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  1. It most certainly is the guide bracket for the brake rod and has somehow come undone from the underside of the van.
  2. The boiler water temperature is controlled by the selector on the front of the boiler. Set it to give you water at the temperature you want, if left on Max, that is what you will get. You should NEVER obstruct the water inlet , it MUST be fully open at all times.
  3. Not BNB. BPW is the other main caravan chassis
  4. If you know the size and shape and thickness of foam you need , I can recommend this company: https://www.easyfoam.co.uk/. I have had foam from them for a variety of reasons and it is first class for quality and speed of service, and they can cut any shape you need. They are not particularly cheap, but are very good.
  5. You will have the Alde heating system.
  6. No, there is an upper limit dictated by the axle rating, which in many cases is higher than the advertised limit which is why some vans can have an upgrade , but not normally by a lot. Vans advertised with the lower limit is to attract buyers with smaller engine vehicles which generally have a lower towing limit.
  7. The only people who can answer your question is the actual site owner. Generally generators are certainly frowned upon as they are noisy and annoying, even the so called "silent " ones. If you are camping in a field alone with no one else around you you may be OK, but on a busy site it is certainly not a good idea. Sites that do allow generator use have the times limited to specific times.
  8. Sadly there is nothing available to repair such damage on these windows.
  9. The normal household type 3 Pin mains sockets in a caravan will only work when connected to the mains. There is no way that the 12v DC side of things should ever cross over with the 230v AC things. As far as your mates motorvan is concerned I guess he has an inverter to convert 12v DC to 230vAC, which is why his appear to work on both. As you have bought an older van and by your own admission have no idea about what does what in a caravan I strongly suggest getting a mobile engineer to give the van a service to ensure it is safe to use. He will also advise on any questions you have.
  10. Just to elaborate on this reply. 1 . "Talk to the site owners they will be able to sort it out for you.".........Of course they will, they want to sell you a van 2. "least your have a static that they will approve of." Yes it will, the one they want you to buy and earn commission on it ..... more money to them.! 3. "they should be able to arrange financing as well".... Yes of course they will, even more commission for them.
  11. Just looking at possible finance , If you bought a static at the £40,000 and paid it off over 10 years it would cost you £481 per month, that is a total of £57,000. Add on the site fees, gas, electric connection fees etc etc and you are looking at a huge amount of money for a pipedream of a "Home away from Home".
  12. The best answer is not to buy one to start with unless you like throwing money away !
  13. Buying a static van is something which you must delve into in very fine detail , especially the site rules and regulations. From the very start you are at the mercy of the site owners and to think of buying as an investment is a mistake. You lose money as soon as you sign the contract, and continue to lose money all the time you own it, with site fees , gas and electric costs, inspections etc etc etc. Buying on finance is even worse as you will be very limited as to who will lend the money and what interest rates they charge. Having seen and heard first hand of the nightmares many people have had with the ownership of static vans, my advice is forget the dream, unless you like nightmares.!!!! If you do decide to go ahead, then realise that the costs are not worth the anxiety of finding the money and want to sell the van, then expect to be only able to sell back to the site who will offer you what is basically scrap value, nothing like what you paid for it, then sell it on for the full RRP.
  14. A higher load rating gives you a better margin than the makers original tyres , but will give a harsher ride which is why it is important to have the wheels balanced. Speed rating is somewhat immaterial as the van is limited to 60 mph at the most anyway.
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