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  1. Have you got a battery for the van plus Aquaroll, waste containers!!!! Enjoy the trip back, Set off early if you can the M6 round Birmingham gets very busy friday afternoon and you ahve to watch your lanes .
  2. Houghton Mill near Huntingdon CC site is good, pub in village is a short walk
  3. Year - 1994 4 berth Single axle Mass in Running Order (Kg) - 850 Mass in Running Order (Cwt) - 16. 7 Maximum Allowable/Authorised Weight (Kg) - 1060 Maximum Allowable/Authorised Weight (Cwt) - 20. 9 Internal Length (metres) - 5. 28 Internal Length (ft in) - 17' 4" Shipping Length (metres) - 6. 77 Shipping Length (ft in) - 22' 3" Width (metres) - 2. 13 Width (ft in) - 7' 0" Awning Size (cm) - 941 Awning Size (in) - 370. 5" Layout - EW
  4. have a look in Maplins, I'm sure they sell it
  5. Or do you have any mains operated lights or a microwave to msee if they are working
  6. As said above dont take any notice of thne person, I think most people do typos all the time I certainly do. There are loads of decent folk on here so dont be put off.
  7. Sounds like its clogged up with waste food fatty stuff etc, find something to block up the waste ( an expanding wine bottle stopper works) outlet then use something like dissolved soda crystals or a drain unblocking product to fill the system & leave for an hour or two. then flush out. I do mine about once a year. Careful if the drain is also connected to bathroom sink as they are often lower, I managed to flood bathroom cos sink overflowed as I filled Kitchen one!!! OH not impressed!!!!!
  8. Gas on when we arrive off when I leave, Why would it only leak at night? You would smell it if you had a leak. a more serious problem is carbon monoxide . All new vans now have a carbon monoxide detector fiited . I put one in mine last year for peace of mind.
  9. I’ve made a frame that will hold the bike in the van in the front dinette area that incorporates the Thule cycle carrier but it’s a bit cumbersome and very heavy. Youb are probably exceeding your noseweight doing it this way. I put them on the roof and tell them. When you drive up they put you in a lane thats appropriate for your size & height. Never had a problem.
  10. We all get it wrong at times, Usually when folk are watching like when I'm trying to reverse onto my drive. No one around perfect first time!!!! If youre lucky and struggling someone will come and give you a hand. Tip if you have someone with you. - If they stand by your door facing the van and guide you back. If they say left then turn wheel to left & vice versa. Take it nice and slow, you can always pull forward & try again. Pushing a van on gravel is not easy the jockey wheel often digs in. .
  11. You dont say if you have a part Ex. I usually ask the price to change if I have, that is the £'s you are going to have to pay. Start from there and ask for more,you know what you would like & he will know his margin so hopefully you will meet in the middle somewhere. On my last purchase he asked " what would it take to get you buy today the silly fool cois I was more than happy with his offer already. I got a towbar & electrics thrown in!!!!
  12. Depends on what fridge is fitted . if its the one with a digital display you switch between 12V ( battery symbol), mains & gas with the grey button on the left.
  13. Just cashed in a few hundred Euros that we goyt lasy year whilst it was low, Dont need any this year. made a nice profit !!!!
  14. Youre looking at £1000+ for that awning that size I'm afraid
  15. Some pics have been released of the 2013 Coachman amara see http://www. caravanblogger. com/new-2013-caravan-models-watch-this-space/
  16. Doesnt look like they are going in for the panoramic window at the front like Swift & Coachman. judging by the locker doors across the front.
  17. Are you closing the lid to hold it in place. On mine you pull the flap down to the top of the connection and it holds it in. Also a bit of Vaseline round the O ring may help but make sure you don't pick up grit etc on it.
  18. As with anything getting the right gear does not come cheap unfortunately. What you need is " breathable" gear a coat and perhaps a breathable T shirt as well to wick the condensation away from your body. They really do make a differance to keeping you cooler and not sweating . Have a look on ebay I picked upa £100 Rohan jackets for £30 looked like it had never been worn. Also places like Matalan sell golf shirts which are often breathable. Regatta stuff is not a bad price andf often reduced
  19. Are the vents clear at the back to the outside. ( not left winter covers on) For it to work efficiently the needs to be a flow of air across the fins at the back of the fridge. Some folk fit 12V computer fans at the back to increase flow especially if going somewhere hot abroad.
  20. We used to do it this way now just use as two singles & we both sleep better
  21. Just changing my 3 year old van for new 2012 one whose list price was a lot higher than the original 2009 one and my insurance has come down £25. Now £290. Apart from Alko wheel lock ( i used a clamp before) the security is the same and contents cover etc.
  22. Find something to block the outside waste outlets up. I found that one of those wine bottle stoppers with a expanding rubber bit works. Then use bleach solution or puricleans to fill the pipes from the sink. Be careful I slightly flooded the bathroom as that sink is lower than kitchen one and they use same outlet. leave for a while & flush through after removing bungs. Find it works well to get rid of all gung & smells. Usuall do once or twice a year when the van is at home for a short while.
  23. There the Grouse & Claret site www. grouseclaretpub. co. uk/ at Rowsley near Matlock in Derbyshire. Very near to Chatsworth which is open up to Christmas & well worth a visit as they do the house up with hundreds of decorated trees etc. Not sure if site is open at Christmas though.
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