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  1. Car towed fine in the end. You know something is on the back but was perfect for my Bailey. I would say averaging about 30mpg when towing too so happy days. Must say the westfalia detachable is the best tow bar I have had. Looks good attached and almost invisible when detached.
  2. Is there a small tap like device near your heater, somewhere in line between the intake and the tank? This controls my flow rate in my Bailey? Was barely trickling out the taps till I altered settings on this tap?
  3. No fishing, just up with wife and little one at half term. We've suffered badly with the frost though as just found a crack in the bathroom tap, it's shared with the shower so on a long hose so not end of the world with that one. Can wait till I get home to replace it. I guess -15 was a little too much for the old girl last winter! Lol, likewise. I'm firmly in the pay for somebody to do it mold, but there is great satisfaction when you can do it yourself
  4. Believe me at home the air would be blue, I'm an average DIY er (at best lol) but there is something about the outdoors that helps. That and the fact boss lady thinks I'm ace now so might get away with a lot this week !!!
  5. 1st trip out this year, up a Hoddom Castle, Dumfries. Thought I had checked all systems at home as put the water through etc, but I swapped my crystal filter as the last job. Pitched up yesterday and primed the water only for a small spirt coming into the van. Switched off looked closely at intake and the thread was all cracked with a hairline right through. Boss lady said she could cope without but decided it was an easy enough job, quick trip to Dumfries Caravan Centre for a filter housing and some sealant. Anyway all installed, sealed and working. Pitched next to a nice old chap (absolute immaculate setup) who watched every step and said "you've done a good job there". Feel proper hard core now! And not a single swear word uttered.
  6. Once I finally located it tells me 1900kg for fully loaded car and 3200kg for car and trailer. That gives you the 1300kg quoted in the manual, no mention of the Tow Bar limit on the vin plate but happy with 75kg quoted in the manual, will just start using the nose weight gauge again.
  7. Thanks, I figured as much but thought it worth asking the question. First run out next month so we shall see
  8. I had a post back in November about thinking of swapping my CR-V to a 99g co2 Volvo because as a company car driver I wanted to pay as little tax as possible. Well I've had the V50 for 6 weeks now and while it's a massive change from the CR-V and stop/start took a little getting used to, not to mention the high gearing (could be interesting come tow time) but boy am I happy with the change to my pay packet Well there was a slight panic when the car arrived and I started to read the manual and it quoted limits for a 1. 6 engine of 1200kg max tow and 50kg Towball limit. Well I almost cried because all the way through ordering (and I asked) the quoted limits were 1300kg tow and 75kg Towball limit. (My Bailey is 1200 MTPLM so 87%) Turns out the 1. 6 quoted in the manual was the Petrol version and all the Diesels are 1300kg - 75kg or better as you move up the engines. Hugh sigh of relief anyway as the Diesel limits are almost identical to the BMW Saloon figures I started towing this van with when we bought it. One other question about towball limits though, I have a really nice Westfalia Detachable towbar fitted, and although they had to cut the bumper slightly (loads of plastic to reduce drag in the drivE models) it is only slight and the towbar is almost invisible. Well the figures quoted on the towbar state that the towball limit is actually 100kg? This seems odd to me as they know the car it is being fitted on and will have their quoted figures? Or this is normally the case as it will fit all the range and some have better limits for the bigger engines? So if the limits are different you always go for the lower one quoted? Time to look out my towball weight gauge, not used it since the BMW days as was a little blasé with the CR-V
  9. Thanks, my boss just got one of these and loves it, the gearing is something I will have to get used to, same with the Stop/Start but we only tow 3-4 times a year so is something I can put up with.
  10. Quite similar so great news thanks. I really got used to checking the noseweight when I towed with the BMW as it was 75kg too, so I'm quite adept at knowing what it needs, plus I've gone to calorlite since then too. Although as yours is a 2. 0D and not the 1. 6 it may make a difference? 30-37 mpg towing will make a big difference to the CR-V lol, we took it to Spain a couple of years ago and struggled to average 23-24 mpg, was filling her up every 250 miles. I know what you mean with the mp3, I've had that since the BMW too (put that in myself as was before the aux input you get nowadays), I'm taking the Audio upgrade with the Volvo so it has the USB slot so you get to use the steering wheel to change your ipod :-) My boss just got the C30 drivE and said it was superb. I think I will be telling VW to keep their Tiguan then and swap over to the Volvo next week. No wonder you don't see many Tiguans on the road, it takes a patient person 8 months to wait for one. Been doing the figures on the V50 too and will be saving another £70 a month in BIK tax than the Tiguan, and I was saving over £120 a month on the CR-V with the Tiguan !! That is like a massive payrise and getting a new car to boot.
  11. As posted above these are the figures from the Volvo Website MAX POSS TOWING WEIGHT, BRAKED 1300 kg MIN. KERB WEIGHT 1413 kg MAX TOTAL WEIGHT 1900 kg MAX ROOF LOAD 75 kg http://www. volvocars. com/uk/all-cars/volvo-v50/details/pages/technical-spec. aspx I'm satisfied it will do the job and absolutely loving the fact I can get my BIK tax down from 26% to 13% with that car, not to mention over 70 mpg on the combined cycle.
  12. Thanks, that is what I thought, HPI just started a few alarm bells, I can only think they have the wrong data which is quite poor for a paid service. It is amazing what they are doing with the diesels at the moment to get the emission down. Volvo do a V70 with the 1. 6D engine and it still looks quite responsive. Plus while you take it with a pinch of salt they claim 80 mpg in the extra urban cycle in the V50 Drive !!
  13. I am a company car driver and currently being crippled for tax with my Honda CR-V, I have a VW Tiguan on order but VW are being complete jokers and I am expecting deliver in March 2011 for an order in August this year. I tow a 1999 Bailey Ranger with MIRO 954kg and MTPLM 1230kg I'm thinking of cancelling and ordering a co2 efficient Volvo to save on tax and cannot for the life of me work out the correct figures for towing Volvo official figures say this: MAX POSS TOWING WEIGHT, BRAKED 1300 kg MIN. KERB WEIGHT 1413 kg MAX TOTAL WEIGHT 1900 kg MAX ROOF LOAD 75 kg Whattowcar. com reports: The match between car and caravan is perfect in accordance with a mix of European standards. However, according to the British Towing Code the percentage (loaded caravan / kerbweight tow car) is 86% and give 3 1/2 stars with a towing performance of Good (Index of 55) While not brilliant it is quite acceptable and I've been towing for 5 years now so not a complete novice. However I still had some searches for HPI Towsafe so thought I would throw the details in there !! They report 3 red DANGER verdicts and 1 yellow caution claiming that the maximum possible towing weight of that car is 800kg !! Does anybody out there tow with this vehicle? I have towed the caravan in the past with a BMW 2. 0d with no problem and of course the CR-V didn't even feel like it was towing. I realise the Volvo is on the 85% threshold but the official figures look ok? I can only think HPI Towsafe are using wrong figures or the unbraked figure?
  14. I am busy specing up my new Tiguan to replace my CR-V and happened to notice the following in the pricelist (dated 1/6/10) Towbar - retractable 2 £425 + vat In the small print: 2 Please note there is no functionality to power interior caravan lighting, fridge or charging of auxillary battery. So it looks like they are covering their bottoms in the small print now. It is all slightly annoying though because the factory fit price is £500 inc vat, but if you go from the options book as a dealer fit then it jumps to £682. 50 for the towbar and then another £351. 50 for 13-pin electrics !! As mine is a lease I will try the factory fit with 13-pin electrics and see what they come up with in the quote. Glad I noticed the smallprint though and I knew there would be a discussion about it on here.
  15. Oh joy of joys, looking like this has just happened to me. Switched fridge on a couple of weeks ago on drive and just come to load up the food today and it's not cold inside even though the mains light is on. Read several posts and its obvious its the element. Trouble is we leave at 6am tomorrow for an Irish Sea ferry !! Mrs Blue out getting the food now. Going to crank up the gas (fingers crossed) and at least get it working, then we will just have to freeze all our freezer blocks tonight (we use loads for a hesky cooler we have) and put these in before we leave tomorrow. You have to laugh, we were travelling fully stocked for the 1st time due to how expensive Ireland is and now the fridge is not working.
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