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  1. Brecon

    2010 bailey Sancerre wallboard

    The wallboard is actually a foil laminate on 3mm plywood and comes as such, there is no wallpaper as in the normal sense. Probably the best place to try is Magnum Motorhomes, they stock a variety of wallboards.
  2. And your point is??????????????????? In the document it clearly states that caravans and horseboxes will be excluded from the scheme, which is for HGV Trailers.
  3. Brecon

    Twin Axle Questions

    Absolutely OK to jack using the strengthened section as you were thinking. If not there, then under the axle tube just behind the backplate. A trolley jack is the better option, and safer than any side lift type, to jack with as long as the surface it is on will allow the jack to move as the lift progresses to keep the jacking pad in the correct position.
  4. Brecon

    Southern Ireland

    Who mentioned the Isle of Wight, I can not see any reference to it?????
  5. Brecon

    Movers, Spare Wheels and Jacking Points

    The only authorised jacking points on a caravan are: 1. Using the Al-Ko jack brackets and jack. 2. Using a trolley jack directly under the axle just behind the brake backplate. 3. The reinforced web where the axle bolts to the chassis.
  6. Brecon

    Window strips shrunk

    It is a common problem, and yes the plastic strip has simply shrunk. You have two options, well, three actually. 1. Leave it as it is . 2. There should be a decent overlap usually at the bottom under one of the window locks, remove the window lock blocks and stretch the infill out, replace the blocks, but that will leave some screw holes visible. 3. Get some new strip from Seals Direct, or your local dealer, and replace the whole lot, but if you do this, make sure you mark the positions of the window lock blocks first.
  7. Brecon

    How do you measure caravan length

    Only if the box is fitted to the front of the van, if it is separate to the font, ie free standing, it does not count towards body length.
  8. Brecon

    How do you measure caravan length

    Exactly right.
  9. Brecon

    How do you measure caravan length

    There are two lengths in play depending on what you are doing. The law states a max 7mtrs body length, over that and you need a vehicle with a gvw of 3501kg or more to tow it and that measurement is the total body length at the extreme points, so in your case the so called overhang IS included. For shipping length (when booking boat crossings) it is the overall length of the complete van from back to towball. AS for what your salesman is telling you, it is a load of BS and he should be reported for giving the wrong and potentially dangerous information to customers.
  10. Brecon

    Tyrons or Sealant

    The most important aspect of tyre safety is down to the owner carrying out regular checks of the tyres. Keeping them at the correct pressure and looking all over the tyre for faults such as bulges, splits etc. Tyre sealant may be OK (ish) for very small slow punctures but anything that is bigger and it is useless as it just squirts out of the hole. Usually if a caravan tyre deflates it is totally shredded so no amount of tyre sealant will be any good. Tyron bands are a bit like marmite, you either like them or hate them. Their proof of effectiveness is only promoted by the makers, there are no independent verification studies out there.
  11. Brecon

    Fridge vent covers - required?

    It is always worth fitting them to keep the weather out as much as possible, and critters that look for somewhere to hide in winter.
  12. Brecon

    Hybrid swindle

    How does that swindle the Tax man? If the engine stays running it uses more petrol and that means paying more tax.
  13. Replacing the rubber suspension cords on an Al-Ko axle is a job that requires a large press, not only in size but pressing power, something the average mechanic simply cannot afford to purchase. Al-Ko will not sell the cords to just anyone as they deem the process too dangerous to be attempted by anyone other than very experienced operatives with the correct equipment. The old cords need burning out and the new cords are placed in their respective positions, lubricated and then pressed into the axle tube under a pressure, if I remember correctly around 180 tons. Quote " so I should be able to do this myself" Absolutely not !!! Don't even try it.
  14. Brecon

    Caravan materials

    Jablite is just as good as it is basically the same as Kingspan.
  15. Brecon

    Caravan materials

    The floor should be a sandwich of top layer of plywood, then 25mm insulation and bottom layer of marine ply. You could use a piece of 25mm insulation such as sold by Jewson for wall insulation and fix with Sticks Like S*it, again available from Jewson.