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  1. Brecon

    Gas problems

    There is no danger of gas escaping in regard to that picture as the regulator and pigtail are not attached to anything. What is missing is a photo of what is in the gas locker right now. It is possible that the previous owner has had regulator failure and has removed the one in the picture and fitted a cylinder mounted unit instead of the bulkhead mounted one, which as long as it is the correct one and fitted correctly is not a problem. What is not known is whether the OP is trying to use the items shown in the picture. Also, regarding the yellow tap, that is there for test purposes ONLY. It is NOT a main shut off tap and should never be used as one. The only person who should ever use it is a gas engineer when pressure testing the whole system. My advice is to get a mobile engineer to sort out your gas system, it is NOT something you should attempt without knowing EXACTLY what you are doing.
  2. You need to check the clearance of the mover roller to the tyre, it should be 20mm. Your symptoms suggest that the clearance is too small and the roller is not engaging into the tyre as it should, or that you are not putting enough pressure on the lever to lock it into place. They always make a clunking noise on disengagement, as the spring pulls the cam back, make sure your hands are not above the lever, it hurts !!!!!!
  3. Yes , any of the AWS mobile engineers will do a chassis service.
  4. You could try caravan breakers as probably the most cost effective source, otherwise you need to take out a second mortgage for a brand new one,,they are not cheap !!!
  5. There should be a manifold , most likely at the bottom of the cooker with several shut off valves for the various gas items.
  6. The control for the blower has 3 markings on it, A, O and what looks like a tadpole. If set on A (Automatic) the fan will cut in and out as the temperature of the van changes, on the tadpole setting it is on all the time at the speed you set. If you have problems with the way that is working then it may be the switch itself. Probably your best bet is get a mobile engineer to look at it and only replace any item that is faulty, rather than buying bits and pieces in the hope you solve the problem.
  7. Walk away, don't touch it !!!!!
  8. The most common cause of the Truma heater not working as it should is the position of the thermostat, which is located in the wall switch, which is usually mounted close to the fire itself, in a cupboard side wall such as the wardrobe or similar. What happens then is as the whole van warms up, the space where the thermostat is get sup to the set temperature and the fire switches off, but as the van cools down, the thermostat is still in a place that keeps the heat in , and will not switch the fire back on. The solution is to fit a remote sensor to the control box of the Ultraheat (the electric heater) and secure it to the gas sensor at the front , bottom of the fire.
  9. What fuel source are you trying to use? mains or gas heat? The fan runs on 12v and is basically a separate unit to the fire.
  10. If you have a 0 reading then you are not using the damp meter correctly. If you got 0 then the wood would fall apart as even "dry" wood has a moisture content. Pimpling of the wall board is a sure sign of long term damp problems and the wall board is rotten. Quote " The bathroom had a small issue at the bottom of the wall which would need addressing. The wall is spongy with no water or damp to the touch, however read at 70%. " That is anything but "small problem", it is going to be much more advanced and spread than appears on the surface. Walk away,,,it will only end in tears if you buy it !!!!
  11. Given the amount of rain we have had recently , then the couple of days of sun, I expect the high reading is due to condensation in that corner.
  12. An extension lead should always be fully unwound when in use.
  13. A 10 year old van at 23000 is ridiculous !!!!! and when you try to sell it all you would get is scrap value. Whilst the van may be near the amenities now, as it gets older it will be moved further away as it will look out of place, and you will have to pay for the move !! You need to fully read and understand the terms and conditions attached to the van and what happens when, and what exactly you will have to pay. Is it a worthwhile thing, no.
  14. Brecon


    It is a waste of time using salt in bowls in a caravan, in fact it can do more harm than good as any water that does get attracted to it, when it evaporates it will be heavily salt laden, leading to rusting of untreated metal. In a van with no damp present all that is needed is good air circulation. If you have a damp problem then that needs fixing first.
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