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  1. We lookled at the Sprites recently but decided that the finish in the Coachmans was a lot better. also looked at Sterlings and thought they loked like a budget airline inside with some cheap looking plastic mouldings.
  2. Or this lot http://www. caravan-components. co. uk/ http://www. caravanningnow. co. uk/caravanning/faqParts. htm
  3. I could do with some more legs as well mine are a bit creaky and cant walk so far these days. Hows her new ones does she look nmlike an 18 year old again in them!!! Oh you mean for the table.
  4. It looks like a Storm trooper from Star Wars at the front. What are they thinking of? The Coacman full width panoramic window is a lot more stylish. and youve got a full width shelf inside
  5. But again youre going to get the Brid day trippers and it can be a bit slow getting round Brid with the roundabouts to the Scarborough Road.
  6. Depends on how warm & sunny the day is with the day trippers. if youre getting up there after lunch you should be Ok
  7. I admire your cheek, but good on yer! Changing subject slightly. the first thing I do when I get anew car or van is to take of those stickers in the back window. Theyve got their name on the number plate anyway. Though SY caravans have stuch a small 4x 3cm badge just to the side of the door that wont come off without leaving a mark.
  8. Looking on street view it doesnt say no caravans but there is a sharp bend halfway down. Its up to you but I would go the A64 way, straighter road less twisty doesnt go thro so many villages so hopefully be able to cruise along, unless you get stuck behind a slow caravan!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Depending on the time of day the roundabout at the end of the York bypass gets busy but otherwise the road is usually Ok. Youre on holiday relax and go with the flow.
  10. Sounds good to me. thats the way we go from Sheffield. The alternate road via M18,to howden & then onto Driffield means coming down & up Staxton hill which is a no go for caravans as its too steep.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesnt the Ranger have a big front woindow? Wind pressure on your way home might have caused it to start cracking and it slowly crept after youve got back.
  12. Thats not the point! What was the percentage of those who had serious head & neck injuries wearing hats against not wearing them.
  13. UK made caravans are not designed with strengthened backs to take a bike rack generally. This has been discussed on here several times if you do a search . The other issue is with that weight on the back it could make the van unstable ( tail wagging dog springs to mind) and cause snaking and give a light towball weight as well.
  14. It is fixed now recorded some last night. have you got your box set to Auto update?
  15. Try a caravan breakers, otherwise its going to be about £250 ish, Amazon sell them
  16. Dont think its a factory fit option. looks DIY I wonder where they've put the internal bit. ours in the office are about a metre long x foot wide. If you have roof lockers round the van?
  17. Worth more than that on the free advertising that you are doing for them whilst using it. I often look at the hitch covers to see where folk are from on a site as I walk round.
  18. I can wheel the Aquaroll in one hand and the wastemaster in t'other no problem so just one trip. & if necessary carry the loo tank on top of the wastemaster. Dont sell your house to develop it!!!! I think dragons den will say I'm Out!
  19. Sat in work wondering if the rain is going to stop by the weekend as we are off to Poolsbrook CC site and wanted to take the Cadac.
  20. Just had a look on the CC matching service & if Ive got the right models its a No Match report Download report The Club advises that a Fiat Brava 100 16V SX (1998) should not tow an ABI Award Tristar (1993) 3 Kerbweight ratio: 119% The caravan's laden weight is more than the car's kerb weight. There is significant risk of stability problems, especially at higher speed. The Police may consider this combination unroadworthy, and it is illegal for drivers with a standard car licence issued since 1st January 1997. 3 Towing limit ratio: 118% The caravan's laden weight is over the car's towing limit, which the Police may consider unroadworthy and which may invalidate the car’s insurance. It is not usually practical to lightly load the caravan to mitigate this issue. 2 Gross train weight ratio: Unknown We do not have a gross train weight figure for this car. There is significant risk of the car’s GTW being exceeded if both car and caravan are heavily laden, as some car makers define GTW as less than the sum of the car and the caravan’s fully laden weights, particularly for cars with more than 5 seats. To avoid exceeding this legal limit, we advise you to check the car’s GTW suitability by referring to the car retailer or maker (or the weight plate on the car, if available). 1 Nose weight ratio: 130% The car's nose weight should be fine to safely tow this caravan. If this figure is high, however, (typically over 100%) care will be needed to load the caravan so that the car’s nose weight limit is not exceeded, but this should be practically achievable. Aim for 5-7% of the caravan’s actual laden weight without overloading the car. 2 BHP per ton : 39 The car's engine power is quite low to tow this caravan. It may be sluggish and uncomfortable on hills or at junctions. B+E Licence required Please check the maximum combined weight of the car and caravan (car gross vehicle weight + caravan MTPLM). If this exceeds 3500kg, then you need to have a category B+E driving licence. If you obtained your standard car driving licence before 1st January 1997, you already have this – if not you will need to take a B+E test to legally drive this outfit. Glossary of terms Fiat Brava 100 16V SX (1998) Make Fiat Range 100 16V SX Model Brava Year 1998 Fuel type Petrol Transmission type Manual Body type Hatchback Kerb weight 1090. 00kg Towing limit 1100. 00kg Gross vehicle weight Unknown Gross train weight Unknown Nose weight 70. 00kg BHP 103 RPM for maximum BHP 5750. 00 Maximum torque 144. 00 RPM for maximum torque 4000. 00 More info Overall height 1413. 00mm Overall width 1741. 00mm Overall length 4187. 00mm Engine size 1. 60 Driven wheels Front Number of doors 5 Number of speeds 5 Self levelling suspension No Stability control Not Available Trailer stability prog. - Transmission description Manual CO2 Emission standards met E2 Trailer braked % incl. Unknown Trailer unbraked % incl. Unknown ABI Award Tristar (1993) Make ABI Range Award Model Tristar Year 1993 Type Caravan Berths 4 Number of axles 1 MTPLM 1300kg MIRO 983kg User payload 317kg Hitch limit 0 Shipping length 6. 19m Overall width 2. 16m Overall height 2. 60m
  21. Looking elsewhere on this site your vans spec seem to be ABI Ace Airstream 1995 Show as metric Year - 1995 2 berth Single axle Mass in Running Order (Kg) - 789 Mass in Running Order (Cwt) - 15. 5 Maximum Allowable/Authorised Weight (Kg) - 1000 Maximum Allowable/Authorised Weight (Cwt) - 19. 7 Internal Length (metres) - 4. 04 Internal Length (ft in) - 13' 3" Shipping Length (metres) - 5. 58 Shipping Length (ft in) - 18' 4" Width (metres) - 2. 19 Width (ft in) - 7' 2" Awning Size (cm) - 794 Awning Size (in) - 312. 6" Layout - EK
  22. I got a great deal a month ago on a 2012 van, If you are looking for a specific layout or have a model in mind look now as they wont be making any more 2012 ones.
  23. If its never been used you may find that the sidewalls have grooves worn in them depending how tight it has been fastened into the rack, I think someone posted ages ago that his was worn thro to the braid cos it was loos in the frame and vibrated around and wore the sides.
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