etc etc etc the list is almost never ending depending what you want. The cost of site pitches varies considerably but generally main sites are expensive, both private and Club sites. However, both clubs have Certified Locations or Certified Sites which tend to very small with very basic amenities water and a waste disposal point but are a lot cheaper. Then take into account that should anything go wrong with any of the van equipment, spares are very expensive. The amount of use you get out of the van tends to dictate whether or not it is reasonable , but it will never be "Cheap"
  14. The only things that affect the value of a van is condition.
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