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  1. I would think fresh air would come through the vents fitted in the floor. Same thing us humans breathe of a night As for freedom to move around, depends on how big the dogs are and also what kind of area they are given i would imagine.
  2. Your van shouldn't snake even if it doesnt have an Alko stabiliser fitted. Many people tow without stabilisers, which are only an AID to towing, NOT a major factor in stability. The Alko website shows how to remove and clean or replace pads. But to be honest if your van was snaking then there is something wrong, and it ISNT down to a small set of nylon discs in the hitch head.
  3. You need to do a lot of research here and be prepared to educate yourself. 136 BHP is more than adequate for your van, in theory. Ive dragged 1800kgs round France on the back of an 1800kgs Shogun Sport with 136 BHP and had not an issue on any hill. The torque level may not be brilliant on the Volvo, and the torque is the factor for pull, BHP is the factor for speed. Rough guide, but accurate. A lot of modern 4x4s are as good on fuel as a lot of modern cars, dont get swayed into the hype and bull that they arent. So have a good look through the towcar section, and take onboard real time advice, not brochure blurb.
  4. Does it not worry you putting on your caravan tyres with known defects, especially fitted to caravans? As for your tyre fitter, i would question the sense of fitting tyres on caravans that have known issues. Or did he mean he fits 100s to cars? Big difference. Either way your a very much braver man than me to gamble with a caravan and family.
  5. Coachman vans maybe finished nice, yup agree with that. But the build quality is the same as other makers. We can sit here all day and discuss faults from ALL manufacturers. Coachman produced real dogs in the 1st incarnation of the Amara and pastiche with cracking side panels, cracking rear panels, common amongst most. But so do other manufacturers. But they aren't the best, and sorry to burst the bubble of anyone who likes to wander round thinking otherwise. They are finished nice. They're construction is on par with others. Foreign vans are far superior (to all UK vans). But the best? No such thing.
  6. How can the cost of refill be the same as what you pay at the moment? Where do you get your LPG from at forecourt prices?
  7. Funny how peple who OWN Coachman proclaim them to be the best. They aren't, fact. They use the same construction methods as other manufacturers, same wood, same plastics and same shoddy build quality. With the possible exception of Stealth, if you want "the best" you buy real bespoke caravans. Or foreign. But dont play the snob factor and say Coachman are, they aren't.
  8. The 7 seater manual is kerb weight of 1961 KGS, auto is 1987 KGS. If you think they aren't heavy enough for most twins, i'd hate to work through your options list when buying.
  9. To the OP: Forget the doom and gloom merchants, if you can afford the Ctek go for it, if not then one of the Aldi or Lidl clones are as good. As a side by side comparison test, the only real difference between Ctek and clones is the Ctek will carry on from where it left off if the power is disrupted, the cheaper ones wont. Incidently the last 5 caravans ive owned, all new, have had one of these chargers fitted instead of the silly chargers caravan manufacturers put in them. Not one single issue. No blown equipment, no wrath of God and no eternal damnation. Buy one, use it, forget about it. (Incidently i teach battery care as per HSE and ACOPS).
  10. If your not a badge snob, Ssangyong Rodius with AWD option fits the bill. Largest MPV on the market, AWD, powerful and nice to drive in auto. Ok, i admit, its not the prettiest thing, but as an all round tool its brilliant.
  11. Dont know why you think a cheaper towcar will be no good Ive just bought, this week, a Mitsubishi Pajero, 95k on clock, immaculate inside and out apart from a few age related marks, 2. 5 turbo diesel auto 7 seater for less than 1200 quid, taxed and tested with new tyres on the front too. The Discovery i just sold i paid similar money for. Selling the Zafira should raise over 2 grand which will buy you a nice motor. I had a massive choice of 51/02 Hyundai Santa fe's for the money i was spending, all average mileage but nice fully loaded (leather, air con) machines. You dont have to spend silly money to buy decent, and current thinking is big is bad, so bigger machines are at rock bottom prices now, a buyers paradise.
  12. Why? The point being? Please dont tell me you think burglars sit there scouring out of date mapping software in the hope of finding a caravan, then drive to the address and see if its still there? This is a joke right?
  13. As long as the mounting point is strong enough, there is no problem. Lots of vans now come with mounts fitted, and tvs are screwed onto the mounts as a semi-permanent fixture, not to be removed and re-screwed every trip. Im currently just planning on fitting an under shelf tv, second one i've done, in my new van. But this will be fitted to the front shelf running across the van. Once its screwed into place it wont be coming off till the van is sold.
  14. . ..................or if you have a life, change the ***** 7 pins over to a 13 pin socket which is a better design, no BRASS pins and locks into place thus no movement or wiggle. Its a 15 minute job. 13 pin is same size as 7 pin, so fits the same mounting holes on your car. If you can count to 13 and arent colour blind its a doddle. pin 1 is xxx colour, pin 2 is xxx colour etc etc etc. P. S. ......... its as easy doing the plug on the van if it still runs 2x7 pins.
  15. If your confident of your skills at manoeuvring the van, and if you have the right car, a front push/tow bar is a better option IMHO, having done motor movers of every kind over the last 6 years. Nothing came close to the ease and ability of the front bar. But it does have limitations, such as if you want inch perfect accuracy then go for a fixed mover, but if you can drive your van into position, consider a front bar. A lot lot cheaper, circa £150 so would leave you money for an awning too.
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