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  1. I want to replace the kitchen window concertina blind in a 2006 Sterling Eccles Topaz. Does anybody know where I can get one from and how difficult is it to do?
  2. Can I ask the make of the mover?
  3. When driving in France two things come to mind 1) They wait for a blind bend to overtake 2) Left hand indicators don't work
  4. This is the information I got from Truma Truma Superstore We recommend that you use 2 litres of white wine vinegar diluted into 10/12 litres of cold water, introduce and leave in the system for 4 to 5 hours without heating and then flush through. This works for me, I feel that the 50/50 mix may be a tad strong, remember you can allways do it again Enjoy France
  5. I'm with Dave in that If I've nothing worthwhile to say I keep quite, therefore I am a lurker
  6. hdj


    Can anybody help with the name of a decent caravan storage near Cinderford in Gloucestershire
  7. Info gleaned over time and from Truma CHECK THAT THE DRIVE ROLLERS ARE NOT APPLIED Check that the safety plug is in Press the reset button and hold down - red LED flashes slowly - after approx 5 seconds the LED starts to flash rapidly. Release the reset button then WITHIN 10 SECONDS HOLD DOWN THE REVERSE BUTTON ON THE HANDSET, SIMULTANEOUSLY SWITCHING ON THE HAND SET. The handset and the control unit are synchronised to each other. After successful synchronisation the Red LED flashes rapidly TRUMA TROUBLE SHOOTING 1 Are the remote batteries in good condition 2 Is the caravan safety plug in 3 Is the caravan battery in good condition Perform a reset (approx 10 secs) Remove and re-connect the safety socket OR Move isolating switch to "OFF" then back to "ON" OR Briefly disconnect battery When the motor mover fails it gives off a diagnostic blinking code on the relay board, if you can locate this for us and tell us the sequence of 8 short and long flashes we will then be able to help diagnose the fault with the mover. You should be able to see the red light in the top left hand corner on the relay board Hope you get it sorted
  8. hdj


    Does it sound like the pump it working but no water is coming through?
  9. I haven't got one but a good mate has and he thinks it's great
  10. hdj

    Truma Mover

    Thanks for the helpful advice, especially about the aerial - I'll take a look when it's a bit warmer.
  11. hdj

    Truma Mover

    Did all that, new batteries in remote, caravan battery tested and in very good order
  12. My 6 years old Truma SE Mover is giving me problems. Every thing is plugged in, turned on as per manual but the handset just bleeps for about 10 secs then turns off. It's like the handset can't communicate with the control box or the control box is ignoring the hand set. Then when I'm just about to adjust it with a hammer it works - it's driving me nuts. Any constructive advice would be welcome
  13. Thanks Deeps, that was one of my choices, I'll give it a go this summer
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