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  1. Yes your correct. The longest pigtails I can find are 3 metres.
  2. Yes I thought that may be the case. On ebay they seem to only sell the male cylinder connection with the regulator. All I was after was the male and female connections to fit on to some pipe.
  3. Never heard of safefill . I think for the moment I'll wait until the bottles come down in price. Also there doesn't seem to be any places that I could refill close to me. Definitely something to keep an eye on. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for that. I'm on a seasonal pitch. I've noticed statics have large cylinders outside. I may have a word with one of them next time I'm on site.
  5. Hi, I would like to connect a larger propane gas cylinder. My regulator is in the gas locker. The cylinder will stand by the jockey wheel. I can connect to the cylinder with regulator and pipe that I can buy on ebay, but it doesn't have a fitting on the other end to connect to the caravan. Buying a long pigtail might not be long enough. All suggestions welcome.
  6. Thanks for that. We sold our eEddis Odyssey 2004, didn't realise how good the seats were until I compared them with the Coachman seats . I now know the Elddis seats were the sprung type, no comparison.
  7. Hi Ian, just curious, what would be an average cost? I know every caravan is different. I have a 2017 Coachman Laser 650 and the front seats are very soft.
  8. Phil37

    Drain down

    I'm in Wales, the caravan is at Bank Farm on the Gower near Swansea. Mr. Drakeford put the whole of Wales in tier 4 with 6 hours notice. He's not too popular, it's very bad governance.
  9. Phil37

    Drain down

    I certainly will keep you updated. I'm hoping to get to the van next week. My traveling reason is I have to winterize the caravan. If I get stopped, I've been self isolating and couldn't get there sooner. I don't know what other people think but I'm sure the police could find better things to attend.
  10. Phil37

    Drain down

    Thanks for that. Yes I've seen something like that. What's so annoying the Coachman hand book says very little just says pump switch. I've looked all through YouTube and nothing to explain the functions of the control panel.
  11. Phil37

    Drain down

    Hi BOAC, because it's a hour and a half from my house I haven't been able to get to know the caravan, especially with restrictions. With it having a truma ultrafiow pump in the aquaroll and a whale pump for the onboard water tank. I've read that I should run the whale pump dry with a pipe disconnected to get the water out of the pump. How do I switch from the truma exterior pump to the whale interior pump? The control panel has a pump switch, but will it give me the option to choose either? Sorry for the long winded question, but it could help me when I go up next week. Thanks for any advice.
  12. Hi, I've just bought a 2017 Coachman laser 650 . This is a much more modern caravan than I am use to. I was hoping to get some advice on how to drain down. With my last caravan I just opened the drain valves, left the taps open and removed the Carver filter. The onboard water tank is new to me. Appreciate any advice.
  13. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I tow with a 2. 8 Pajero auto. it's a brilliant tow car. Cheap tax, heavy on fuel. Turning circle is bad, needs plenty of room. That said cheap to buy and reliable if you find a good one. They are powerful cars. I was towing my caravan down the M5 and stopped at the services for a break, and I pulled up the hand brake on the caravan wich I never normally do. Yes you've guessed it I pulled off with it still on. One mile further down the M5 a car pulled up along side me and jesterd I had a problem behind. Pulled over on the hard shoulder and saw loads of smoke coming from the nearside wheel These cars may be a little to powerful. Phil.
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