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  1. How restrictive is it on the size of glasses it can store?
  2. That's exactly the type of thing i'm after.
  3. After any ideas. We prefer to drink out of real glass as opposed to plastic. How does everyone store them during transit. At the moment they are sort of wrapped in fleece blankets in the wardrobe but its not ideal.
  4. I'm thinking of using the Birmingham Cc site in December for the Christmas markets. This begs the question, serviced or non serviced pitch? I'm thinking, with the serviced pitch, there is a long length of thin hose that could potentially freeze. Also, if I go non serviced, should I lag the filler tube from Aqua Roll to caravan?
  5. Not sure of the model. It's the basic Domestic you get in a 2011 Bailey Pegasus
  6. Can't explain this one. Had the van serviced last weekend and parked it up in storage for the week. Hooked it up Friday, switched the fridge to battery, and towed the 30 minutes to our site for the weekend. Set up the van waste, water, electric etc. We then notice that the kitchen towel we had put in the freezer compartment following our last outing a few weeks ago was iced up. How can this be using only battery on a 30 minute tow?
  7. The igniter in my Pegasus has become very temperamental. Sometimes you hold down the button and it eventually starts to spark. Sometimes, nothing at all. Other times, it sparks immediately. Is there a battery, or does it work off the 12v? Anyone else had this problem?
  8. CC site in Gowerton had plenty on the weekend and when i purchased one i asked about it and was told they had heard nothing of the stoppage.
  9. We have a Dorema, and there is a tag on the inside that specifies the awning size. ie, 10, 12. 14 etc. These sizes can then be used to find the measurement range.
  10. We use something with a very similar connection to the quest one. We had it from Lidl sometime ago but this looks something similar https://www. amazon. co. uk/Quest-Multifunctional-Electric-Cooker-40/dp/B00GTRQHQ4 As its deep, with a lid, you can cook the normal things like bacon, sausages burgers etc, but its also good for currys and stir frys. Not sure whether ours is quest though.
  11. No, not ever seen it myself either. It was just that in my Brother in laws Sterling, he says has two fuse boxes. One for the caravan, and one for the road lights etc.
  12. Had a couple of Baileys now and can relate to the fuses always being in the same place. Can anyone tell me though, where the fuses are for the external road lights?
  13. robertm

    Which Cadac

    I had a carri chef for about 7 years. ..until last summer when someone took a fancy to it and took it from outside my caravan in Bournmouth. I haven't bought a new one yet but i'm sure I will.
  14. ok, so I've got the shampoo and the polish. Is the was to use the High Definition one? If so its extremely expensive! I notice there's a product called 'Extra Gloss Protection' by Autoglym. Will that do basically the same job as the wax?
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