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  1. Not so on that leak ridden Hobby we bought, we had a wonderful swimmng pool where the bed was supposed to be when it rained however that has nothing to do wth ths topic. regards, Ian. For iinformaton my new car has a dashcam ftted as standard, it ie a Citroen Aircross. So it looks like they are gettng ther heads together to minmise hit a nd run incdents.
  2. what a good idea, fromm somebody who happened upon an RTC many yeasrs before mobles. I was travelling from Home to Moretom in Marsh, in a Brgade staff car, when found the incident involving casualties and managed to get on the brgades rado scheme (Qxfordshre I thnk). All went well untl I was asked for the address and I had no idea. I was ona country road and that's all knew. Luckily a postman came rounf the corner and he was so knoeledgable he could name the Fire Staton cat! So this is a very useablle tool, now how to get one that can tell the 1000th caller that we arealready attendng t
  3. I often wondered, when doing my LGV training if there was ever a time when you did look where you were going. I was taught that on approach to an obstacle you check your mirrors, during the negotiation of the blockage, mirror mirror, and after negotiation of the obstruction, mirror mirror. Mind it was a long time ago so things may have changed since. Please people don't say that I should know whether or not things have changed in the LGV driving world as I have given up my license due to lack of use and Parkinsons (just heading off trouble at the pass). regards, Ian.
  4. Hi, we use our van around 5 nights every week, winter included. and I can report that there has been no damp reported on its service, regards, Ian
  5. Us outdoor types may need to know this, the qualities of a good knot, It is easy to tie, easy to untie, serves its purpose; and doesn't damage the line. . ...........and if one finds the appropriate knot is too difficult to tie return to the good old stand by . ....the Granny knot.
  6. Hi Steve, Yes it is just a saying which, along with many others a re quite ridiculous when taken literaly. To put it into context hoe many people look both ways before going through a green light? I do, and why? There may be a vehicle who's driver has not seen the red light. that is not exactly to be expected generally. we were going to an incident and went through a red light a car stopped to allow us to do so but the car behind didn't. That driver never expected the car in front to stop, obviously. It is a way of saying be prepared for anything, regards, Ian
  7. . .....................Surely concentration goes hand in hand with the other three?
  8. Hi, Just a minor issue with the reflectors. .........are they not part of the lighting regs? Therefore if not in the correct place are you committing a crime? I did this on one of our vans and though I was told about this at the service I left it in place and was never pulled. Fir future reference dents and dings can be covered up with many different things, a member of our club now has an extra frige vent instead of a large gouge on his motorhome, regards, Ian.
  9. I always maintain that driver's should expect the unexpected. This comes from attending many incidents where, when talking to the drivers (those who could talk) to be told that I didn't expect this or I didn't expect that to happen. Well maybe if they had anticipated the unexpected there would be less collisions. This is not a rant just sensible advice I hope, regards, Ian
  10. Hi Lutz, I was under the impression that theh plated weight was used regarding the maximum authorised mass and eligibility to drive such vehicles in this country, regards, Ian.
  11. In my case of the van unhitching we had travelled from Teesside to Melrose, up hill and down dale, without a problem, it was only when on site the van became detatched. That takes some explaining without using the phrase, 'A deliberate and malicious act.' I'm not saying that there are people who would do this but I now check everytime the outfit is left and, on one occasion, the handbrake mysteriously engaged itself. The common denominator in both situations? Well there were children playing at the reception parking area and some were hitching a lift by grabbing at the van so they g
  12. The upgrade is required because, when towing, the potential weight of the van is used not the actual weight at the time of inspection. So you could be pulling a van weighing 1400kg ( but is plated at 1450kg,) with a car which has a towing limit of 1400kg and you would not be legal. This is the reason for the lower limit used by some manufacturers. If the van was plated to 1400kg then the outfit would be legal. Therefore there is a greater market for the lower plate vans and for those who want the greater weight can, in some cases, upgrade to the van's full weight potential. I have done
  13. If this were a 'common sense' issue then the drivers who pull out would surely use their mirrors to see what is in their destined lane. In the case of a collision I wonder who would be deemed at fault, the vehicle on the slip road, the lane changer or the driver in lane 2? Of course it is nice to be able to move over and be courteous and assist others but not at the cost of safety, regards, Ian.
  14. This is one of my pet hates eg, I was doing 70 in lane 2 when an idiot in lane 1 doing around 50 pulled inn to my lane to let a car onto the motorway! So I related this story to some people in the pub and frighteningly 8 out of 11 drivers said that the other driver was right. Even a traffic policelady was ignored. She turned to me and said at least we'll never be out of work with idiots like these on the roads. If they had read the Highway Code they would know the truth. .............they all must have missed that page, regards, Ian.
  15. The only way to be sure is to have the whole lot done at once avoiding the need to take your van in every 6 months and avoiding the worry. What is it worth to you to know that your van is fully waterproof? I don't know how handy you are but it is not an onerous task to take all the rails off and reseal it yourself. Start with the smaller rails so you get some practise before doing the awning rails, regards, Ian.
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