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  1. I got a set supplied with a new van some years ago, just keep taking them off and putting on next one, so recycling as well! A sharp tap with a hammer gets the pin out, never had to buy any more new pins yet!
  2. So if it goes missing you will go round the site inspecting everybodys Aquaroll & Pump. !!!!!!! Dont make me laugh. You would be better witha splash of Bright paint or similar
  3. Theres a new Coachman with rear singles coming out soon I beleive might fit the bill. We think they are better screwed together than some. I see you are in Holmfirth, probably worth a trip to the show in Cottingham, hull early september then you can comapre side by side.
  4. Where do I place my order for an Isabella awning!!!!!! only joking of course
  5. We find its alot better as two singles, We sleep a lot better and one doesnt have to climb over the other to go to the loo.
  6. Using that pistol grip you could probably make your own mains water inlet for use on a superpitch if you could get a in line pressure reducer. Anybody got any ideas?
  7. In our last van a 4 berth we just put them on the side berth seats & table. Or if the son was in it the cushions went on the kitchen oven surface with glass tops down & back cushions just on floor at side of berths stood upright. Dont even turn seat over as the roll keeps you in bed. Just got a 2 berth so will let you know after this weekend where we put them in that.
  8. Been caravanning about 30 years here & abroad and never had anything nicked etc, Just switch pump off lock door & go. I put the alarm on though now Ive got one even on a Cc site. Last van (elddis) had dark windows so you couldnt see in easiliy but new one you can so will put tablet & Mp3 away. Do folk put a TV away move sat dish etc when out, we dont ever take one so dont know.
  9. Just a thought but would it be possible to programme a learning remote control you can buy for your TV etc. Anybody any idea.
  10. Sounds like the element has gone, cos you should feel some heat coming out of the vents when its on. Have you checked the power supply to the fridge, there should be a fuse box somewhere .
  11. Luckily we store our van at the back of the dealer so they can do it during the week when I'm not using it.
  12. If your van has a solar panel connection point does that mean it has the regulator built in as well or do you need to get one
  13. As said above if you wait for a 2013 model then yours is a year older and worth less and the prices of new ones will prob go up as well. Weve just got a cracking deal on a 2012 One. Plus the dealer got another 460/2 from coachman straight away & sold that straight away. They have also just got some "special editions" in of the Amara's so if anyone round S Yorks is looking for one head down to S Yorks Caravans in Dinnington. So Coachman must still have stock of 2012 models that will need offloading. Unless of course they just change the upholstery etc if thats all thats happening on that model and casll it a 2013 model.
  14. I got the figures from the CC matching service. But guessed on year of car & van as 2012 models a she didnt say.
  15. I was always under the impression that the van should tow slightly nose down. If the ball is too high then it stand to reason that the avn will be nose up. So the wind will get underneath and tend to cause a lifting effect, thus making it unstable
  16. I always use Fenwicks Caravan cleaner ( neat to remove stubborn marks ) & then Bobby Dazzler afterwards to maintain the cleanliness. Hi woodie I hope you are going to carry on nin the games section after youve got your VW campervan. Are you Purting surfboards on the roof!!
  17. Havent you looked in Towsure or Go outdoors seeing as you are in S yorkshire.
  18. Echo Fenwicks caravan cleaner and after its clean Bobby Dazzlet to keep it looking clean
  19. Liked the Mr Bean bit !!!! & the flame at the ned was brilliant & artistic. Should have buried Sir paul under the hill as said above Anti climax!. Sheffield got a good showing at the opening ceremony with Sarah Stevenson, the Artics & Seb Coe!!!!!!!! but then again Its the hub of English Sporting Excellance!!!!!!!1
  20. I use same technique as above, use Fenwicks cleaner first sprayed onto the roof left for a few minutes then agairted with wet brush to remove grime, rinsed. then sprayed again with Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler. It seems to stay a lot cleaner as does the van using bobby dazzler. Get the van with one end lower using legs so the water runs off easily
  21. They are usually held in place by a couple of straps or bolts at each side. You then remove the chest & put a cushion in.
  22. Was this direct from Thetford? dont you have a dealer that can nget ypou one near home.
  23. Whose not we almost always use CC sites!!!
  24. I would never use CIf or Jif because they are abrasive and will take the shine off, Best thing to use is neat Fairy liquid on a cloth
  25. Dont direct the jet to close to the sealants on awning rails etc or you might cause a leak in future. Ive always been wary of using my pressure washer on the van.
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