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  1. I have used the Lock n level to change a wheel, fit the Alko locks and to level the van. Just drive onto the device and stand back while the compressor does the hard work, so easy.
  2. We took early retirement 13 years ago and started spending part of he winter in Spain and the Portugal. It started as a 6 week trip in March and has grown to a September to April duration. We now tend to go straight down to the Algarve where we meet up with friends we have come to know over the years and have a very active social life. People ask if we get bored with being in the same place for so long, but we realy dont. We look at it as living the same as we do in the UK, but warmer. We found that we could leave the caravan and the car on our very safe site and fly home for Christmas very reasonably. After few weeks with the grandchildren we are more than ready to head back to the sun in January.
  3. We stayed on a few Aires some years ago and were not robbed. We woke up a couple of times with a sore head and a bad taste in our mouths. I believe that this was caused by the exhaust from freezer trucks running their engines while parked up during the night
  4. The first weekend we had ours I needed to remove one of my wheels to check on something. The Lock N' Level allowed me to remove and refit the wheel without use of a jack. It also performed flawlessly when leveling the van. First class piece of kit.
  5. "Turiscampo" just outside Lagos. This has to be the best site on the Algarve, and among the best anywhere. It's not the cheapest at 370 euros/month but it is well worth it. The site is well maintained and the staff are friendly and helpful. There are large areas of waste ground just outside the site where most people walk their dogs. Praia da Luz is a 20min walk away. Plenty of supermarkets in Luz and Lagos. We have been going to this site for many years and cant recommend it enough.
  6. The Fleetwood Owners Club are now on Facebook. This is an ideal place to go for any Fleetwood based queries and problems solving, with many helpful and knowledgeable members. If they get 100 likes they get their own URL so please so please search for Fleetwood Owners Club or paste - https://www. facebook. com/pages/Fleetwood-Owners-Club/311540082348456?ref_type=bookmark
  7. Always set up at the other end, unless the water and chemy is at the other end. Don't see any point in struggling with water and waste if there is no need.
  8. I quite agree KNARF mine are the same but I feel very uncomfortable having to carry originals of passport MOT and license. It would be a veritable gold mine for an identity thief.
  9. In Portugal you have to carry all your documents in the car by law. This includes log book, insurance, MOT and passport, photocopy is not accepted. For years I did not carry mine in the car but hearing of this law I started doing so. Just a few days later we were stopped by the police for a random check, and they went right through the documents. Very glad they were all there because there is a fine for every document that is missing. It goes very much against the grain to carry all this stuff around in the car, particularly the passport. Car gets broken into and you have very real problems.
  10. Just had my Lock n Level delivered and it looks a great bit of kit. It seems to be very well made and the instructions are clear and concise. Cant wait to try it out at the Fleetwood rally next week.
  11. I have the 2008 Heritage and the microwave comes out very easily. Remove the 240v plug in the wardrobe the unscrew the 2 screws holding the trim at the bottom of the microwave. Open the door and you can access 2 screws holding a bracket, these are removed and the microwave just slides out. You can now get at the alarm. There is a multiplug in the cable leading to the alarm and this can be disconnected. There is a procedure to reset the defaults using this multiplug and if you let me know I can send the details to you
  12. I can endorse Caravan Panels. They re-engineered a new rear panel for my van in grp
  13. I set up the van for 6 months on our seasonal pitch in Portugal using Fiamma Stabilising steadies. Bit of a fiddle to fit but they need no further attention for the winter
  14. Would you walk away and leave a compressor inflating a tyre? The result could be the same.
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