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  1. My husband is 6ft 7and a quater don't for get that haha we have a Bailey ranger 500/5 its fine does have to bend his head a little but we love out caravan with our 3 kids but if you have an awning on plenty plenty of head room in there
  2. Thankyou We are towing with a bailey ranger 500/5. Having a trial next weekend as its a new car so fingers crossed. xxx
  3. Hi as anyone towed with a Kia carens 7 seater 2 litre diesel car. Thanks xx
  4. [Hi i have a bailey ranger 500/5 and was wondering if anyone had the same van as me with that size of awning as i like them. Does it fit ok as i herd differnt one says it fits others say no so can anyone help me thankyou.
  5. thanks for that i have just ordered mine all u pay is 4. 95 for postage will be so handy when ma kids sta at my mums as they dont have broadband and when were away 4 weekends thanks again
  6. Hi just back from easter week away in cmy caravan brought home and when bringing into drive way scatched window againsted the wall Are they anything i can do about this?anything that can take them out? Im so mad i did this <_<
  7. sandybay6

    Easter Hols

    im going to witches craig nr stirling with my kids going for a week. I will go my self and my husband only gets fri and mon off so will get some piece and quiet or not with 3 kids on tow
  8. sandybay6


    Does any 1 tow with a belingo we have one its a 2lt desiel.
  9. Loved reading them all. tears rolling with laughter, especially the one with the couple who brought everything with them including the lawnmower. so i still have time to add more stuff in my van then he he he
  10. I bought a set last yr from aldi but it was very light beige so when i come home from being away i need to scrub them. But the corners kept comming up and moving . Bought new set the other day but in a chocolate colour so hope fully u wont see the dirt as much with my children. I would like a runner from one side to the other but cant get one that length has any1 got one like that
  11. Hey Aldi are selling carpet runners with rubber backing for 5. 99 today they come in black brown and a beige colour i got 2 brown ones for my caravan as having 3 kids i like to keep my carpets clean.
  12. was there about 1year ago enjoyed it very clean and the toilets are beautiful think they got best loo award My kids enjoyed it i was thinking of going around that time was it expensive?
  13. Hi I bought one last yr the one with the washing in one side and the spinner it is a god sent i did my washing late at nt hung out next day and dry especially when u have 3 young children and away for over 2weeks. for weekends and short breaks i dont bother taking it.
  14. I have drove away leaving our step not realizing until we reached next destination. silly me Also not long noticed that i have an extra space under my oven yes after 6 month reading a caravan mag and they were looking in it I had to run down to where my caravan is stored to see and yes I had one too. O but best is my hubby said as they do I KNEW IT WAS THERE ALL THE TIME trying not to look daft hah
  15. I have a bailey ranger but in the 5 berth bought last yr and it is agreat van and me and my family all love going our holidays in it and wk/ends, we bought this after some yrs of a trailer tent. Had to bother with it can wait till we go in it again. hope u get what ur looking 4 best of luck
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