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  1. You can unplug the thermistor, this will give an error code 13, ignore this, this will put the fridge into default temperature settings. If the fridge then cools change the thermistor.
  2. This site is very good, it’s normally accurate or very close https://www.tyresafe.org/caravan-tyre-pressure/
  3. Often on the N112 the PCB in the back of the fridge gets damp, sometimes running on electric drys it out. Other times it would be a case of replace the PCB. Another issue they can suffer with (if around 2008/2009 vintage) is high CO levels due to mild steel burners being fitted, not that should cause it not to hold flame.
  4. Assuming the battery charger is turned on!
  5. You can change the smart switch for the older pressure switch that fits in the same place, it’s dead simple to replace, dealer if asked may supply one for you to fit.
  6. Could be positive is attached to negative and negative to positive on the push connector in the cassette holing area, seen this scenario a few times.
  7. caravanpanels.com do fibreglass replacement sinks at a reasonable cost.
  8. NCC and AWS are in essence the same, as in the AWS is owned by the NCC, Caravan and Motorhome Club and Camping caravan club. Manufacturers quote NCC but they actually mean AWS, so could be said to be who to look at.
  9. Local dealer charges are here https://www.highbridgecaravans.co.uk/services single £259 + parts so yours isn’t that far away price wise
  10. What model fridge is it, it’s always useful to include this info and often the product number can help as well.
  11. There is the brick on the back of the fridge, the panel tells the brick what to do, generally the front panel is at fault. having said that….if you have the battery pack try new batteries, I had this come up last week, it shouldn’t really make a difference but it did 🤔
  12. Press and hold the on off switch for about 2 seconds…,just until you hear a beep, if the fridge turns off turn the fridge back on snd try again. if there is still no joy switch off the 12v on an isolator if ther is one and try again
  13. Yes they are plug and play. It makes no difference between the manual and auto the panel just tells the brick what it is. it is currently out of stock with Dometic, this would explain why there is a long lead time
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