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  1. Everything up to and including the meter is the site owners responsibility.
  2. Without seeing the setup it is difficult to advise which to get, there are two versions, Type 5 and Type 7. They are both 200 x 50 but the Type 7 has different components .
  3. Are you sure your van has an AL-KO chassis as Elddis used BPW until relatively recently.
  4. When buying from a dealer your contract is with that dealer, who is then responsible for any problems during the warranty period, which is why it is sensible to buy as locally as you can !! The warranty runs from the day you purchase the van, not on its build date.
  5. The S denotes it is a stepped model, that is, there is a step at the rear of the fridge that allows it to be fitted over a wheelarch.
  6. Very simple answer, get the leak sorted by a qualified engineer and do not use the van until it has been. There will be an isolation valve near the heater, but it may not look like one and needs a special key to operate it. Trying to use it as it is would be very foolhardy at best, maybe leave you dead at worst.
  7. A set of patio doors for a house come in around the £1000 + mark, plus you would have to factor in the alterations to the van, if it is even possible to do what you want. You would need to contact several fitters to get an estimate.
  8. None . Limpets require a smooth surface to work.
  9. What kind of UK gas cylinder do you have? what size, what gas?
  10. No touring caravans have laminate flooring, they do have vinyl flooring pretty much as standard. The reason is that vinyl is waterproof and will not let spills etc onto the wood underfloor. Laminate, depending on how good it is , will warp or swell if wet and it is heavy.
  11. I am somewhat surprised by the mobile mechanics stance. The high level lights are stuck to the caravan with either RV61 or Soudall Fixall, both of which are removable but are difficult and require care. They need to be cut through using a plastic sealant cutter, NOT anything metal. Another way is to use fishing line and saw through it, or dental floss also works. The bigger issue is what you may find once the light is free and it is quite common to find the wiring embedded in the same sealant and the hole it goes into also full of it, then it is
  12. Static vans are not included in the CRiS scheme which is for touring caravans, but as it is being sold by the site then they would have ensured that no finance was outstanding. As far as static vans are concerned regarding annual servicing there is not the same requirement as a touring van, but you will need to factor in annual Gas Safe certification and Electrical testing certification. On top of that there is the normal general checks that you can carry out to pick up on possible problems and get them remedied by suitable people.
  13. Just because it is a newish (how newish?)battery does not mean it is a good battery, they can fail at any time. However, even with the master switch off certain items can still draw power, like the fridge unless that is turned off at its own controls. Also a radio will draw power to retain memory unless that is isolated itself. Already mentioned, if a tracker or alarm is fitted and active, then that is drawing power as well.
  14. All gas water heaters must be balanced flue units , the old style open flue appliances are illegal now and cannot be repaired or fitted. You would be best to look at a Morco unit, which is what most static vans have that provide hot water and central heating. As long as your brother is gas safe LPG certified he can fit the new one, but if he is only NG certified you will need to get a LPG certified fitter.
  15. There is a way to remove the broken plug without damaging the heater. Using a junior hacksaw blade with the pins on one end removed, gently make 5 cuts through the plastic stub. When cutting the plastic it should be a smooth cutting action with no drag, as soon as t you feel the hacksaw teeth drag STOP. Then using a small flat bladed screwdriver, ease one of the segments you have just made out making sure it comes out and not pushed back into the heater, the other segments will come out easier. The thread will need cleaning up and towball bolt will do the job , use
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