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  1. I had the same problem on our 2010 Challenger 570, we had a few small cracks around the back handles, a couple around the front locker lid and a couple along the top edge of the front windows, pic attached. They were pretty small and the dealer assured us they wouldn't cause any water ingress as they were gel coat cracks only and not the actual GRP panel. These all appeared when the van was around 15 months old, the dealer actually said that Swift only covered this for the first twelve months as it wasn't classed as a water ingress fault, however down to goodwill the dealer repaired them un
  2. Awful news, always remember having the dreaded phone call from our previous (previous for the obvious reason) storage compound, on New Years Day many years ago, told us there had been a fire and around 20+ vans had burnt to the grount, they advised us to check the van ASAP to see if we had any damage and note it for insurance. Walking through the compound was horrendous, remains of caravans with just the oven and chassis remaining. We were lucky that our van was 1 in from the end of the fire but it was just so sad to see the other caravans and owners arriving to see the remains of their prid
  3. Have used bedding for the last 20 years in the caravan, cost-wise it works out around the same price to use bedding rather than sleeping bags as a good comfy sleeping bag can cost anywhere between £50-£100+ and bedding is easier to strip off and wash at the end of each trip. Prior to owning fixed bed caravans we would always make the front bed into a double each night, once into the routine it's not to time consuming as long as you get the bedding as simple as possible - we always used and still use a roll up mattress topper on the base, fitted sheet and a duvet. A fixed bed is a bit
  4. Luckily never had a battery explode but have had 3 batteries boiled dry, oddly all in Bailey caravans as well! First time this happened was with our Series 5 Senator Louisiana, the mains was left connected for 6 weeks over the summer, brand new battery. At the end of the Summer I unplugged the mains and the 12volt within the van all went dead immediately, master switch was on but no reading on the voltmeter. The main 12volt fuse was blown. Opened up the battery locker and the battery was covered in a black soot. Opened up the cells and they were all dry! Charger diagnosed as faulty and
  5. Hi All, Yes there are no valves just an internal or external pump 3 way rocker switch. Our previous 2006 Senator Series 5 had the various valves and just the onboard pump with a filter tube that would go into the aquaroll. Initially I thought the system in our current Senator was better as it didn't involve having to remove the cushions etc to adjust the valves to fill the tank but now i'm not so sure! I had another look at the system and it would appear that there must be a non return valve inside the interior water pump. Oddly when I tried to blow back through the pump it was ok a
  6. Hi All, Bit of a long story but thought it was worth mentioning. Back in March I brought the van home to clean etc after the Winter, there were a couple of jobs that needed doing including fixing the front chest of drawers which had a loose base. I decided to remove the complete drawer unit to carry out an effective repair. Much to my horror, as I lifted out the drawers I could see that the 50litre onboard COLD water tank was full to the brim! We rarely use the tank (only once last year) and I am always sure to drain it. I couldn't believe that the tank was full and horrified that
  7. Tumble dryer. Only use CC sites anyway which all tend to have laundry facilities. Have a small rotary line for drying things in Summer but at this time of year it's often easier to throw everything in the dryer.
  8. SWMBO won't re-use a towel so once used/damp they go straight into the laundry bag under the bed, same applies for dish towel! After dishes are washed the towel goes in the wash. We keep the hand towel on the rack next to the bathroom sink which has a heater blower beneath it so this usually stays dry. Means we end up with a load of washing every few days. On the plus side we never have wet towels hanging around the van! Probably OTT but if she had to use a towel more than once without washing it the caravan would probably end up on eBay :/ !
  9. If the budget will stretch its worth getting the Isabella straps. We had the guy lines but as mentioned, 2 are required per pole to keep it stable. However, the straps are very good, only one needed per pole and it's very easy to tension. Ian
  10. MattAce

    Setting Up

    Getting the van outside the house last weekend, the tyres get over the dropped kerb but the jockey wheel has to go over the full kerb height (van goes in at an angle). I usually position a levelling ramp on the road so that the jockey wheel goes up the ramp and straight onto the pavement. However, last weekend it was raining and I couldn't be bothered to get the ramp out, so while SWMBO was using the mover to move the van I lifted the front up so that the jockey wheel was on the pavement. Seemed so easy and saved a lot of time. Until the following day when I was hobbling about because my ba
  11. The motorhome Fenwicks cleaner seems to be a pink liquid colour, yet the caravan Fenwicks cleaner is yellow liquid. . . . . . Cleaning performance seems the same, both are very good! Ian
  12. We have an Isabella Shadow, what a fantastic sun canopy! I will actually admit that since we have owned it, I have sold both the Isabella full awning and our porch awning. SWMBO still thinks we have the porch awning but I am confident that the situation to use it won't arise in the near future! We bought the Shadow sun canopy to use on the last night of long holidays once the awning had been packed away or for weekend use over the Winter just to have some shelter by the door to remove wet coats, shoes, dry the dog etc. However, it's ease of use and versatility means we used the o
  13. Good luck with the motorhome and hope you have many enjoyable trips. We have caravanned, motorhomed, caravanned, motorhomed and now back to caravans in more recent years. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. We thoroughly enjoyed the years we had with our motorhomes but as holiday requirements changed, so we felt the need to change back to a caravan. If we had more time to tour abroad then we may well consider a return to motorhoming in the distant future but for now caravanning suits us. Ian
  14. I have just spent the whole day getting our Senator upto it's "as new" condition again. Over time the side panels had a dull oxidised look and bad streaks from the windows. I firstly gave the van a thorough clean with Fenwicks caravan cleaner, once the caravan had dried the side panels looked exactly the same. So I gave the van a good polish with Care-avan caravan polish, my arm wasn't upto the job of polishing the whole caravan so I gave the van a good light coating of polish and then buffed it (LIGHTLY!) with a small electric polisher. Gave it all a clean off with a clean sof
  15. A couple of months ago I was travelling along the motorway (solo) when I noticed a leisure battery on the carriageway, a couple of miles later I overtook a caravan which had the battery locker swinging open and the battery cables dragging on the road! The Heki rooflight was also open, bouncing open and shut. At 70mph I was doing the same speed as the driver, SWMBO tried to get his attention to notify him of his issues but he assumed that we were giving him abuse! Ian
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