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  1. You dont say whether its a " brand new" van you are getting James If it is then you will get whats required to fit into the Aquaroll with the van. Whether that is a pump on the end of the pipe or just the pipe plus a filter to put in the aquaroll or similar . You usually get a length of drain piping with it as well supplied. Plus the mains hook up cable. Why do you want to link the containers? a full one will last at least a day with normal usage, less if you shower. Plus you will have to empty the waste container anyway unless on a serviced pitch.
  2. Not knowing your exact model of car it matches up Ok on CC car match as long as you watch the nose weight. Match report The Club advises that a Vauxhall Zafira Club 2. 2i 16v Direct auto (2009) is o. k. to tow a Bailey Orion 450/5 (2012) 1 Kerbweight ratio: 84% The caravan's laden weight is within 85% of the car's kerb weight, and therefore meets Club guidelines. 1 Towing limit ratio: 86% The caravan's laden weight is within the car's stated towing limit, and therefore meets legal limitations. 1 Gross train weight ratio: 96% We do not have a gross train weight figure for this car. There is a small risk of the car’s GTW being exceeded if both car and caravan are heavily laden, as some car makers define GTW as less than the sum of the car and the caravan’s fully laden weights. However, we judge this outfit unlikely to suffer this problem. To be absolutely sure of not exceeding this legal limit, though, check the car’s GTW suitability by referring to the retailer or maker (or the weight plate on the car, if available). 1 Nose weight ratio: 120% The car's nose weight should be fine to safely tow this caravan. If this figure is high, however, (typically over 100%) care will be needed to load the caravan so that the car’s nose weight limit is not exceeded, but this should be practically achievable. Aim for 5-7% of the caravan’s actual laden weight without overloading the car. 1 BHP per ton : 49 The car’s engine power should be fine to safely tow this caravan.
  3. from all the above posts it would seem the salesman cant win, If he offers assistance hes too pushy and he if leaves you alone then he isnt interested. !!!!!! Being in sales myself ( not caravans) I would say that he should let them know hes there if required and only offer assistance & advice when requested. some dealers keep stock locked outside so you have to ask for the key. We recently bought a new van and I had set my heart on one model but when I asked for the key he offered advice on looking at X, Y & Z as well . We bought Z as it was better decor and generally more for your buck!
  4. Sounds like a good buy so welcome to the world of caravanning and enjoy it.
  5. Fine solo but when you add 2 or 3 bikes plus caravan onto the back your backend might be bit low and headlights glaring into space.
  6. have you looked at this site http://www. leisureshopdirect. com/caravan/ventilation/seitz_windows/Seitz_S4_Hinged_windows_700_x_450mm_-_750_x_600mm. aspx looks like you can buy windows from them if you know the size
  7. naw wrong approach. You should have let the have that pitch, then when your friends were there sat around at the front of the van with loud music on talking loudly & drinking till early hours ( you might have done already) Add a riot shield to the order!
  8. Why not the roof . Ive got a Mazda CX7 which is just as high as a CRV & used to have an S Max and carry 3 bikes on the roof, use caravan step to get them up & off. It just the middle bike which is a bit awkward to manhandle, the other two are right at the outside edges. You can often pick up cheap roof bars & racks on ebay They are out of the way locked on the rack,. on the back as you say there are noseweight issues and risk of catching the van on corners.
  9. I would question why the original poster wants to do a deal in Norfolk when he lives in N staffs? any savings he might make are going to be lost if her has to run halfway across the country for after sales/warranty work. I would much rather have my dealer close by and build up a relationship with them . They know me and I know the service manager by name so if I want something looking at they are usually happy to oblige, . Rather than chase round the country trying to save a few quid. Same applies that i would never buy at a show. I know I'm from Yorkshire but saving a few bob is not everything !!!!!
  10. On alot of caravans the alarm control box is often mounted on the floor near the battery box & fuse box . if you are going to put it ALL the time the van is unpoccupied then you will need a permanent 12 V supply, my new van has the PIR sensor mounted low down at the front below the drawers but my last van it was on the roof. can you run wires to the back of the awning light switch. use white trunking to hide wires if neccesary running behind cutains or up side of floor and wall lockers
  11. But it has been reported on here of OH standing guard ona pitch whilst the partener is possibly at the back of the queue to check in. If some one did that to me and the other van wasnt even checked in then I'm afraid I would just pitch there and say you cant reserve a pitch cos you arent officially on the site until booked in. If they are booked in then thats another matter,
  12. How are you to know a pitch is occupied by a motorhome thats gone out? They should leave a marker or something on the pitch. I would be most annoyed to pitch then go to the office to get toilet/barrier key and find its been allocated. There has been talk on here recently of OH going and reserving pitches whilst other one checks in. thats not on at all.
  13. I reckon its about 1 in 30 so not much of a slope. if it was 28% then thats a differant matter
  14. Ive got a brand new Alko towball that I dont need as I ve got a swan neck. You can have it for £15 plus cost of postage, its quite heavy so I dont know how much it would cost.
  15. Riverside CP or Clumber Park - Worksop
  16. Can also recommend Camusdarach Campsite on the same road. Plus I understand they have got a new toilet block since I was there just above the beach where they filmed Local Hero!
  17. On our storage site I'm sure it says in the T & C's that your van must be covered by your own insurance.
  18. After watching a prog on toilets on BBC 2 last night it looks like dry composting loos will be next to save water . you can spread it round the wardens roses!!!! Wonder if Thetford are onto it for next generation eco carvans
  19. There is the Sherwood Forest caravan site at Old Clipstone, www. sherwoodforestholidaypark. co. uk/ not been for a few year but its in a lovely situation. in the Maun Valley. Also just outside in Worksop see the Riverside CP nice quiet site in middle of worksop next to canal & river. www. riversideworksop. co. uk/ Good luck, dont forget the bikes!!
  20. personally I wouldnt have gone that way . I usually go across the A66 to Penrith & up the M6,M74 then head up towards Stirling. Lot better roads with motorway & dual carriageway most of the way. Newcastle can be a pain and up to also edinburgh & its Ring road to the bridge.
  21. We were on a site in the yorkshire dales once and nearly every evening there was a mass water fight with water pistols ( which the site sold) involving most of the kids on site. All the adults just watched or joined in. Lovely warm evenings it was nice to see so many kids fun and getting soaked!!!!!
  22. if you feel you are competant disconnect the mains electricity and check the wiring behind the socket to see its its wired properly would be my first step. If its tripping the fuse with everything thats plugged into it . then it sounds like something is not wired properly . have you just got this van, if from a dealer take it back form checking under warranty
  23. If youre worried about insurance issues having it hitched why not get it in position so you just have to drop it onto the towball. Tthe hitchlock could be on overnight then. Though my hitchlock can be used when hitched up. Though I have to havewheel clamp on as a condition of insurance.
  24. You know what they say:- No such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing! You're away from home, phone ringing, jobs to be done, the TV etc relax
  25. I have been on Clumber many times and never had any problems. The only thing with it that mobile signal is very bad there & since our son doesnt come any more we like to keep in touch. go to the old schoolroom tea shop at Carburton, can recomend the home baking!!!!. Its out of the site and keep going down Limetree avenue out of Clumber a little bit till you get to it at a crossroads. dont forget the bikes, cycling is wondrful there. you can hire them though.
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