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  1. dave11a


    I was going to say are they left hand thread or right hand thread ones but as you didn't contribute to the thread then I can't can I.
  2. I posted (13) regarding speed limits as per your original post and yes I agree about the bad driving you should be far enough behind to stop and being an advanced driver very often the 2 second rule is not enough of a gap.
  3. The van is stopping at home this easter and we are flying off early Easter Sunday morning for 2 weeks in a nice hotel in Marbella.
  4. I get annoyed every time I use the south bound section of Lincoln bypass there is a couple of sections that are de restricted duel carriageway. One section is downhill with a speed camera so traffic is happily going along at 70 mph when some plonker spots the camera and hits the brakes hard to slow to 60 mph, others just ease off to go through at 60mph then accelerate back up to 70 mph. I have seen several cars parked up in the layby about half a mile further on inspecting the damage to their cars.
  5. I agree with Dave and for my two pennies worth I would send it by registered post so they can't say I Know Nuffink never received you letter.
  6. Your car insurance covers you if your van hits say a car or someones wall and will pay for the 3rd parties repair but you will have to claim on your caravans insurance to get that repaired.
  7. Ha ha I needed a week reading the book then throwing it away and then play with it to sort it out. I must admit most cars I have had in the last 10 years it's been the same procedure. I had it cracked after about a month even sorting out storing local stations into a different favourites group whenever I go away with the van.
  8. True it was nice to see Lewis and Nico fighting it out all the way after the saftey car and the battle behind them. I just hope the other teams catch up with Mercedes so as not knowing the 1st and 2nd results before the start.
  9. Nope a nice leg of lamb or joint of beef slowly cooked for me mmm getting my tastebuds going now shame we have no sun to go with the bbq.
  10. Even live line tapping or drop out fuse replacement gave you a tingle on the back of the neck when you were soaked through and that was standing on the floor with about 7 mts of the fibreglass rods (should have cleaned and polished them shouldn't I )
  11. If your van is as your info says a 2007 Ace Award Tristar then as Kirkcaravanservices says no as there should be a bulkhead regulator fitted something similar to this. Note there are various inlet pipe sizes and a job best left to a lpg trained engineer.
  12. dave11a

    Toyota Recall

    Not sure but the last 3 new cars of various makes I have owned have all had at least one. This one had to have a sotware update to stop it going into limp mode intermittently at 3 months old. I must admit none of my cars showed any of the faults etc that the recall was for I think it's part and parcel of owning a car nowdays. Well said
  13. Just seen on the news that Toyota are recalling a 6. 4 million cars with about 350 thousand in the uk with a lot of models of their cars and rav4 mentioned for an airbag problem. According to the news it can even break steering columns it's a foc repair and will take about 4 hours so if anyone has a toyota might be worth getting in early with your dealer to beat the rush to see if you are affected. http://www. bbc. co. uk/news/business-26950970
  14. I've bought her a bigger case on 4 wheels now so she can move it easily 😀
  15. The oh bought some so she could get more clothes in her suitcase when we fly off. First time away great she got her case packed all nice and neat but she forgot to pack the vacuum to shrink them for the return journey so some of her clothes unded up in my case again. We tried them in the van a couple of times for storage and they both let air in after a while so gave up with them. As for shrinking a memory foam topper I would think you would need very strong bags and a powerfull vacuum to even shrink them at all.
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