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  1. you could always park in asda at jn 17 m5, people stay there overnight when traveling down and its open 24 hours, mike
  2. oh as for the chain idea i wouldnt use this my self because of some of the clips on utube showing how quick they can cut through gold secure chain for motorbikes with bolt cutters, they were big bolt cutters mind, and i have steel wheels so couldnt get the chain through anyway, but its only a personal desition. mike
  3. i have two wheel clamps, a hitch lock and 2 corner steday locks, its also enclosed in a shed with hitch post and padlock, and takes 10 mins to get the dam thing out through the doors to, i think with our steady locks would be able to be undone by molegrips on the screw shaft, its just the amount of time it take to do it that makes me feel better. mike
  4. i use a high mount bike rack on mine, which rests on the back of the car not the tow ball, which solves the nose weight problems, and being a high mount one keeps the bikes clear of the caravan when turning. mike
  5. you could always go up the a34 to m40 then m40 to m5 then uo the m6, just another way to the motorway mike
  6. you have road works just after jn 8 on the m5 and there were some at around jn26 m5 to, other problems would be just the normal traffic hot spots. mike
  7. an led on would las alot longer so why not get that one, you could also just buy a bulb or led from somewhere like maplins and change just the bulb. mike
  8. you could try either warren farm or northam farm, in brean but have good wash fac for young kids, loads of room for them to play and warren farm has a soft play bit both have small play parks too. there not far from unity which someone else has said about, mike
  9. i would of gone mad about that, 4am is not a time to let people on to pitch, as any form of pitching makes alot more noise than people think, as for people starting to move at 4am was he having a laugh, i get up early for work but wouldnt think of pitching or packing at this hour. mike
  10. you can use vasaline but after along time the petrolium in it will damage the rubber, better to use ptfe lube or the auto glum stuff. mike
  11. if you want an awning that wont give you a devorce id just not get one, youll always find some bit of it to argue about. mike
  12. the hitch lock would not stop the unit and tug coming apart, its on for the time when im stuiped and forget to put the lock on when needing the loo or littlen kicking up. mike
  13. when fueling just find the pump with the most straight forward exit, i try not to fuel with the van on but sometimes you have no option, i wouldnt worry about blocking the back pump either you have the same right as anyone to be there, now as far as im aware fueling at the HGV pumps is not the best thing to do as the fuel in these pumps has a different amount of detergents to car fuel, i dont know if it does any damage and have not heard of any just something to watch for. mike
  14. http://www. waudbys. co. uk/products/details/17935. html this is £30 for 100 metres of rail insert, they used to do 25m for about £8 might be worth phoneing them see if they still do. mike
  15. my partner and i are young ish me at 28 OH just over 30, you find what ever site you go to there are alwys people who look down on you just because you look young, just ignore them, most of the people are great. our caravan isnt the best looking in the world either and a twin axle and you should see some of the looks we get when we get out the car with a dog and 2 kids just ignore the people there normally the ones with there head right up there backsides. mike
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