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  1. We lookled at the Sprites recently but decided that the finish in the Coachmans was a lot better. also looked at Sterlings and thought they loked like a budget airline inside with some cheap looking plastic mouldings.
  2. Or this lot http://www. caravan-components. co. uk/ http://www. caravanningnow. co. uk/caravanning/faqParts. htm
  3. I could do with some more legs as well mine are a bit creaky and cant walk so far these days. Hows her new ones does she look nmlike an 18 year old again in them!!! Oh you mean for the table.
  4. It looks like a Storm trooper from Star Wars at the front. What are they thinking of? The Coacman full width panoramic window is a lot more stylish. and youve got a full width shelf inside
  5. But again youre going to get the Brid day trippers and it can be a bit slow getting round Brid with the roundabouts to the Scarborough Road.
  6. Depends on how warm & sunny the day is with the day trippers. if youre getting up there after lunch you should be Ok
  7. I admire your cheek, but good on yer! Changing subject slightly. the first thing I do when I get anew car or van is to take of those stickers in the back window. Theyve got their name on the number plate anyway. Though SY caravans have stuch a small 4x 3cm badge just to the side of the door that wont come off without leaving a mark.
  8. Looking on street view it doesnt say no caravans but there is a sharp bend halfway down. Its up to you but I would go the A64 way, straighter road less twisty doesnt go thro so many villages so hopefully be able to cruise along, unless you get stuck behind a slow caravan!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Depending on the time of day the roundabout at the end of the York bypass gets busy but otherwise the road is usually Ok. Youre on holiday relax and go with the flow.
  10. Sounds good to me. thats the way we go from Sheffield. The alternate road via M18,to howden & then onto Driffield means coming down & up Staxton hill which is a no go for caravans as its too steep.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesnt the Ranger have a big front woindow? Wind pressure on your way home might have caused it to start cracking and it slowly crept after youve got back.
  12. Thats not the point! What was the percentage of those who had serious head & neck injuries wearing hats against not wearing them.
  13. UK made caravans are not designed with strengthened backs to take a bike rack generally. This has been discussed on here several times if you do a search . The other issue is with that weight on the back it could make the van unstable ( tail wagging dog springs to mind) and cause snaking and give a light towball weight as well.
  14. It is fixed now recorded some last night. have you got your box set to Auto update?
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