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  1. robertm

    Bed Strut

    Ah right, i think i may have gone too far there. I took the circular spring clip off completely. That's why i struggled to get it back on. Looking at it now i can see the two ends of the clupjust grip the neck of the ball. So, you only just prise it back slightly, enough to pop the ball out. Is that correct?
  2. robertm

    Bed Strut

    Thanks for that. Managed to get one end off an back on again. Bitch to get back on mind you! Is this how they are meant to be changed? Or should you be using the nut and fitting the complete part?
  3. robertm

    Bed Strut

    No, its a threaded end with a nut to turn it in. I changed my Heki skylight the other day and that one was held on with pins that you had to pop the ends off.
  4. Hi Has anyone ever changed the bed gas strut on a Pegasus II Verona? I thought it looked straight forward, until I realsised the size of the gap I had to fit a spanner in. It's about the width of a bike spanner but mine dont have the correct size. think it's about 11 or 12 mm.
  5. Reading this reminds me of a trip we had several years ago. Probably about 2013. We were travelling down to Paris from Calais and heading for a site called Des 4 Vents. Lovely site been there a few times. We had my Sister in law and Brother in law behind us with their van in covoy. They had never been before so were leaving it to the 'experts' to lead the way. Anyway at Charles De Gaulle airport you have to take an exit off the motorway and head off to the site. We took the exit just before or after, can't remember which and it took us right into the airport road network. The trip around the airport roads was completely one way and it seemed like we travelled miles before coming out the other end. Had quite a few strange looks as you can imagine as it's not ofter you see two cars towing caravans travelling in convoy around the airport!
  6. on https://gov.wales/coronavirus-regulations-guidance touring caravans are mentioned. It says: Will touring caravan parks be allowed to open? We are working with the tourism industry to look at how we can begin to reopen parts of the sector over the next three weeks ahead of the next review of the regulations by 9 July. This will be considered as part of that review. Lots of sites jumped the gun and immediately announced that they were opening. The CCM club took about 5 days until they announced that they would be opening. I have a feeling they waited until they know for sure.
  7. The same in wales. I've never voted Conservative myself but I think if Boris said that Christmas Day was on 25th December, Drakeford would say that it's not the case in Wales!
  8. I'm in the same boat only haven't used since October. Trouble is i haven't got access during the current climate due to it being a club site storage .
  9. How restrictive is it on the size of glasses it can store?
  10. That's exactly the type of thing i'm after.
  11. After any ideas. We prefer to drink out of real glass as opposed to plastic. How does everyone store them during transit. At the moment they are sort of wrapped in fleece blankets in the wardrobe but its not ideal.
  12. I'm thinking of using the Birmingham Cc site in December for the Christmas markets. This begs the question, serviced or non serviced pitch? I'm thinking, with the serviced pitch, there is a long length of thin hose that could potentially freeze. Also, if I go non serviced, should I lag the filler tube from Aqua Roll to caravan?
  13. Not sure of the model. It's the basic Domestic you get in a 2011 Bailey Pegasus
  14. Can't explain this one. Had the van serviced last weekend and parked it up in storage for the week. Hooked it up Friday, switched the fridge to battery, and towed the 30 minutes to our site for the weekend. Set up the van waste, water, electric etc. We then notice that the kitchen towel we had put in the freezer compartment following our last outing a few weeks ago was iced up. How can this be using only battery on a 30 minute tow?
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