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  1. The engineer is right. The old style J clips are not strong enough to use just clipped to tow hitch and must be looed back on themselves and clipped to the breakaway cable. The newer style Carabiner clips are meant to be clipped to the towbar mounting point.
  2. That's the best thing to do with it.
  3. No, that would make them 2004 tyres and profile has been part of tyre sizing for a lot longer than that, so they will be 80 profile. Good point about balancing...………..get them done when the tyres are changed.
  4. Exactly right, chassis and axles are either Al-Ko or BPW and the wheels and tyres are brought in from other makers. So they do order them minus wheels and tyres. Also, I am led to believe from what I have seen that the wheel arches are mainly from one supplier regardless of end make of van.
  5. They possibly are, but UK makers tend to stick to accepted "norms", which is to use generally readily available sizes so stick to 80 as the profile. From personal experience on all the different makes of van I have serviced I have never found anything other than 80 profile tyres on UK built vans.
  6. You don't need to use the complete cartridge, just the clear cap part , get rid of the rest.
  7. That's all very well if you live in Germany !! However, the standard profile when not stated as part of the tyre size in the UK is 80
  8. E Tyres and Black Circles have your size tyre depending on load rating.
  9. Don't get carried away with worrying about fine details yet !! First of all most commercial sites and all club sites have mains hook up points, the fully serviced pitches also have their own water supply and waste water disposal, but are more expensive. Most certified locations also have mains hook up points. Only if you go to really basic sites would you maybe not get mains supply. In normal conditions as long as your car has the towing socket or sockets properly wired your car will charge the battery as you drive, and on site when connected to the mains, the on board charger will take care of the battery. In all the years I have had a van I have never needed a solar panel as I have always had a pitch with mains hookup. Generally non mains supplies are on rally fields which only have a water tap and waste disposal.
  10. Yep agree with that, but also as a caravan skin is very thin you want to have a really smooth outer surface on the metal, but with a downcut blade you may get some roughness on the inside, but that is easier to rectify as it is ply faced with a laminate foil. Obviously the choice is yours to make, good luck whichever way you decide.
  11. Use a fine metal cutting blade, mask the whole area where the jigsaw foot will travel and mark the outline of the cut on masking tape to stop the chance of slipping on metal. Cut with a medium speed and let the saw do the work, do not try and rush it.
  12. Probably looking around the £80 to £100 mark for a full inspection.
  13. No, the voltage should jump back almost immediately, with the mover working, not stay low.
  14. These "magic eyes" are a total waste of time. They only look at one cell, the one they are over, which means a fault can be in any of the other cells. It takes some time after disconnecting the mains for the battery to show its true reading, and even then it could be showing 13.5v but not have full power available. If you have a motor mover fitted, without the mains connected measure the battery voltage at the terminals. Now with the mover disengaged from the wheels, and the multimeter still on the battery terminals, run it in either direction and see what the voltage does. If it drops but recovers almost immediately to at least 12 v, the battery is in reasonable condition. If however it drops and stays down, the battery is faulty. I have seen them drop to 2v !!!!and stay there whilst the mover is activated, but recover to 13v once disconnected.
  15. What van is it and what power distribution system? You say you are surprised that a 3.5 year battery would fail. Don't be ! a battery can fail at any time.
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