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  1. Piccies? Sketch? Back-of-a-fag-packet doodle? How is the chassis bonded to the monocoque? What suspension system? Single or twin axle? Projected weight? Size? Give us a clue please! Is it similar to the old Fibreline caravans or the ill fated Vanguard (?)( Pointy nose effort) shown about 5 years ago? Commander Dave; The IH Monopod is nice but ridiculously expensive @ £41k IMHO. Regards. Col
  2. Hello (Ex) Sooty! What are you doing posting at 01:34 hours? You are right of course, 'experts' are all around us. One thing to bear in mind; 'Ex' is something that was and 'spurt' is a drip under pressure. There is a wealth of information on most forums but occasionally some 'keyboard warriors' will try and convince us day is night and black is white. When anybody says to me "You don't want to do it like that" I bring up a mental picture of one of Harry Enfield's characters and just smile. I'm usually the recipient of such advice, from people who would not know which end of a screwdriver to plug in. .......... Regards. Col
  3. Good luck to you Sir! Exactly the pioneering and inventive spirit that makes us great. Handcrafted accommodation, venturing into lands where the map is marked 'Here Be Dragons' and without an army of servants or the contents of the national treasury. Go for it! (Photo's will be good) Regards. Col
  4. GPS. That is what I said; Or at least it is what I meant. If a Limited company is dissolved/bankrupt then yes you and I agree, it is no more, it is an ex-company. ...................... Regards. Col
  5. I don't think a reborn company can use the exact same trading name as the previously dissolved company. They may add the year in the new name ie: Bloggs (2014) Ltd. or add the word 'New'- Bloggs Ltd. or similar. If Bloggs Ltd. was dissolved then the new company cannot trade using the name Bloggs Ltd. It no longer exists. The only way it can happen is if Bloggs Ltd. went into voluntary liquidation and the owner(s) 'sold' the shares-to whoever-rejigged the directors titles and resumed trading. It is a legalised way of not paying your business debts and if the company own the premises this dodgy way of doing business is allowed to continue.(unless the landlord/leaseholder is not very astute as well). I agree with Wisp Man. I would not do business with serial debt dodgers either. Regards. Col
  6. I still miss my Omega. From memory I think the towing limit is about 1700kg so shouldn't be a problem with most 4 berth 'vans. Excuse me while I go and search through some of my trouser pockets, wardrobe drawers and remove the sofa cushions for lost coinage. ............... Regards. Col
  7. Look on PistonHeads. Shed of the Week (SOTW). It is not a shed. 2001/Y 2. 6 V6 Omega. 69000 miles. All the toys and well maintained. £995. Great tow car-and. .................This one has never had a towbar fitted. What's not to like? Regards. Col
  8. Why do we need an EU Directive to alter licence categories? Do members of the EU Commission tow caravans/trailers? What has UK driver licensing laws to do with the EU? Is the Secretary of State for Transport now an EU delegate? Grrrrrrr!! Regards. Col
  9. BadbackCol

    Sods Law

    We will have to agree to disagree. I can buy 4 good tyres with 4mm tread, no splits or bulges-225/55 xR16-matching tread, for £22 each. I buy them from a company I've used for years and I have no complaints. If the OP is selling or P/Exing a car in the next 3/4 weeks I don't see a problem. Regards. Col
  10. BadbackCol

    Sods Law

    Mike. Local salvage yards are your friend. Part worn tyres/battery and a rear wiper (is it just the arm or the mechanism?) You are going to P/Ex it, just keep it running. Regards. Col
  11. Much wise advice here cugsy. Assert yourself and turn a negative in to a positive eg: 'But my love/sweet/dearest/darling (delete whichever) I remember quite clearly when you suggested we ought to buy a caravan. ...........................' 'Yes I know the weather is warmer is Spain at the moment but didn't you say you liked a traditional British Christmas and New Year'? Failing that. ........................... Foot on throat usually works. . . ...........(Allegedly) Regards. Col
  12. That depends on your point of view. I'm not against roadworthy caravans per se, I'm miffed because MP's regard the HoC as a satellite of the EU parliament and not a sovereign legislative assembly, so they are delegates not MP's. I do not accept the EU has the monopoly on Truth and Wisdom. Regards. Col
  13. There is no 'problem' with the idea of a caravan MOT but there is a problem with Brussels imposing this idea on British caravanners. Let every motoring and caravan organisation lobby our MP's and see if this idea is feasible and cost effective. I want US to decide issues of road and vehicle safety NOT the corrupt European parliament and MEP's who probably have no idea what caravan ownership entails. Just because Germany or France decides to test something why is it automatically A Good Idea it should be law in Britain? Regards. Col
  14. Some dealers offer to deactivate the front passenger seat airbag if a specific child seat is fitted so I cannot see how this makes a car 'illegal' to use on the roads nor subject to an MOT fail (as per Fredsautos post) Regards. Col
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